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Twilight Sparkle, personal student of Celestia, a loving daughter, a friend to five, and a sister.

She's also known as a freak, a monster, and an abomination to many others.

All because of what she was.

She wasn't a griffin, or a minotaur, or a dragon. She was a draconequus, but nopony except the Princesses knew that. All records of draconequii were destroyed and ponies thought that the statue of Discord was just a statue made by an artist with a wild imagination.

Until Discord breaks free of course.

Now Twilight, her friends, and her family is forced to learn about what she truly is and also have to deal with a huge secret that has been kept from her for a millennia.

And also stop Discord from turning the world inside-out.

Featured - 24/07/2017

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I enjoyed this very much, I like the idea of her originally being a draconequus, as i've read a few stories where she turned herself into one. I feel like you should make the chapters longer, but that's all about personal preference. As I enjoy getting deep into the tale the story tells, yet some don't, the grammar and spelling issues are minimal, if any, as I didn't pay much attention to that. All-in-all it was great and I would love to see it continue.

I think its interesting and would really like more of this :pinkiehappy:

In the last sentance there is a "know" that I think should be a "now" :twilightblush:
no bigger mistakes... that i noticed.

hope to see more of this :scootangel:

Try not misspelling the very first word in the story.


:pinkiehappy:Very interesting plot but who is the mother can't wait to find out if continued.:pinkiehappy:


Interesting concept. Your flow is decent, though a little too fast--you're favoring action over contemplation, not giving the characters enough time to seriously consider before they say their next line. And there are the numerous grammar errors, but in my mind grammar is more 'maintaining the paintbrush' than actually 'painting' if that makes sense.

This could be fun to watch.

great idea, I look forward to this story

I like what you have so far hope to read more soon

I'm liking this so far. I'd like to see more.

Consider me intrigued.

Well, this is interesting and fairly well-written. I look forward to more.

Sorry for bugging you but do you know when you might be posting the next chapter

7199510 It's been a bit difficult writing the next chapter. I hope to release the next chapter by the end of the month.

7199849 oh its is okay I understand I wish you the best of luck with the next chapter

look over and wonder if the stories shall be continue

7313649 I'm going on vacation soon so I might not be able to work on the story for a while but I'll try to get it done. I've just been hitting a few writer's blocks that's all:twilightsheepish:

7314096 oh too bad on the writer's blocks :fluttershysad: but grate on going on vacation it might help you come up with some new idles. I hope you have a grate time.:twilightsmile:

You got a strong start, let's see you roll with it :pinkiehappy:

7314096 Hey how was your vacation did you have fun???

mmm just reread this chapter and so good, hmmmm will she remember everything or will she not remember......

7425523 Yeah I had fun. Went to Galacon a few days ago and had a great time.

Yes yes finally can't wait to see chapter 2. :pinkiehappy:

chapter 2 please i want discord to see his daughter, wonder what he going to say and act when he learn she the barer of magic...... also does twilight knew about discord????

i also fee like we should have had the whole nightmare moon should have happen just to see luna reaction to twilight in as her self use the element of harmony....

I'm very interested by this original AU. Twilight as a born (hatched?) draconequus? I'm in!
Don't feel sorry, we know RL matters more. Take all the time you need with this promising fanfic.

Also a suggestion, it might be a good idea, somewhere in the fic, to add some flashbacks on when Twilight meets the other mares, when they face Nightmare Moon (who recognizes her?), when she becomes Celestia's student, when she's adopted(?) by Night Light and Twilight Velvet, ... your take on the key points.


Also a suggestion, it might be a good idea, somewhere in the fic, to add some flashbacks on when Twilight meets the other mares, when they face Nightmare Moon (who recognizes her?), when she becomes Celestia's student, when she's adopted(?) by Night Light and Twilight Velvet, ... your take on the key points.

Was planning on doing that anyways to have an excuse for a cute moment. Thanks anyways though!:twilightblush:

7455059 yea cause I so want nightmare moon to fight twilight, also how powerfully is twilight, can she snap her finger like dear old dad and make stuff happen, or is she only skill in unicorn base magic, also how is she able to use the elements if they turn her dad to stone, would they not do the same to her???

I think this will be revealed in the following chapters. :twilightsmile:

7455116 I hope so but now I hyper and want the next 3 chapter, or few of the story on my tracking list to update.......

also do you think there going to be ship with twilight, I kind of hope for a ship with fluttershy,

I really liked the chapter and I hope to read chapter 2 soon:twilightsmile:

Time is needed to write chapters, and all authors have a life outside of the screen. :pinkiesmile:
On the other topic, I don't like shipping for the sake of it, or out of the blue, adding nothing to the story, ...

Oh baby, its back!

are you trying to say that all draconiqui are evil enough for the elements of harmony to think of punishing?
that is a very hurtful thing to say about our mismatched, chaos-based friends!

7462529 no i mean they energy flow different form element i thought, they are being of chaos while the element are tool of order.

i myself an deep worshiper of discord he is our lord and savor

well the way I see the elements of harmony working is that they are based less around maintaining complete 100% order but more around punishing those who disrupt the balance between order and chaos as they ere the elements of harmony, not order.
this is just our opinion though and you are entitled to your own.:twilightsmile:
we are also devoted worshippers of Lord Discord as we have Dissociative Identity Disorder and so chaos ensues in our head when presented with a situation:pinkiehappy::trollestia:

7463496 hmmm never though of the element like that, hmmmmm btw do how do you think Discord going to react that his daughter is holder of magic now

well I thought that Discord was doing the chaos but then he saw his daughter trying to stop it and he was just like: "Oh well if she doesn't like the chaos on the farm, then I can stop it for maybe a few hours..." and he stops the chaos before Twilight finishes the spell and then when he notices that she was called to wield the element of magic he thinks: "What!?! How is she allowed? When did this happen?" *teleports next to Celestia* "TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

7463767 oh that be funny he also want see photo albums, hear ever single story, and wiht luck he join them there
also who is the mother, i be lol if discord answer is "oh i just toke some of magic from old sun butt and use it with my own and pop out twilight"

and then Celestia says somethings along the lines of "so that explains why I felt slightly weaker for a while before we turned you to stone," and then proceeds to run a DNA/magic check on Twilight again and realises that she does count as the mother
I think it is rather fun to debate these things while we wait, don't you, Eshiraith?

Comment posted by ValNitak Choas deleted Aug 8th, 2016

7464145 agreed, but i mean come on discord so going to want see the albums and hear ever single story, he may ask about that before start the rain of choas.

also do u think twilight able to make it rain chocolate milk????

well, Discord is most definitely going to try teaching her, isn't he? I mean, he realises that Twilight hasn't been taught any chaos magic by Celestia so he takes it upon himself to teach her the ins and outs so she can continue his legacy for another infinite amount of years after he somehow dies.

It depends on where the author wants the story to go. I personally would prefer the "Discord teaching chaos magic" thing not done here, as it's covered in another fanfic also inspired by Loppodity's Twiconequus art.

7465454 oh i think he going to be teacher her but she not going to want to learn, but get trick into learning it,
i bet she will have billion and one question for dear old dad about they kind and such.

Twilight winced at the last question. "Whaaaaat? Noooo, I'd never do such a thing like that. I'm just testing a spell that's all." said Twilight.


You guys are gonna hype yourselves to slight disappointment:ajsmug:

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