Knowledge is Power

by hydra30

7 Nothing is Perfect

Twilight stood upon the menacing tower of books, her muzzle buried in a book she held in her magic. Nodding in understanding, she snapped it closed, admiring the depiction of a soaring bird on the cover. The magic spells it contained were unlike any she had come across. And she knew what needed to be done using them.

"Sorry this took so long, Cadance," said Twilight to the levitating form of Cadance within the square structure before her. "Restoration was at the bottom of my to do list, unfortunately.

It was unfortunate that Cadance had to stay here with her in Apocrypha, but Hermaeus Mora was right, she was safe here. But she wished she could have healed her sooner, she had just succeeded her restoration training today. She hoped this worked, the force field Hermaeus Mora put Cadance in to protect her also halted her bodies healing.

She focused her magic through her horn, which she aimed at Cadance's body. The spell she was weaving felt so strange and different, having never used its like before. And that could be said for a lot of the things Twilight had been dealing with as of late.

The spell burst into existence at the end of her horn, but rather then her usual purple aura, a bright gold star formed at the tip, it's light washing over Cadance's bruised coat. As the spell produced a tinkling sound, Twilight watched as Cadance's injuries faded, her coat returning to the perfect sheen Twilight always remembered in a matter of seconds.

"Much better," said Twilight, ending the spell. "After all, a bride needs to look her best at her wedding."

Smiling at seeing her old foalsitters restored to prime condition, Twilight looked up, taking in the sight of the sky above

She had been busting her rump for who knew how long, having lost track of time what felt like eons ago, and since the sky in Apocrypha never changed, it did nothing to try using it to tell time. But she had studied hard under Hermaeus Mora, and as a result, she had attained magical prowess she could never have imagined before. And she knew that the time was approaching when she would use it.

"Yes," Twilight said sternly, her face getting a serious look. "I am ready, it is time."

Looking back to Cadance, Twilight made a silent promise that she would be home soon, then took off at a run, vanishing in a flash of purple just before reaching the wall that surrounded the perimeter of the tower of books roof.


"Are you certain you are ready, child?" Said the wiggling mass of tentacles above Twilight. "There is still much more you can learn."

" I am aware of that, Lord Hermaeus," Twilight said, bowing low.

Having spent so much time here, Twilight had gained a new understanding of Hermaeus Mora, and the kind of being he is, and it was good idea to show respect.

"But Equestria cannot be held still in time forever, " said Twilight, her resolve to defend those whom she loves still burning strong within her.

"Very well," said Hermaeus Mora. "Though if you study longer, you may even gain the potential to bend the world to your will."

"No thanks," Twilight said with a shutter. " That would make me too much like Discord."

"True," said Hermaeus Mora plainly, a tendril extending from one of his portals to drop a black book at Twilight's hooves. "The way is open to you, my champion."

Twilight looked down to the book with trepidation. This was it, she was finally going to confront the one responsible for all her heartache. Doubt briefly gripped her, for she had spent so long preparing for this moment. But she had to do this, for everypony she cared about.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight sat down and scooped up the book in her magic.

"But remember our agreement," Hermaeus Mora said, his tone somewhat stern.

Twilight shivered as she recalled what he was talking about, but she nodded, opening the Black Book and being dragged into the ground by a black tendril.


Twilight reappeared before the book stand from ealier, blinking as she saw a still frozen splash in the pool of ink situated under it. She had never one hundred percent believed until now, but it looked like Hermaeus Mora was telling the truth. Even though she had spent so long in Apocrypha, not even a moment had passed here in Equestria.

' Splash '

Twilight started as the small wave of ink fell back into the pool, turning and rippling normally.

"I guess it's finally undone," Twilight said seriously, watching the ink settle. " Which means that I haven't missed the wedding. "

But before proceeding, Twilight had a few things left to do.

" I hope I'm right, " she whispered sadly, a Black Book appearing before her as she summoned it, placing it on the empty book stand.

Next she summoned another object to her, and in a flash an ornate gold chain appear around her neck, a pendant of a crystal ball hanging from it. Hermaeus Mora had given it to her, but it was no gift. It had more strings attached then a fishing net.

Twilight was a little weirded out when she remembered when she received it.

"What does it do?" Asked Twilight, watching as a black substance turned within the crystal ball on the chain she held.

"When you confront the imposter, put it on," explained Hermaeus Mora, his form before her. "A piece of my essence is contained within, and once you cross back over to your realm, it will allow me to see with much more clarity then my books can provide."

"For what purpose?" Asked Twilight, not liking the idea of carrying around a piece of Hermaeus Mora around with her.

"The confrontation between you and the false bride is surely to be intriguing," explained Hermaeus Mora, intrest in his voice. "I shall observe through that amulet, and add your conflict to my library."

" Is that realy necessary?" Asked Twilight.

She always knew this would lead to fight, but she didn't want it recorded down like some grand moment.

"It will be the first time one of my champions does battle in your realm," said Hermaeus Mora. "The tale will be the first of its kind."

Twilight wanted to argue, but Hermaeus Mora was giving her the means to protect her home, she figured this would be a small price to pay

"I hope you're watching, " said Twilight to the small orb around her neck.

Then she turned to the tunnel behind her and started forward.


The fake Cadance brushed her mane in front of a mirror in her room, a smug grin upon her lips.

It had been so easy too orchestrate everything in her favor, starting with setting up this wedding. Everypony was too distracted with the preparation's to notice what was really happening, just as she planned. It was also very easy to divide the Elements of Harmony.

Even she had not expected the ponies responsible for defeating Nightmare Moon and Discord to crumble so easily, but when push came to shove, the rest chose a wedding rather than one of their own.

"Today is going to be perfect, the kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small!" she sang, levitating a rose from the bouquet on her vanity in her magic.

"Everypony will gather 'round, say I look lovely in my gown," she walked with a smug gait, making the ponyquuins bow to her. "What they don't know is that I have fooled them all!"

"She thinks her plan is so perfect, that her intelligence lifts her above us all," Twilight sang, the magic of Equestria linking her to another song elsewhere.

"But she underestimated me, a mistake she will see, " Twilight turned a corner, her eyes a cold glare. "Has brought about her fall. "


"I could care less about the dress, I won't partake in any cake," sang the false Cadance, kicking over a table with a basket of apples upon it. " Vows? I'll be lying when I say."

"That through any kind of weather I'll want us to be together," her verse echoed while she sang, a top hat disintegrating in her magic. "The truth is, I don't care for him at all."

"No I do not love the groom, In my heart there is no room! But I still want him to be all miiiiiine!"


"This is a chance I must not waste, I must get there with all haste," sang Twilight as she followed a trail of glowing blue smoke that she projected with her horn. "To do so would mean annihilation for us allllll."

"I know that I stand alone, but Equestria is still my home," tears flew from her eyes as she ran.

"And to protect it I will put my life on the liiiine."


"Finally, the moment has arrived," sang the fake Cadance, walking up to the large double doors. "For me to be one lucky bride!"


"I must get there on time, to halt this terrible crime!" sang Twilight. "Or my brother will be...."

"Mine, all mine! Ahahahahahaha!"

Twilight dove behind the cavern wall when she spotted pony figures up a head, the trail of mist fading away.

"I knew she did something with them," said Twilight, looking around to spot Cadance's bridesmaids that her friends replaced.

Minuet, Twinkleshine, and Lyra were all guarding under the hole in the cave ceiling that her clairvoyance spell had led her to, their eyes glistening with green magic. She knew mind control when she saw it, despite what other people might think, and it was more than likely the imposter put them here to keep her prisoners from escaping. Twilight knew things were going to get ugly, but she didn't want it to involve innocent ponies.

"Wait," said Twilight, smirking as an idea formed in her mind.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight built up some of her new knowledge, and when she opened her mouth, she expelled a cloud of white mist: 'ZUL MEY GUT'

"HEY, UGLY," echoed through out the chamber.

" What was that? " droned all three ponies, walking off to see where the voice was coming from.

Twilight smirked, her learnings were already coming in handy. And this was just a lesser spell, shouts is what Hermaeus Mora said they were called. But before she could feel anymore pride, them brainwashed bouquet chasers came back to their post.

Cursing herself, she tried again: 'ZUL MEY GUT'


"HUH?" the three droned, but this time they just looked around in random directions.

Twilight bit back a growl of frustration: 'ZUL MEY GUT'


This time they did go to investigate, except Lyra, who was rubbing her muzzle.

" Its not that big, is it? " she droned, before two hooves grabbed her shoulders and yanked her away.

Twilight smiled, and left her hiding place, making her way under the hole....

Only to barely avoid a magic beam that flew past her head.

"You're not going anywhere," droned the three bridesmaids as they approached, Lyra's horn still smoking.

Twilight was not sure what to do. She had not wanted to hurt them but what else could she do? She saw a bouquet lying on the ground near her(how had that gotten there)and came up with something, but they were brainwashed, they would not fall for that.

Wait, brainwash, that wasn't a bad idea, actually .

"Sorry about this," said Twilight before she opened her mouth : 'GOL HAH DOV'

A wave of multiple colored mist washed over the trio of bridesmaids. The green light in ther eyes shattered, their pupils becoming dilated. They walked up to Twilight and bowed.

"We are at your comand," they said together.

Twilight smiled. She felt guilty for doing this, but she had too. It was not just so they would not attack her, she had an idea they would be crucial for.