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Knowledge is Power - hydra30

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1 The Original Offer

“Don’t you dare do anything to my brother, you...you monster,” shouted Twilight, her horn spiralling with a frantic aura of magic.

“Only way to stop me is to catch me,” mocked the image of her once beloved foalsitter, vanishing from the reflection in the crystal wall, only to reappear in multiple places at once.

“Over here,” said one Cadance, Twilight letting off a powerful magic blast that only ricochet off the crystals reflective surface, bouncing off multiple places before heading strait for Twilight, who just barely dodged.

“No, over here,” said another refection of Cadance.

Over and over this went on, until Twilight fell to the ground with exhaustion. Panting from her face-down position, she waited for the taunting image of the one she had once believed would always care for her. But all she heard was the echo of her last maniacal laugh fade and all was silent.

“How could this happen?” Twilight asked herself, tears budding in her eyes. “How could somepony as caring and loving as Cadance have become someone who would be cruel enough to do this to me?”

Despair began to form in Twilight’s heart as the gravity of the situation finally dawned on her, now that she was alone. She was trapped in a cave beneath Canterlot, that according to the one who put her here, nopony knew existed anymore. And none of her friends had been there when Cadance cast that horrible spell that sent her here, having walked away in disgust when she bombarded Cadance with her unwarranted accusations.

But were they so unwarranted now? Did not the scenario that transpired not an hour ago not prove that Cadence was up to something malevolent? Sending a pony you had known for years and practically raised to a deep dark place with no way out wasn’t what most people would consider normal behaviour for an innocent bride to be.

And Twilight wasn’t buying it now either.

There was no denying it now, she had been right all along. They all told her Cadance was just nervous, that it was just pre-wedding stress. That she was worrying over nothing.

Worrying over nothing.’

Had not a month ago did her friend's promise to never take her worries lightly again? Did they not realize then that it only matters that a friend is distressed, regardless of whether you think it was a small problem to begin with? Well where was that new resolve now?

“A wedding,” Twilight whispered to herself. “All it took was the opportunity to show off at a wedding to make them forget me.”

Anger weld in the lavender unicorns breast, her tears drying up over her snarl.

“Well there will be no wedding if I have a say in it,” growled Twilight, finally lifting her head off the stone-cold ground. “And since I have nothing left to lose, I have no reason to hold back. Lets see how much damage little miss love can do after I rip the horn off her head.”

New resolve flooded Twilight’s heart, giving her the will to illuminate her horn again.....

And what the light washed over made her forget everything that had transpired in the last few hours.

“It..it can’t be...!” moaned Twilight, standing up as if she had never been exhausted a few minutes ago.

The light from her horn was illuminating the last hole she had blown in the crystal cavern wall before she dropped from exhaustion. And what stood on the ground before Twilight was a small silver ring. Most people wouldn’t have been so easy to calm from a rage Twilight was in by such a trivial discovery.

Except that Twilight recognized this ring.

She levitated it in her magic, bringing it up to eye level. It was platinum in color, four amethyst stones decorated its vine engraved band at even intervals. Twilight was certain now.

“My families ancestral ring....” Twilight whispered in shock.

She knew this ring yes, her parents had told her about it all the time in the earliest years of her childhood, even showing it to her. It was one of her favourite stories, of how this ring had been in the family all the way back to the founding of Equestria. It was even rumour to have been owned by Princess Platinum herself.

And it was Twilight’s deepest shame to have lost it. Once while her parents were away, Twilight had given Cadance the slip while she made dinner and tried the ring on. It was far to big for her then, of course, but she just want to put it on at least once.

But as a very young unicorn, Twilight had little control over her magic, and hers was more potent then most. So at the wrong place, at the wrong time, Twilight teleported randomly. And when she found herself home again she told Cadance a tale so unusual it could not be true. She herself began to doubt the legitimacy of what transpired, for what little memories she retained were so fantastical they could not really have happened.

All she and her family knew to be true that day was no matter how hard they looked they could not find their families ancient ring.

“But wait,” Twilight said taking her eyes of her families long lost keepsake and staring down the long dark tunnel before her. “If this has been here all this time, then could it be...”

The longer she stared down the dark cave before her, the more she felt the old memories of that day rekindling with new clarity. Almost subconsciously, Twilight began to move forward, the darkness echoing around her with her hoof steps. Even the echoes were a perfect match to what she had experienced all those years ago.

“This tunnel,” Twilight whispered, examining her surroundings. “Its exactly like that dream.”

But could what happened back then really have been a dream if this tunnel stood here as real as she was? It was looking less and less likely by the moment, for despite her remembering the cave being a lot bigger, it was exactly how she remembered it. And if she remembered right, at the end of this tunnel....

Twilight let out a gasp of surprise so strong she dropped the ring in her magic grasp. Gasping in panic, she re-gripped the ring and brought it back up. Sighing in relief, she brought her attention to what lay in front of her at the dead end of the cave, illuminated in the light of her horn.

A fancy book stand stood before her, interwoven with vines made of black metal that twisted and spiralled down its cylindrical body that ended in a circular indentation in the floor, filled to the rim with a thick viscous fluid that could only be ink, judging by the smell.

But what held Twilight’s attention was the huge, ornate black book that rested atop it all, and her memories of that day all those years ago flooded her mind like a tidal wave.
Mommy,” moaned the tiny unicorn filly, staring around the dark cave she suddenly found herself in. “Its so dark...,I can’t see...mommy I’m scared.”

The little filly fell to the ground and sobbed, never noticing the tinkle of metal as the ring around her horn slipped off and rolled away. She had felt the surge of magic take hold of her horn she did not know how long ago, and when it passed she found herself here. It was so dark she could not see anything, and her magic was so depleted she couldn't light her horn.

I have to get out of here,” whimpered Twilight, gritting her teeth to try and force her magic to work.

And to her great surprise and relief, her surroundings became illuminated by a bright light. She jumped to her hooves, looking around to try to get her bearings, but her tear-filled eyes only noticed one thing. If it was her causing the light it would have been a deep violet in color, but the light washing over the sizeable cavern was a kinda green-yellow color.

Turning her attention forward, she gasped as she beheld the lights true source. A strange ball of light about as big as a hoof hovered before her, sparkling and twinkling like a small star. Amazed, Twilight reached a hoof out to touch it.


Twilight gasped at hearing the strange voice. It was so quiet she barely heard it, but it was there, “Who’s there?”

There was no reply, and Twilight was starting to worry she had imagined the voice.


Where are you?” Twilight asked, sure she was not hearing things this time. “I’m lost, please help me.”


This time Twilight knew where the voice originated from, the orb of light in front of her. Suddenly it started floating away, drifting further down the cave. Twilight gasped and moved to follow, she was not sure what was going on, but following the ball of light was better then being swallowed up by the darkness it was leaving in it's wake.

She followed it forward for some time, the voice that echoed awhile ago having disappeared once more. On and on she followed the strange light, wondering if this spooky tunnel would ever end.

It did, of course, but what Twilight found there was something she would never have imagined in her life.

Standing in front of her was the most ornate book stand she had ever seen, even more so then the ones she had seen at the Canterlot library. Atop it was the largest book Twilight had ever seen in her life, her jaw dropping in awe. Then an all to familiar sent of ink reached her nose, and she could not help but smile at the many fond memories it brought to her mind.

It is a rare individual who can appreciate knowledge, and take solace in the methods it is recorded.”

Twilight gasped, it was the voice from before.

Such as the smell of ink.”


Twilight pulled her hoof away from the indentation in the ground under the stand, dripping with ink.

Who are you?” Asked Twilight in a nervous voice. “Where are you?”

Both very good questions,” replied the bodiless voice. “And both have very interesting answers.”

Who are you?” Twilight repeated, her voice trembling in fear.

Calm yourself child,” replied the voice, its deep, oily texture echoing in the cave. “You need not fear, for you and I have many things in common.”

Huh? What do you mean?” Twilight asked, the strange way the voice sounded starting to creep her out.

The thirst for knowledge,” replied the voice. “It burns as intensely in you as it does me, young Twilight Sparkle.”

How do you know my name?” asked Twilight, her confusion growing by the second.

As I said, I thirst for knowledge, same as you child,” said the voice, amusement clear in its slippery tone. “For even now I sense your desire for the contents of my Black Book before you.”

Your book?” Asked Twilight, somehow unfazed by the fact whoever this was knew her name, and her hearts desire now. “That huge book belongs to you?”

Yes child,” replied the voice, Twilight somehow knowing he was gesturing to the book from where ever he was. “It is but one of the many pieces I have collected for my library.”

Library?” Twilight gasped, her fear from before totally forgotten. “You have a library?”

The most exquisite library in all existence.”

Twilight could not believe what she was hearing. Who ever this was was claiming to be just as into knowledge as her, as well as claiming he had a library that was the best in existence. She had to see it, all her life she had loved books.

Can I see it?" Shee asked excitedly, putting on a cute filly face. “Please?”

I expected it would tempt you child,” replied the voice, its tone taking on an unreadable tone. “And that is the reason I have come to you with my offer.”

Offer?” Twilight repeated, her eagerness growing by the second. “What offer?”

I seek a disciple, young one,”said the voice. “Someone with whom I may share and exchange knowledge with.”

You mean a student?” asked Twilight.

Precisely, child,” replied the voice, amusement in its tone. “And I see much potential in you. So tell me Twilight, would you like to participate in the pursuit of knowledge the likes of which you never could have imagined?”

Twilight was ecstatic, never before had she been offered so much which she desired. She had always loved learning, it was one of the reasons she wanted to get into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. If what she was told was true, this was even better than that.

Oh yes,” Twilight said excitedly, bouncing all around the chamber on her hooves. “Oh yes oh yes oh yes.”

Calm yourself child,” said the voice calmly. “It is...unfortunate, but we cannot start now.”

Awww...” moaned Twilight, dejected. “Why?”

In order to even begin you must first study the book before you,” explained the voice. “And it is sufficient to say you are clearly not ready, for obvious reasons.”

Twilight looked up at the towering book stand before her, barely able to see the huge black binding.

She squinted trying to ignite her horn to lower the book to her, but she failed to even produce a spark. Sighing, she slumped her head in defeat.

Fret not young one,” said the voice almost reassuringly. “You will be ready in time. And knowledge is worth waiting for.”

Twilight just sat slump on the ground, staring up at the book which seemed so close, yet so far.

And besides, are you not forgetting about your current predicament?”

Twilight’s eyes widened as she remembered where she was.

That’s right, I don’t know where I am,” said the small filly, running around in panic. “I’m gonna be stuck down here forever, I’ll never see a library again, I’ll never see my family again....”

"Calm yourself child,” said the voice, the tone somehow making Twilight relax immediately. “I have no intention of leaving such an eager knowledge seeker like you stranded down in this unassuming cave.”

Really?” said Twilight, looking all over, having never found the source of this voice. “Can you get me home?”

Such is simple for me child.”

Twilight watched as the pool of ink began churning, and out of it floated a round flat platform that settled down in front of her. She looked at it in awe, it was bright green in color, and covered in moving runes Twilight had never seen before. She was unable to read them.

Stand here child and I shall send you to your place of origin,” said the voice calmly. “And fear not, for we shall meet again.”

Wait,” said Twilight, not eager to step on the platform. “I never got your name.”

I have many names child,” said the voice. “But if you wish for a title to call me when we meet again, call me....
“Hermaeus Mora...” Twilight whispered as she approached the book she last saw all those years ago, seeing the ornate gold image of a mass of waving tendrils stamped on the cover for the first time.

She remembered it vividly now. She had returned home and told everypony what happened. But of course her parents, brother and foalsitter merely thought she had passed out from overusing her magic and had a dream, for they had found her asleep in their back yard.

She was also grounded for a week for losing the prized family ring.

But what made Twilight stop believing it happened herself was she found no references to anyone called Hermaeus Mora in any of the books she read since.

Greeting child, and welcome back,”said a cold, calculating voice that could only be Hermaeus Mora.

Author's Note:

This is my first attempt to write a fic, so criticism is welcome. Let me know what you think, and maybe I will see this through to the end.