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Mother of Celestia, why did I write this?!

Father of Luna, why did I read this?!

7387727 Because you love me :twilightsmile:


Why is this story in the 'New' section if it was published at the start of last year? You never submitted it?

Rated 'C' for "Cunt""Crikey".

I had a good laugh out of this one.:rainbowlaugh:

G'day mate. Stingray! Crickey. Vegemite.

Where's 'dingo'?

Glorious. But next time, lose the disclaimer. If people are triggered by words from a fictional character, they deserve the stress.

So, uh, before I actually embark upon this, what the eff's a bludger? Or a bogan? :applejackconfused:

UPDATE: The fuck did I just read?

8066030 Exactly.
8066157 lol Glad you liked it!
8066177 A dingo ate yo babeh.
8066387 You know, you're right, but you know that if I didn't have it there, I'd have to deal with someone's bitchfest.
8066401 LOL this is the exact response I was looking forward to.

The chicken part, god dammit I broke down laughing. :pinkiehappy:

Honestly, the only reason I understood even half of this is because of the sheer amount of let's drown out i have watched

I know that cover art anywhere:

Yugi: I summon Yugi and I attack your life points directly.
Kaiba: That's not real.

That gets me everytime:rainbowlaugh:.

10/10 would leo again

Twilight rubbed her chin. "I've been tinkering with the mirror portal

And like that you've lost me.

8067128 u wood
8068250 Don't worry, nobody completely understands the shit Leo says.
8068405 Heh, it was the only picture that I felt suited this story.
8068532 lul
8070102 Oh come on, Merlos! I thought you of all people would've enjoyed the ending :trollestia:

8070197 lol it was a great story. Truth be told just happy to see writing get done.

8070395 Aww... thanks buddy! :twilightsmile:

dis stor1es heaps sikk az aye nd i havunt even red it

-chugs VB-

Good stuff. Only thing missing is ponies chucking sick skids in a Falcon or Commodore

Fawking Leo is my new Australian hero! WOOHOO!

... I have very few heroes. This is a BIG DEAL.

In the Crystal Empire.
Eating Flurry Heart.

Crikey! That'll leave a mark.

8070842 u wot m8
8071828 :rainbowwild:
8083818 w00t! Who needs Steve Irwin when you have Leo?
8684243 8684269 Obligatory: A dingo ate yo bybeh.

Lol you should do this for Russians

Fuck political correctness. If it upsets the masses, then all I have to do is get angry as well and tell the masses that they can go fuck themselves and die in a ditch. If anyone wants to do me physical harm, then they're gonna regret it. I don't start any type of physical violence, but I am a warrior at heart and thus crave conflict, so someone pointing a gun at me or hitting me gives me that reason that I'm looking for to go let loose...assuming that someone with a gun doesn't get an instant kill shot. As long as it's not instantly fatal, then no matter how bad the wound(s), I don't feel them due to completely losing my mind. Unfortunately, I can't really tell friend from foe when I get like that, so if some bystander were to accidentally bump into me, I'd completely forget about my current target and go after the person who'd just bumped into me. Anywho, love it.

9429222 I don't really have any Russian friends. Even if I did, I doubt anyone from anywhere could come close to being Leo. :twilightsmile:
10152725 Agreed. But you know there are a lot of snowflakes around here, hence the trigger warning at the beginning. I resent having to do that, but I think it's an unfortunate reality for us writers here that we have to be at least a little accommodating to those people.

Oh I'm not bending for anyone.

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