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He's just this guy, you know?

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This story was heavily inspired by the following music:

If you've ever experienced that kind of snowfall, you'd know just how 'right' the double bass feels for it.

Special thanks to R5h for a pre-read!

EXTRA-SPECIAL thanks to Hat for help with punctuation issues!

This is superb. Although the plot is admittedly a bit cliche, it is thoroughly well written. I think this deserves to be featured.

EVERYTHING Martian writes should be featured.

Not that I'm biased, but... no wait I am!

I almost shed manly tears. being a big brotherr myself, i know how mac must have felt when his sister was in danger. Cliche, as mentioned before, but well written nonetheless. tracked and faved.

1502912 name and artist of the song? the video isn't working for my 360

Sometimes, cliche works. Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Aww you. :rainbowkiss:
Wait, I did that one before.
Aww you; I'd eat your spleen with the most tender care. :pinkiecrazy:

Uhh, no actual idea; the guy is doing an Upright Bass-only cover of the Chili Pepper's 'Can't Stop'. He does have a link to download an MP3 of it, if that helps: HERE
Also: Happy you enjoyed :twilightsmile:


Spleen eating is next on the list of Olympic sports - get your game face ready!

This was a good read, I would like to see you pursue more family related writing like this since you did it well.

Favorited and watching for more stuff :P


Awwwww. What a good pony. :eeyup::ajsmug:


10/10, instant favourite. I loved the appropriateness of the structure you used - starting in media res then building up to that point for the climax, and the strictly limited use of dialogue making the one line being delivered with impact. Even the passage of time was implied by the difference in space between falling to the snow and Applejack waking him up. I liked the simplicity of the story - rather than going wide with many characters, you went deep and kept everything a unity, everything necessary to the story.

I do have this idea... :pinkiesmile:

In medias res! That's what it was called... It had been bugging me for days to remember that. Glad you enjoyed :twilightsmile:

Thank You for the smile you put on my face.:ajsmug:

Holy damn, that was beautiful. :fluttercry:

Sometimes, stories don't need dialogue to convey a message. This is one of them, and I loved every word.

Loved the story, and congrats on EqD :pinkiehappy:

That was a really good story. The Apple family needs more love and this story granted it. Bravo!


Ow, my feels

Being the oldest of three, I can definitely associate with Big Mac in this one. Wanting to forge ahead for the sake of your kin and ready to blast down whatever stands in the path. Awesome all around! :pinkiehappy:

Looks like Big Mac has one interesting story to telll AJ in the coming years

I loved the story, though being an only child I worry I didn't get the full impact. I definitely got some of the impact, hence an easy like and a favourite.

I also have to comment on how well the author weaves words. The vocabulary and the phrasing are plain and informative where they need to be, and downright poetic where they should be. That's true skill there, and it puts anything I've ever written to shame. The only mistake I spotted was a single "passed" that should be "past".


CRAP. Where? :twilightangry2:
Glad you enjoyed, though!

1540376 "Ignore the ache, push passed the bone-deep chill." It's a preposition in that sentence, so "past".

Many a feel in this fic. Short and sweet. And you fleshed out Big Mac wonderfully. Bravo. :eeyup:

Very good.

Great story, I'm a big fan of Big Mac as well as any fic that writes him so well. :eeyup:




Wonderfully powerful for a story as short as this is.
Keep up the great writing. :twilightsmile:

This is a great story! Not is Big Macintosh my favourite character but I can also relate to the contents of this story. Fantastically written, short and to the point.

Simple and Elegant, much like the Apples themselves, an excellent character study.

You don't need superpowers to be a hero.

1502912 Being a bass player, I approve highly

Stay in the pocket, brother. :twilightsmile:

I know that snow, it's scary. I was outside once when I was about 10. Middle of January, must have been only -10 Celsius at the time. I decided to go explore and I got caught in a huge snowstorm, dropped about 40 cm of snow that day. I was stuck about 3km from home in the bush. Luckily, always kept a lighter and my pocketknife on me. made a small fire under a dead tree and made a small lean-to like my dad had taught me. I was stuck there for about 2 hours, when about 30 cm fell. I found out later the temp. dropped to about -28 with the windchill. I got back though, as soon as I could see clearly I was outta there and runnin' for home! Good story by the way, I really enjoyed it. Possibly because I related to it so well. But mostly because I like how you wrote it. Congrats are in order.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Damn, Martian. I knew you were good, and then I read this. I had a plan for my reading today; you've just broken it. Off to read the rest of your stories, the other ones in waiting don't seem worth the effort now. :ajsleepy:

Quite good, author. Quite good.

im in a Martian marathon, so much to read!!

To anyone who's been caught in a Minnesota blizzard, the accurate detail on Mac's frostbite was painful to read. I never got caught out with anything or anyone to protect besides myself, but it's easy to imagine the insane determination he got when he realized that he'd almost left her to the same fate he'd nearly accepted. *shivers*

An excellent story detailing a classic struggle of pony vs. nature. Your descriptions took told of my senses as I read -- I could feel and even taste the snow. They were also verbose enough for me to get an idea of the intensity of the situation, but concise enough that the story never stopped moving.

And then we get to the ponies, whose thoughts you manage to effortlessly communicate, adding to the immersion even more. Really, the whole thing's a sensory exercise.

(Though this doesn't exactly do much to help my long-standing distaste for snow any. :rainbowlaugh:)

I've been in snow like that. I was damn glad I was in a car and it didn't stall out.

Very evocative story.

And an interesting twist -- a very young Applejack actually managed to save Big Mac's life. Lie down in weather like that, chances are you won't be getting up again.

Oh, winter. You have a subtle way of making us involuntarily fall asleep and never wake up.

I used to be in the middle of a bad day. Then I took an arrow to the heart. By the way, that is one fine bow you have their, Martian.

hey! stop it with the feels! you need to not be rubbing all over them that hurts!:pinkiesad2:

Dr. Wolf read your story online! YEE! EXCITED! CONGRATULATIONS!


I've had a soft spot for man-vs-nature survival stories since I read "The Hatchet" in grade school, and this scratched my itch nicely, and to boot, and I also love the Chilli Peppers. DRWolf001 did a great job with the reading, you should consider linking it in the description.

Keep up the good work.

Loved this. LOVED.

Wonderful imagery. Excellent writing.


Very powerful delivery in this story.

An excellent story. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I feel like the prose might get a little grandiose from time to time, but that really my only complaint. It was a great read.

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