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Knowledge is Power - hydra30

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"Is that what you think, little one?" sneered Chrysalis, squeezing Twilight in her magic, the unicorn yelping in pain.

"You may have thinned down my forces to a mere fraction of what they were," Chrysalis smiled to the few changelings that buzzed behind her. "But after we drain all the love from Canterlot, even this small force will be powerful enough to conquer Equestria. Each village and city we destroy will only make us stronger. "

A glint of sadistic glee sparked in her mad look, and then her attention fell on the necklace around Twilight's neck. She had never seen her wear it before, and she had not had that strange shouting ability before it showed up. It had to be the source of Twilight's new powers.

Twilight’s hateful glare transformed into a look of panic as the small orb containing swirling black tendrils was ripped off of her neck, hovering before Chrysalis's eyes.

"I should have known that this was what was granting you those powers," whispered Chrysalis, licking her lips as she stared at the simple pendant. "So without it, you become the simple unicorn you were."

Twilight open her mouth to try to stop her, to warn Chrysalis of what she really held. But then she saw her friends and family, still bound to the ground, watching her with helpless expressions. She closed her mouth, bringing her attention back to Chrysalis, dread spreading through her heart.

"I am tempted to use it myself," stated Chrysalis, "But I think it would be better if it just wasn't a problem anymore. "

Twilight gasped as the necklace shattered in Chrysalis's magic, the changeling Queen sneering as she dropped the shards, the swirling black that was within the orb fading away. Tears flowed down Twilight's face as she stared at the demolish amulet. How could this happen, how could it have come to this?

"That's right, you pathetic worm, weep at your failure," said Chrysalis cheerfully, revelling in Twilight's misery. "It would seem the hunger for love has conquered the hunger for knowledge."

Twilight sniffled in her restraint. But then a giggle pushed passed her tears. It grew louder and louder, until Twilight was laughing at the top of her lungs, tears still streaming from her eyes.

"What are you laughing at?" Chrysalis hissed angrily, her eye twitching in annoyance. "I have won, the master of love has conquered the master of knowledge."

Twilight stopped her laughter, fixing Chrysalis with a grim smile.

"It cannot be said that I am not studious, book savvy, and smart, " said Twilight, looking into Chrysalis's sneering face. "But I am only a servant in the pursuit of knowledge. I am a minion."

She fixed her friends a worried look, hoping that what was about to happen would not put them at risk.

"Just as you rule over those that hunger for love," Twilight explained, bringing her attention back to Chrysalis. "There is one who lords over all who seek knowledge."

Twilight looked down to the shards of the amulet, tears spilling from her eyes as she remembered what she had been told before she left Apocrypha.


"If all else fails, my champion, and you find yourself in a situation where victory is no longer possible,"explained Hermaeus Mora. Twilight was before him, examining the amulet she had been given, "Destroy my amulet."

"Why?" Asked Twilight, confusion evident on her face.

"Doing so will release the small fraction of my essence within," said Hermaeus Mora."And through it, I will be able to penetrate the ether that separates your realm from me, and will allow me to aid you."

"It would also allow you entrance to Equestria," snapped Twilight, glaring at the mass of tendrils before her. "I won't let that come to pass, Hermaeus. I won't let you spread throughout my home, like you have in Nirn."

"Ask yourself, my champion, " stated Hermaeus Mora calmly. "If against all odds, you fail to defeat Chrysalis, would her reign be preferable?"


"And in destroying that amulet," said Twilight, looking up to Chrysalis. "You have opened the path for him. Because of what you have done, the Lord of Knowledge may enter Equestria at last."

Twilight's friends were all sharing the same thoughts as this went on. None of them had ever heard of an individual that was supposedly the master of knowledge, not even any of the Princesses. Even Celestia had never heard of such a thing, even in her long life, a life she had dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

But they were brought out of their wondering when Twilight was thrown to the ground by Queen Chrysalis.

"It matters not if someone rules over knowledge seekers, even if your master has superior power to yours," said Chrysalis, walking up to stand over Twilight, who was too exhausted to even stand up. "I am Queen Chrysalis. I bow to nopony. "

Everypony except for Twilight gasped through their gags as Chrysalis summoned a black knife into her magic and held it over Twilight, who only glared up at her.

"It's time to put you out of my misery."

"You're right, Chrysalis, " whispered Twilight, unafraid as the knife slowly approached her. "You won't be bowing to a pony."

Chrysalis had had enough, lifting up her knife and aiming to Twilight's neck. But before she could drive it down she felt something grip her horn and squeeze it so tight her whole head erupted in pain. She hissed, dropping her knife to the ground with a sharp clatter, she turned her head to see who would dare interfere.

Her reproach caught in her throat.

A black tendril identical to the one that Twilight had grabbed and destroyed the wedding rings with had coiled around her horn. But this one did not originate from Twilight's horn, no it was slithering out of a large black whirlpool that hung a few feet above her, hanging in the air. Then, before her very eyes more tendrils emerged from the vortex, coiling around her wings and legs an hoisting her up above the people below.

"What is this?" She snapped at Twilight below her, the unicorn only flashing her a glare.

"You will bow," said Twilight, closing her eyes, then flashing them open again. "TO A DAEDRIC PRINCE!"

Twilight grit her teeth and concentrated as Chrysalis struggled with the tendrils that held her, her minions to stunned by what they were seeing to aid her. With the last of her strength, Twilight banished the changeling goo that bound her friends with her magic. They all almost fell off their hooves, all of the sudden regaining their mobility.

"RUN!" shouted Twilight, her head falling to the ground with the rest of her. "GET OUT OF HERE NOW, GIRLS!"

"TWILIGHT!" all of them shouted, rushing over to her side.

"Please," moaned Twilight as Cadance swept her up into her hooves, dragging her away from the struggling Chrysalis, the rest surrounding her protectively. "You must flee."

"Nothing doin', sugarcube," said Applejack, whipping out her lasso. "We ain't gonna let you fight alone anymore."

"That's right," said Rainbow Dash, fluttering overhead. "You're obviously out of steam, so we're going to help you."

"Yeah," said Pinkie Pie, arching her back like a cat. "These meanies hurt you, we're not going to let them hurt you anymore."

"I agree with them, darling," said Rarity, flashing Chrysalis a hateful glare. "These uncouth brutes tried to destroy our friendship with you. We won't let them get away with it."

"We have to face them together, as friends," said Fluttershy, an uncharacteristic glare of hate in her eyes. "These... these creatures threatened everything we love, we won't let them succeed with their evil plan."

"I once sought to rob Equestria of happiness," said Princess Luna, lighting her horn threateningly, "It is only fair that I defend my kingdom from a monster that is no better than I once was."

"You were correct, my student," said Princess Celestia, looking down at Twilight with regret. "Subconsciously, I have avoided my role as guardian of Equestria. I will not hide anymore."

"You're my baby sister, Twily," said Shining Armour, looking down at her as she was surrounded by all her loved ones. "It's my responsibility to protect you, as well as my responsibility to protect Canterlot, as captain of the guard."

"I don't know much about what has been happening," said Cadance, looking down at the frail pony she held to her chest with a loving smile. "But you obviously found where ever that horrible queen sent me and rescued me. Now it is my turn to protect you."

"We're with you to the end, Twilight, " growled Spike, sparks flying from his mouth.

Twilight was overwhelmed with emotions as love surrounded her from all sides. They were by her side again, willing to fight with her. It was as if what had happened that morning never really happened at all. After so long in Apocrypha, Twilight had her friends back and she couldn't help but sob with joy.

"STOP THEM!" screamed Chrysalis from above. "DON'T LET THEM ESCAPE!"

Chrysalis's few remaining minions snapped out of their surprised state, buzzing up and lunging for the group of ponies. They all bounced off of a purple shield, Shining Armour growling at them under his ignited horn. He may not be strong enough to surround Canterlot anymore, but he could surround the immediate area around them.

But as the changeling swarm stood back up, Pinkie suddenly let out a scream of pain, falling to the ground and clutching her leg.

"Pinkie, darling, what's wrong?" Rarity asked, helping her stand up.

"Pinchy knee, pinchy knee," answered Pinkie, looking around frantically.

All of Twilight's friends gasped.

"Pinchy knee?" Inquired Shining Armour.

"One of Pinkie's senses," explained Applejack.

"This one means something scary is about to happen, " said Rainbow frantically.

"Oh no," said Fluttershy fearfully. "Is the changeling queen going to get free of Twilight's spell?"

"It's not me holding her, girls," said Twilight, more tears spilling from her eyes, "I'm so sorry."

Before anyone could ask what she meant, both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna flashed a yellowish green color, gasping as they suddenly fell off their legs.

" What is wrong, your majesties?" Shining asked, still focusing on his shield.

"This cannot be," said Princess Celestia, standing to reveal her now blank flank.

"Something..." said Princess Luna, everyone gasping at her blank flank as well. "Something has wrestled the control of the sun and the moon from us!"

And another surprised gasp left all present, Twilight closing her eyes in shame.

"What could do something like that? " asked Rarity.

The answer came in the form of a mighty wind that suddenly picked up. Looking skyward, everypony gasped as the moon lifted over the horizon, a black orb making its way to the bright sun in the middle of the sky. The two celestial bodies met, plunging the land not into darkness, but in an erie crimson light that dimmed everything.

"Stop them," repeated Chrysalis from her bound place above. "They are trying to pull something, don't let..."

She was interrupted when a low rumbling laugh whipped through the air. It was deep, foreboding, the tone that of the pure insanity. It came from everywhere and nowhere all at once, the pitch growing louder with each passing second, all who heard it felt the marrow in their bones turn to ice.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna felt a shiver as it passed through their ears, for unlike most, they heard an intelligence under this insane tone, a dark, foreboding intelligence that spoke of ill will. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie locked up with fear as the laughing went on, Fluttershy shaking as she recoiled in on herself. Rarity gazed at the red world she now saw, her heart skipping a beat with each set of laughter she heard.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash moved into a back to back position, lifting their hooves for a fight. Whoever it was who was laughing, the duo could tell he was bad news. Cadance and Shining Armour both exchanged worried looks, Cadance looking back down to Twilight, who averted her eyes in shame.

"Twilight?" asked Cadance, looking down at the unicorn in fear. "What is happening?"

"Something is coming," answered Twilight, looking to all her friends that still surrounded her protectively."...Something even worse than the changelings."

All present could only gasp.

"AT LAST!" the laughing halted to be replaced by a voice.

Every pony, changeling, and dragon looked ahead to watch with horror as another black whirlpool opened up in the distance. However, this was not like the one that held Chrysalis. This one was much bigger. From this distance it appeared to be at least the size of the Everfree Forest.

Screams of terror escaped the ponies' throats as large black tendrils lunged out of the horrible hole in the sky, smashing into a nearby mountain and toppling it over like a house of cards, rocky debris scattering across the landscape.

"At last, my vision of this world is unobscured."

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