Knowledge is Power

by hydra30

8 Reveal

"Fillies and gentle Colts," Princess Celestia announced in her motherly tone to the group behind the loving couple before her. "We are gathered here today to witness the union of Princess Mia Mora Cadenza and Shining Armour."

This was always one of her favourite rolls as Princess of this land, the union of two hearts forever in the bonds of love. And this one was extra special, the uniting of her fellow Alicorn Princess Cadenza to her captain of her royal guard Shining Armour. The ceremony was even more complete with the lovely crowd that had shown up.

She felt her joy lessen though, when she beheld that her student was not among the other Elements of Harmony. She had no idea why Twilight reacted like that, and she did not blame Shining Armour for banning her from attending, but it was still heart breaking to see her absence. When this was over, she intended to give her pupil a stern lecture, as well as see if she could console her in any way.

Misbehaving or not, nopony should have to go through such misery without any reassurances of some form.

But she could dwell on that later, Spike was approaching with the rings.


Two royal guards stood sentry at the door to the reception hall. They of course thought they wouldn't see anything, who would want to cause trouble at wedding, and the wedding of a Princess no less. So, it came as a shock when they heard approaching hoofsteps.

" Halt," one called, extending his wing.

"Who goes there," called the other, crossing his wing with the others.

Then three mare's walked around the corner down the hall, approaching them slowly.

" Aren't those the Princesses old bridesmaids? " asked the one on the left.

"I think so?" said the other, looking to his partner. "But didn't she dismiss them because they were only using their titles to meet royalty?"

"That's what she told us," said the one on the left, right as the three mares arrived in front of them.

" Sorry ladies," said the right guard to the trio. " The Princess has new bridesmai...,"

He never had the chance to finish, as Minuet and Lyra both slapped the left and right guard across the muzzle, Twinkleshine having then turned around and bucked them both in the chests with her hind legs. They hit the wall hard, grunting as they fell to the ground with their eyes rolling in their heads. They both looked up, shocked at the mares that just looked down at them, mean little smiles on their faces.

" WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" They both yelled.

The only answer they got was for Lyra, Minuet, and Twinkleshine to blow wet raspberries in their faces, then turning around and running away, laughing tauntingly.

" COME BACK HERE, YOU LITTLE BRATS," both enraged guards yelled, leaving their posts to give chase.

Now that they were gone, Twilight appeared in the corner of the hallway in a flash of white light, throwing away a pearl-white vial.

"Your not the only one who can utilize bridesmaids, miss bride," she whispered, walking up to the doors.

Putting her ear to the crack between them, Twilight heard Celestia start the ceremony. If she was going to act, it had to be now, but she couldn't just barge in, they would most likely remove her if the bride hid behind her crocodile tears again. She need to do something to prevent the ceremony from progressing all together.

Using extremely sophisticated magic control, Twilight pulled a very small part of the door about the size of a bit. Peaking through she was almost overwhelmed at seeing all her friends in the room, so close. But she was able to quash the urge to just barge in and hug them all as she spied the pillow in Spikes claws, two glistening bands sitting upon it.

"Perfect," she hissed, a plan forming in her mind.


" Princess Cadence, Shining Armour it is my great pleasure to..."


Celestia was interrupted when Spikes scream tore through the room, all in attendance turning to him. Everypony gasped to find the baby dragon tugging on the pillow in his claws, struggling against a thin, black tendril that was trying to yank it from his grasp. Everypony gasped at seeing the horrible appendage that all could see originated from under the doors, Celestia lighting her horn in an attempt to intervene.


The ornate pillow split at the seams, cotton and fabric scattering across the floor. Spike looked on in shock as the rings he was charged with were carried toward the doors, dropping the remains of the pillow he had been left with. When the tendril reached the doors, everypony could only watch as it disappeared under them, taking the rings with them.

For several seconds all in attendance could just stare with open mouthed shock.

Then the doors opened slowly, wrapped in a purple aura, revealing Twilight in the hallway, a menacing scowl upon her features. Everypony gasped to see the wedding rings held in the black tendril that extended from her horn, her friends roiling their eyes or facehoofing at her antics. Celestia stared at her with an annoyed expression.

"What is the meaning of this, Twilight Sparkle?" she shouted at her student, her eyes glaring with aggravation. "Give those ba..."

"I won't let this happen," said Twilight angerly, the sound of twisting metal tearing through the room as the tendril squeezed the rings to the point that they were smashed into dust.

Gasps filled the rooms as they watched the remains of the rings sprinkle to the ground in a shower of sparkling dust, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, staring in disbelief at the cruelty their friend just displayed in front of them."

"How could she do such a thing?" Whimpered Rarity, tears forming in her sapphire eyes.

"Twilight, have you lost your mind?" Yelled Applejack, her eyes a light with anger.

" So uncool," said Rainbow Dash, scowling.

"How could she do this to her brother?" Asked Fluttershy, an uncharacteristic glare on her face.

"Twilight's not a meany pants, why did she do that?" Said Pinkie Pie, her usually smiling face twisted into a glare.

Twilight did not want to do it, but she had to do something that would make this thing grind to a halt, she just hoped they could find replacements for the real wedding. She had not seen her friends in so long except in that one little photograph, and now here they were. Staring at her with angry glares.

Her emotions were turning inside her like a storm. All this time she had missed them desperately, wishing she could be with them. But seeing them stare at her like this stirred up the almost forgotten memories of how each and every one of them had been to wrapped up in their own section of the wedding to listen to her, how she went to them for help and was blown off.

Anger towards them blossomed in her heart, here they were, dressed up all pretty for a wedding they had no grasp of, were she had been isolated and alone. Training for this moment, learning great magic, but magic she never dreamed she would use. And associating with a being of horrific nature.

But then she saw the imitation Cadance up with Celestia and her brother. For a brief moment, she recalled the horrible accusations Shining had thrown at her the last time she saw him, but she forced her attention back to the bride next to him. This was not about that, they were all her friends and that creature was threatening them.

" TWILIGHT SPARKLE, " shouted Celestia from her place before the bride and groom. "What is the meaning of this. How did you even get in, I told the guards to bar your way if you showed up?"

A high pitch laughter echoed beyond the doors, Twilight and the others turning to see Lyra, Minuet, and Twinkleshine run past, throwing raspberries over their shoulders.

" COME BACK HERE," came a chorus of voices, a dozen royal guards chasing the bridesmaids down the hall.

" What are they doing, they were supposed to.....?" The fake Cadance put a hoof to her mouth before she could draw attention to herself. "I mean...why is she ruining my wedding...why doesn't she want me to marry her brother?"

"Because my brother is meant to marry Cadance," growled Twilight staring forward with a look that could kill. "And you are not her!"

"Twilight, this has gone far enough," said Celestia sternly. " You have acted irrational throught everything, and now you make an accusation that can't possibly be true."

Twilight knew this would be put before her, that her claim would not be believed with a pony who was the spitting image of Cadance right their for all to see. And Hermaeus Mora gave her exactly what she would need to counter it. It was a spell she could only use once, and it was for just for this moment.

Channelling her horn, Twilight cast her spell.

Everypony gasped in shock as a fountain of thick black liquid erupted to Twilight's right, viscous and thick but somehow not spreading. Princess Celestia and everypony at the front looked on in revolution at this strange substance, having never seen anything like it before. But if they thought that was something, what happened next....

A black tendril identical to the one that Twilight used to destroy the rings, only several times bigger emerged, slowly rose from the pool, a pony identical to the bride gripped gently in its coils. Once again, surprised gasps filled the chamber as the tendril gently deposited the unconscious Alicorn Princess on the ground before Twilight. Everypony looked between the two doppelgängers, incomprehension in their eyes.

"Its okay now Cadance," said Twilight reassuringly in a choked voice, stroking her old foalsitters mane. "You're home now, and I will make sure your happiness is never put in jeopardy again."

"I don't understand,"said Applejack among the gawking group of bridesmaids. "How are there two of them."

" Why don't I show you, Applejack," said Twilight, walking around the Cadance on the floor to approach the one up at the Isle, all prettied up in her wedding dress.

" I don't know how you found her," she said with a scowl. " But its too......"

She was interrupted when a stream of sparkling lightning slammed into her chest, originating from Twilight's horn. All attending screamed in terror, Twilight's friends and Princess Celestia dodging out of the way as the pony struck the wall between the large windows that decorated the back wall, Shining Armour having not moved, his expression turning blank. She screamed as the lightning kept flowing into her through her chest, her skeleton visible in the arcs of electricity that danced over her body.

Twilight's friends and Princess Celestia watched the scene with opened mouthed shock, taking in the image of Twilight striking Cadance with lightning. They did not know what was going on, but they had never seen Twilight like this. Her expression was aggressive and concentrated, no remorse for what she was doing.

Then they notice the Cadance up on the wall voice change. It was now lower, and with a slight echoing quality. They looked just in time to see the image of Cadance shatter like a stain glass window, and in her place was something they never imagined. It was tall, like Princess Celestia, a shiny black carapace visible in the electricity that danced over its gossamer wings, hole riddled hooves, fanged muzzle, and the crooked horn atop her green maned head.

Her eyes flew open, revealing slitted green pupils, her screams of pain vanishing behind an enraged snarl. Her horn glowed, a bright green force field surrounding her, protecting her from the lightning. Twilight ceased her assault, scowling as the giant creature lowered herself back to the floor with a buzz of her wings, her shield vanishing.

"Behold your precious bride," said Twilight, pointing a hoof at the horrible monster before everypony.

" Wha...what is that thing?" Whimpered Fluttershy, cowering as her friends surrounding her put up defensive stances.

"A changeling," answered Twilight." A metamorphic creature that imitates loved ones and gets stronger by feeding on that love."

"BWAH AHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh how right you are, " laughed the abominable image, all the wedding guests minus the groom, the Princesses, the bridesmaids, Spike, and Twilight fleeing the room as her laughter snapped them out of their shock and induced panic. " And as...."

"SHUT UP," shouted Twilight, her voice harsh and angry. "You are Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings, and you have imitated Cadance so you can slowly drain the love from my brother, then his shield won't be able to protect us when your legions arrive to conquer Canterlot, then all of Equestria.

The other ponies gasped at hearin this news, the now named Chrysalis looking at Twilight with irritation.

"I don't know how you found out," she said before smirking. " But its too late, any moment my..."

"You won't succeed," Chrysalis heard a stern voice approach, turning in time to press her horn to Princess Celestia's. "You may have compromised Shining Armour's shield, but now that you have revealed your true self....I can protect my subjects...from you!"

She took flight with her mighty wings, her horn letting out a bright beam of yellow sun energy. Chrysalis countered with a beam of her own, gritting her teeth in concentration. Twilight watched it all with a look of anticipation.

To everyone's surprise, Chrysalis began to gain the upper hoof, her beam overpowering Celestia and approaching her. Then the green beam slammed into her horn, blasting the Princess across the floor, her crown flying off her head. Chrysalis looked at her hooves in amusement.

"Shining Armour's love is even stronger than I thought,"she said smugly. " Devouring it has made me even stronger than Celestia!"

"Princess!" Twilight's friends shouted, galloping up to their fallen leader.

"The Elements of Harmony," she moaned to them. "Use their power to defeat the queen."

" RIGHT!" Shouted Applejack and Rainbow Dash....

"I did not want it to be true...." whispered Twilight as she approached the group surrounding the fallen Alicorn.

"But it is," she said, her face awash with tears. "You are a coward."