Knowledge is Power

by hydra30

14 No more

Twilight winced as she was thrown to the ground by Queen Chrysalis, searing pain coursing through her chest as a few of her ribs cracked. Moaning in pain through a gag, Twilight lifted her head to take in her surroundings, finding that she had been brought to the edge of one of the huge bowl shaped structures that made up the base of Canterlot. All of Equestria was visible below in the afternoon sun.


Turn over onto her back, Twilight saw that all her friends and her mentor had all been brought here too, their legs bound to the ground by changeling goo.

"Let her go!" said Rainbow Dash, her wings buzzing.

"Yeah, you brutes, " said Rarity, " Don't you dare harm her."

"SILENCE!" shouted Queen Chrysalis, her horn pulsating with her green magic.

Twilight could only watch as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Cadance, Shining Armour, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Spike's mouths were sealed shut with more changeling goo, silencing them. Shining, AJ, Rainbow all struggled with their bindings, while Spike and Fluttershy both shook with fear, tears streaming from Fluttershy's terrified eyes.

"My Queen."

Twilight turned her attention to the voice that spoke up, and saw that it was the red frilled changeling that had tackled her before. Her eyes grew wide as she saw that he was accompanied by legions and legions of channeling soldiers, surrounding and spreading across the area in the hundreds. For the first time since her return to Equestria, Twilight felt true fear.

"Ah, Pharynx, " said Chrysalis, flying over to her best warrior. "How goes the siege?"

"We have swept the city," replied Pharynx, "It is unlikely that any civilians have evaded capture."

"Excellent," said Chrysalis, looking to her minions. "Are all my changelings present?"

"Affirmative, my Queen," replied Pharynx, "They are by your side, now that the city's defenses have fallen, just as you ordered."

"Perfect," hissed Chrysalis with malice. She approached the incapacitated ponies, the purple unicorn that had caused her the most grief lying a few feet ahead, still struggling with the binds that held her. "I want all of my subjects to savor this revenge just as much as I will."

Twilight watched as Chrysalis gestured to her, two changelings buzzing over and grabbing her by her shoulders and lifting her up. She squirmed and kicked, but her bindings were still too strong. Eventually she was brought before the Changeling Queen, who sneered down at her with smug victory.

"You're about to learn what happens to those who cross me."

She turned around and approached the ponies that Twilight cared for most in this world.

"You will watch," Chrysalis continued, ripping the terrified Fluttershy from the binding goo and pulling the pegasus towards herself, relishing in the resulting sobs of fear. "As I drain the love from each of your friends, starting with this yellow one."

Twilight could only stare as Fluttershy was dragged closer to the horror before her, her teal eyes streaming tears of fear as she shivered. Twilight’s heart became overcome with fear, dread, and worry. Tears fell from her own eyes as she took in Fluttershy's terrified expression.

She could not let this happen, she had to stop this. The love she held for her friends screamed at her to save Fluttershy, save all of them. It could not end like this, she had come so far, done to much, only to watch helplessly as her friends and family suffered.

But even if she could get free, Chrysalis's army was right here.

Something inside Twilight snapped at that moment. If it was going to come down to Chrysalis's minions or her friends, then she would pick her friends in a heartbeat. She had tried to end it with only Chrysalis being a casualty, but all those she loved were here and in danger. So she was going to do what she had to.

She needed to get free first.

Looking forward, Twilight saw that Spike was the one closest to her, his scaly feet glued to the concrete. A plan formed in her mind, a plan that made her shake with fear, but she was going to do it, for her friends, for Equestria, and for everypony she loved.

Chrysalis jumped, dropping Fluttershy to the ground as a horrible shriek of pain tore through the air. Quickly restraining the trembling pegasus to the ground, she turned to see what was the cause. And what she saw made her almost vomit.

Green changeling blood showered the ground as Twilight ripped her horn from the eye socket of the changeling holding her on the right, the pupiless orb flying through the air, its stringy optic nerve wiggling as it slid to a halt on the ground. The other changeling released his hold on Twilight as well, the shriek of his comrade stunning him. All present, pony, dragon, and changeling alike watched in open mouth horror at what Twilight had just done.

After hitting the ground, Twilight rolled herself over multiple times, wiggling to keep herself moving. Soon she lay before Spike, her little baby dragon flashing her a stunned look. Her hind legs facing him as she lay on her back, Twilight took a deep breath and lifted her left hind leg.

'I am sorry Spike,' thought Twilight as she thrusted her leg out.

She kicked him in the stomach as hard as she could, time slowing for her as she watched dragon fire burn past the goo that held his lips shut, approaching her slowly.

Her world erupted in pain.

They all watched, abhorred as the purple unicorn was set ablaze. Chrysalis couldn't even understand what was happening, having never expected this kind of thing from ponies. Twilight’s companions could only watch in horror as she wriggled on the ground, flames engulfing her entire being.

"TWILIGHT!" screamed Spike hysterically now that his mouth was free. "What are you doing!?"

Then Twilight vanished in her signature flash of purple light, her bindings left behind, bubbling in flames.

She reappeared only a few feet away, revealing the damage she had caused to herself to get free. Her mane and tail were completely burned away, her dock limp behind her. Only trace patches of her coat remained, the rest of her body covered with blistering red flesh. Her face was a horror to behold, with the left side her mouth burned off, exposing her teeth and gums, and her right eye socket exposed, her eyelids gone.

Tears fell from Celestia's eyes at seeing her faithful student mutilated so horribly, barely recognizing her now. Her friends, plus her brother all looked on in terror as a pony they cared for deeply stood before them, wounded and shaking in obvious agony. Spike was too horrified to even speak now.

Chrysalis was just as much repulsed.

But they all jumped when a gold star of light formed at the tip of her horn. It tinkled and glistened, its light washing over Twilight. Then they all gasped(even through their gags) as Twilight was restored to her pristine lavender form. When the light vanished, Twilight stood before them undamaged.

"No more," she whispered, then levitated herself in her telekinetic spell, shouting to the sky as loud as she could. "NO MORE!"

"STOP HER!" shouted Chrysalis, shaking herself to focus.

Several of her minions moved to carry out her orders, but not before Twilight shouted, 'STRUN BAH QO'

But nothing happened.

Chrysalis sneered as her minions closed in on Twilight, who had lowered herself back to the ground. She assumed whatever Twilight had been trying to do had failed. All that was left was for her to be taken prisoner again, and this would really be over.

She did not notice the raging storm that was spiraling into existence above her.

There was a small pause in time, then the dozen or so changelings about to pile on Twilight opened their mouths in shock, for a fork of lightning had struck through each of their chests, arcing from one to another. And Chrysalis could only watch as they all dissolved into sparkling motes of dust, which were soon swept away in a building wind. Then she brought her view up, seeing the sky turn cloudy and violent, rain pouring down, drenching them all.

"What is this? " Chrysalis snapped, looking at Twilight who only fixed her with a glare. "What have you done?"

A flash of lightning to her left caught her attention, and she looked to see utter chaos unfolding.

Streaks of lightning were descending from the sky, striking at least a dozen of her minions with each hit. They tried to scatter, but could only stare ahead open mouth as lightning passed through them, their very bodies dissolving before their eyes. She could tell that already more than a quarter of her forces had fallen to this.

She heard thunder, and looked up just in time to see a fork of lightning striking towards her.

Twilight's friends could only watch this happen from were they stood. With each strike of lightning, over a dozen changeling minions fell. They had seen Twilight shout before this happened, it had to have been her. Even everypony who had seen her shout Chrysalis out of the wedding hall were completely overwhelmed by the damage that was now wrought before them.

"TWILIGHT!" screamed Spike, looking to her, abhorred. "What have you done?"

"What I had to, Spike," answered Twilight, a tear flowing over her cheek.

She had not wanted to hurt them, but they were going to hurt everypony she loved. Her brother, Cadance, the Princesses, her friends. She looked to them, noticing their looks of terror as swarms and swarms of changelings were struck down by the lightning. She hoped they would forgive her for this, she did not want to have gone through all this only to lose them.

A smashing noise drew her attention, and she looked up to see the tower suite Rarity had stayed in go flying off the mountain, flames burning as it disappeared below. Hermaeus Mora had warned her that this shout was kinda a loose cannon. It would strike at friend and foe alike.

Twilight could not see any more changelings around, the large group dissolving after that last strike seemed to have hit the bulk of what remained. But whether any of them survived now was irrelevant. A good portion had to have fallen by now, so now she needed to get rid of the storm before anyone else was hurt.

Breathing deep, Twilight looked up: 'LOK VAH KOOR'

In seconds the deadly storm faded, leaving a clear sunny day. Twilight almost fell over, now realizing she was exhausted. But she looked to her still trapped companions, who stared at her with large eyes, their muzzles still sealed shut.

Slowly, she stood, intending to free them

"TWILIGHT! " screamed Spike, pointing behind her. "LOOK OUT!"

Twilight turned, finding Chrysalis and about a dozen changelings behind her. Before she could react, she was seized in green magic, and dragged forward. She tried to struggle, but her energy was spent, she was barely strong enough to stay awake now.

"NO! " Spike screamed, Chrysalis hissing and resealing his mouth with a green blast from her horn.

"How dare you," she hissed, bringing her attention to Twilight in her magic. "How dare you decimate my forces. How dare you devastate my armies."

Twilight flashed her an enraged snarl.

"How dare I?" She asked. "You come into our kingdom, my home and impersonate my own brother's fiance at their wedding. You drive a wedge between me and the ones I love."

Despite all that happened, Twilight's friends all lowered their heads in shame.

"You attack us," continued Twilight. "Without provocation or reason, solely to feed on our love. You act as if you are so mighty, Chrysalis, but you're just a parasite. You and all your kind have all the value of a tapeworm. "

As Twilight ranted, Chrysalis began to adopt a psychotic look. It was not as if she was insulted by her, she could care less what this insignificant pony thought of her. She had just seen this little cretin strike over half her forces down with one single move, one single word and now she was down to less than half her strength.

All because of Twilight's intervention.

"You will never rule Equestria," sneered Twilight.