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Changelings and ponies had always been natural enemies of each other, especially with the crystal ponies when they were around. Why wouldn't they be? Changelings were like parasites, feeding off the love that ponies gave off and driving them to illness.

However, Changelings had begun to decline. What started out with as seven hives have diminished down into three, all of which had gone into hiding so well that most ponies didn't know what changelings even were. Even Celestia had not seen one for quite a while, a long feat for an immortal pony.

Until she found a nymph. A new Changeling Queen.

Unable to find it within herself to abandon the changeling, Celestia ends up taking the nymph back to Canterlot under guise as Twilight Sparkle. The plan was simple; find the hive that Twilight belonged to and return her back to be raised with her race.

Of course, despite everything she learned through her long life, she had forgotten that things were never that simple.

For starters, she did not anticipate herself to grow fond of Twilight as time began to pass, or to beam in happiness when Twilight began to refer to her as mom.

Many Many Thanks to my Pre-Readers: Rewrite and Doctor Disco (Welcome to the Team Doctor!)

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A strong start! Always interested in seeing other people’s take on this.

Interesting! Hope to read more of this.

Huh, this looks very interesting and rather different from the usual "Twilight Sparkle is a changeling" fics. This is a very good start, and I hope you continue it.

the Princess of Equestria and keeper of the Sun - would find herself staring into curious purple eyes that were peeking out of the water.

Sounds like adorable time!

good idea.. good luck, you have your work cut out for you.

Don't see many new fics of this nature these days. I'm curious though, so I'll track it. Making Twilight part of some other (extinct?) hive is an idea I don't think I've seen before.

Let's see if you are going to cut it for a good fic. I. Wish you best of luck

Something tells me Agria's plan isn't going to go how she wants and she's not going to be able to come back for Twilight.

There's always room for more Twilight/random-Mane6-member-is-a-changeling stories. Except when it's all of them and/or it's just a crackfic. I hate those ones...
Anyways, good luck.


HOPE TO SEE MORE SOON:raritystarry:

Very impressive start! I look forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

me think that twilight real mom, is one who attack during the wedding but that just a guess
nwo this is going to be good stor

Are you trying to kill me cuteness overload?

Because I think it's working.

Celestia done messed up now. and. Wait a second. I bet if it gets too the point. You're gonna do it. I bet you are.:trixieshiftright:

Hmm...interesting. I'll track this for now.

It seems that in Celestia's attempt to do good, she has unknowingly wrong-hoofed someone, although in her defence, with what she new at the time, that is to say, nothing, she did the right thing.

If she was less busy, it probably would have been wise to wait around for a while, but she was on a deadline, and it was either bring her, or abandon her to an uncertain fate.

Although this is gonna go shit shaped soon I imagine, Twilight's mom seemed very attached to her child, like a mother should.

If she is a clever tracker, she might find the remains of Celestia's camp, although since they departed on a flying carriage, unless she can find some sort of Personal effect or cultural artefact, there would be very little that could point her to Equestria.

Write on good sir


It's a strong start, without being too awkward or such. Violacea was a tad too close to violet, but I know how coming up with names can be quite a pain in the rear. Given the time frame, and the massive space gap, it would seem odd that the stasis would last for such a long time, only to be found and whisked away shortly before her mother came looking, but whatever helps the story, huh? And given that we're talking countries apart, it will reinforce Twilight not being discovered by her own kin for years to come, perhaps.

I am curious how far you have thought about taking things, so far. Given the obvious AU nature of events, I am highly interested in how Cadance, Shining Armor, Ponyville & Nightmare Moon, etc. will go, on top of her developing underneath Celestia as the time passes. Proves to be an interesting story, keep up the writing.

Your sentence structure is a little odd (especially the over-abundance of commas), but you know how to set up a scene and keep it going.

Dialogue has been relatively sparse up to this point, but what I have seen thus far feels natural, and most importantly, Celestia talks and thinks like I imagine Celestia would.

I'm glad this story is good! Everyone likes a good changeling story, but I especially enjoy when there's that little group of ponies that are in the know, working to keep the changeling(s) safe from ponies and other changelings, alike.

Also, who said anything about Luna's return? We got years before that happens... right?

Accidents happened, and she assure that she was fine with such,

That assure should be assured.

8010430 on the tracking thing she might not need a object as alot of fics belive that magic leaves a trail or trace amounts that can be followed like say a pegasus flight

was i the only one thinking twi went tinkle on celestia at a certain point

8010527 Thank you for pointing out the mistake! I have fixed my error.

As for the over use of commas, I'm sorry if it seems rather awkward. :twilightblush: I'll try my best to lessen the amount in future chapters! If you have any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm always very happy to have constructive criticism. :twilightsmile:

8010547 You raise a Point, although I was not referring to the magic kind of tracking, I was referring to the more mundane kind, where you examine an area, to find clues as to the whereabouts of your quarry, in this case, perhaps a misplaced diplomatic document, or a scrap of torn cloth of equestrian origin, or even a discarded teabag of an Equestrian brand, or a soldiers misplaced locket, things like that that might clue her in to the origin of her daughters probable kidnappers.

If we are talking magical tracking, then she already holds Twilight's cocoon, something that would be saturated in her magical essence after a near century stasis, if we are playing by those rules.

But this is all conjecture, as so far the changelings exhibit neither abilities, nor have they shown an ability towards forensics. we can only wait and see.

Although I have got a feeling that this story will not be resolved quite that fast.

Will be interesting to see how this to turns out as its already off to a good start. Also nymph Twi is so cute.

8010665 yeah i see a invasion in the future for canterlot and dont mean crysalis

Very interesting story so far - a nice take on the "blank is a changeling" idea. You seem to know where you are going, and most importantly, it is quite well written.

I'll be watching this :twilightsmile:

Celestia should have left a note, like maybe Dark Souls style in case any changelings came looking.

In glowing magical letters,
"In case this nymph was not lost and you come looking for her, she will be at Canterlot castle under my protection, the intent being to care for her until her hive can be found. If said hive is reading this and wants their nymph back, please mail the following address ****** *** ***** with details of how you wish to receive your charge or come to me directly if you are not too paranoid and don't believe this to be a trick.
Signed Princess Celestia."

Some questions are easy to answer, how can Twilight eat and not be exposed? Thorax showed us the negative effects of changeling feed are absent if the love is meant for them instead of stolen. Celestial has been feeding Twilight since they met. How could Twilight ascend, she already is an immortal, being an Alicorn would only be a matter of adding wings to her pony form.
Now questions raised. Will Twilight know she's a changeling or forget? Will Celestial adopt her or will her cannon parents? Will her birth mother find her? Will Twi need to save Equestrian from her own hive? If Chrysalis shows up will she hate Twilight more? Seeing a Queen who isn't starving at all might piss her off.

It was time to start the long flight back to the hive.
… A flight that would end up being too long

Something make's me thing Agria is no longer amidst us... :pinkiesad2:
Nice intro, good work. :twilightsmile:

Ears swiveled at the hushing sound, seemingly in recognition. The young Queen ducked her head as her mouth slightly opened, “Shhhh.” She mimicked, folding her wings back as she tightened her forehooves onto Celestia’s neck.
Celestia’s eyes twinkled in delight as she nodded. “Yes.”
“Shhh…” The nymph repeated, quieter this time.

That was so adorable! :raritystarry::heart:

A low, watery buzz warbled into the air as a small swarm took to the sky with sad eyes and wilted ears before they all scattered in search of young, Changeling Queen.

So my guess was wrong and mommy changeling is okay.

Very good work so far, well done. :twilightsmile:

8010643 At the same time, though, I don't want to discourage you from writing the way you normally do.

I would recommend asking one of the editors that hang around the site to go over completed chapters to smooth things out, rather than trying to change your style, beforehand.

Looking good so far, I think. :) Only part that tripped me up is that Celestia seemed a bit more... cagey than I'd expect. Entirely opinion, of course, but she's been ruling for approximately a millennia at this point, yet there's lots of trying to hide things when I would think she'd trust her guards more (and be less inclined to be pushed around by them). Otherwise, it's been adorable and everything is flowing very well!

Looking forward to reading more.

8010875 and I can see changeling look at the note and start to over analysis note, try to find some hidden mean, and it take them year to just figure out there no hidden mean to the note

Changeling story! Adorkable changeling story!

8011676 It's Twilight, could a Twiling be anything less than adorkable?

8011691 I don't think so, I cant wait for when twilight meet cadnace, and rest of her friend, I do hope celeitia tell twilight the truth about her how she was found and what not, not try to hide truth from twilight.

8010875 I was going to say, "Celestia might have thought to leave a token behind in case someoneling came looking." :rainbowlaugh:

The story has also introduced something I've never seen before, which is an aquatic stage in the changeling life cycle, and I think that's brilliant. :pinkiehappy:

i hope twi and agria eventually reunite

Comment posted by herp deleted Mar 11th, 2017

Tracking this now. cant wait to see what you have next

Is Rarity secretly Twilight's mom and a Changeling Queen? Because everything about her behavior just screams 'Rarity' to me.

Excellent bug choice for the badlands changelings. Tarantula hawks... I hate spiders, but those parasitic lay-eggs-in-the-living-body wasps horrify me. And a certain little description of them that I found certainly fits Chrysalis:

“and their recommendation—and this was actually in a peer-reviewed journal—was to just lie down and start screaming, because few if any people could maintain verbal and physical coordination after getting stung by one of these things. You’re likely to just run off and hurt yourself. So just lie down and start yelling.”

Fucking parasitic wasps.

Firefly changelings sound cool, though. And damselflies can be purple.

Ah, the tragedy of ignorance; for Celestia to have abandoned her with what knowledge she had would have been wrong. But in saving the child from her seeming abandonment, Celestia denies the nymph's mother her child. There's always so much tension when every character involved does the right thing, but make the situation worse because their differing narratives have not yet intersected.

I like that isolation was one of Celestia's major concerns. Luna's isn't actually brought up, but that one of her bigger worries was the loneliness of being isolated from the world and others speaks well for her eventual reconciliation with her sister.

Mosquito changelings? Considering how annoying the little fuckers are and how they cause the most deaths of any creature every year (what with all those diseases they carry), I can't find it in myself to blame the ponies for their overzealousness. Although I think Chrysalis's hive really lucked out in terms of how they transform; the mayfly changelings have to burst out of their previous skin (representing the way that mayflies have such tiny lifespans?), damselfly changelings seem to produce water when they shapeshift... both of those are a lot easier to notice and track than a quick burst of flame that doesn't seem to actually burn things.

Hm... so she copied the classic image of Twilight Sparkle, but with four wings. Are they still bug wings, or was she just seen with four pegasus wings? The first could be dismissed as a spell, but the second... considering what Twilight gave Rarity, I don't think ponies know how to do that. That could cause some REAL problems. Although what I really want to see is Cadance's reaction--she's the Alicorn of Love, after all. Her point of view on things would be interesting.

How does Twilight get what ponies were talking about? She didn't understand the actual words, but she still got the gist of the conversation. Is she figuring it out from what she can feel of their emotions? Also, the previous chapter said that the signature magic of her mother's hive was teal in color; Twilight's was described here as raspberry. Is a new magic color the result of not bonding to the hive mind?

It sounds like the other changeling hives are each of a different kind of species, but there were only ever seven hives; had nobuggy else attempted to have their child form a new one? If changeling queens are immortal, why has there only been seven hives at most? Each hive appears to be distinctly different and named after the type of bug they take after. Where did the hives come from? If they had a common ancestor, they much have diverged from one another really quickly. Will Twilight remain physically and magically a Coenagrionidae Changeling, or will she take on her own unique traits to differentiate her hive from the others? Her magic is already different--will she transform differently as well (or does she already?)? Take on physical traits of her own? Or will there effectively be a second Kingdom of Coenagrionidae, but with a different name?

Also, quick question--Twilight is cocooned in this story. But Chrysalis's name is... well... Chrysalis. Does her type of changeling actually form a chrysalis in place of weaving a cocoon?


Honestly I'd go for something like nymph Twilight standing on Celestia's head, her tiny little crown slightly askew and holding a changeling-ified Twilight scepter in one of her fetlocks, as she declares it to be "Free Ice-cream, chocolate, and love day", meaning Celestia is staring upwards at her , muttering "but we already have Hearts and Hooves day, dear."

Man I wish I could draw.

Yeah, I thought the end of the first chapter meant Agria didn't manage the flight back to the hive. But it turns out that line just meant Agria would be too late to reunite with her daughter before Celestia took her away.

8011814 This IS Celestia you're talking about! You do know that, right?
OF COURSE SHE'S NOT GOING TO TELL TWILIGHT! She very well might not even tell her when lives are on the line!

What? A changeling fic that actually acknowledges that the things are parasites that are harmful to ponies?

You, sir, have my attention.

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