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The Princesses of Equestria's "forgiveness and redemption with little repercussions" friendship policy for several major villains has worked pretty well so far for the good of Equestria. However in Princess Twilight Sparkle's case, what happens when it suddenly... doesn't?

Please do not take this seriously.

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Well... that happened.

Shouldn't it be "diversion" instead of "aversion?"

7175451 Yeah, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out!

Celestia sighed, breaking eye contact with her former student and levitating another piece of cupcake into her mouth. “What else is new, my dear?”

It's really sad when the monarch of the country treats the kigndom being destroyed as a normal occurrence.

7176080 That's kind of meant to be the twisted satire of this whole story. It is a pretty normal occurrence in Equestria. And yet they let many of the villains who cause said destruction basically off the hook. I just thought that was kinda funny, especially in Starlight Glimmer's and Trixie's case after the new episode. Lol.

...I was expecting it to be a joke not the manticore to go full-on Epic Meal Time on them.

Author Interviewer

This was amusing. I am amused. :)

It's a well written story and interesting take on the 'no second prances' episode, plus I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of Nightmare Moon in this too. ^.^ However... all that being said, having Discord in the story is a little bit overkill, Blueblood would have made for a good plot twist imo, but the main thing that let down the story for me... was Derpy as the hero... I did not like that, neither did I like how easily the Manticore... A, SINGULAR Manicore... was able to devour to The Spirit of Chaos, The Dark Queen of the Night, A Unicorn Magic User that parralel's Twilight in power and Trixie... well, Twixie I can understand getting the jump on her, but the rest is totally unbelievable, Plus, the vore aspect happened WAY too quickly for me. =<

7629288 Well, this is kinda supposed to be as silly and ridiculous as possible and not make much sense other than a satirical point, but your concerns are valid. This story definitely came out of left field for me immediately after watching that episode air, and the only real point of this is satire in relation to how Equestria seems to treat and forgive its villains. At least that's what I was going for, don't really know how well I pulled that off XD.

Thanks for the input!

I like the points raised in this.
It's a highly random way to get it all across but it works
Derpy as the hero like that was ... yea. Okay.

Maybe because ponies, unlike humans, are basicly good at their core. All that happens is they lose their way and must be lead back. And Celestia would understand this better than anypony.

Would explain why every pony villian has gotten better. ( Starlight, Trixie, Luna, Sunset, Tempest, Stygian) While most of the non ponies haven't. ( Crystalis, Sombra, Tirek, Sirens, Pony of Shadows, StormKing, Discord for the most part)

So remember everyone. In the future, if the villian is a pony, they're going to get reformed really quickly. If they are anything else, they won't be, or it will take a hell of a long time to happen.

This looks like fun, I shall give it a read.

Awesome! I’d love to hear what you think about this highly random story. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I plan to join the random writers club after I finish my more darker fics... LOL

Celestia sighed, breaking eye contact with her former student and levitating another piece of cupcake into her mouth. “What else is new, my dear?”

*drily*Oh nothing much, Tia. Well, unless you count the fact that Trixie, Starlight, Discord and your own sister just got eaten by a manticore in their attempts at world domination!!!

And you sit there calmly eating cupcakes.

Good grief!:facehoof:

Very fun story!!! Completely ridiculous, but then I love ridiculous stories!! It made me laugh. Great job!:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I like writing stories that are completely out of left field lol. This is definitely one of my most bizarre lol.

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