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Art by me!
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In the year of 2006 the bloodiest war in mankind's history took place. But in that war was a soldier who stood out from them all. A broken man.

He was a soldier. He fought in the front lines of the bloodiest battles of The War.

He Witnessed things that will drive anyone mad everything including the death of a loved one and betrayal of a childhood friend.

After a fatal shot to the stomach he is transported to Equestria. How will its inhabitants react, How would he adapt and why is he there in the first place?

No one may no of it yet but the end times are coming. Unspeakable things of War,Corruption and famine. Will Equestria's unsung God Of Death end it all?

Will he be the one to save all of Equestria's before it is too late?

Join the crazy adventures of Connor sanders in Equestria

This is my first ever fic help, feedback or advice is greatly appreciated.

I do not own My little Pony. It belong to Hasbro i do not own that either.

May be rated teen to possible bad language and stuff for the big boys. :)

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