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Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do study history are doomed to watch other people repeat it.


King Guto embarks on a perilous quest to seize an artifact which may hold the key to reclaiming Griffonstone's greatness. But when a mysterious hermit offers another choice, Guto faces his greatest test as King. Griffonstone's fate is in his talons.

Written for FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns Contest II.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro and its affiliates.

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The Last King

Oh God, his people don't know how lucky they are for that

Heck yes! Been waiting to see your entry.

Hopefully it lives up to your expectations.

Between those peaks, the fate of Griffonstone would be changed forever.

Definitely true.

I'm getting a strong Gandalf vibe from Ashmane. An enigmatic unicorn who knows what he shouldn't and talks of his rebirth? Guto definitely made a wise choice here. We'll see what comes of it. Looking forward to finding out.

For a moment I thought this was called "The Last Knight" lol

Harmony is the birthright of all thinking creatures.

Ah, of course. Ashmane is Optimus Prime.


A tragedy indeed. Brought down by the failings of his people and himself, dooming the kingdom in the process. For a time, anyway. Virtue shone through at the last.

Brilliant work throughout. There really never was any hope. How do you stop a foe with reinforcements in every breath of air? Thank you for a fantastic read, and best of luck in the judging.

(Also, a coveted Fan that draws forth questors and sends them to their doom... I can't but suspect this might be a metaphor for the contest. Or maybe I'm just reading way too deep. :derpytongue2:)

Interesting premise... [click]

Thank you. Yeah, folks really should listen to the cryptic old guy who has no reason to lie to you.

As to that Fan... you know... in hindsight... I can definitely see how it could be interpreted that way, and I almost wish it had been deliberate.

Were I judging the contest, and not throwing my own hat into the ring, this would easily be in the top three, if not the winner. You've absolutely nailed the tone of an ancient fable, like Icarus or Pandora.

Thank you. Making it a fable was my intent, and I'm pleased to have carried it off. I was heavily influenced by about 90% of Greek tragedies (where the great sin is Pride/Hubris) and by the Fisher King (albeit with an empty idol instead of a Holy Grail and a much darker ending).

A gripping story from start to finish. It was an interesting experience—given that we already know the fate of Griffonstone—to watch the tragedy unfold, hoping against hope that Guto might understand. And in the end, I suppose he did. But it makes me wonder how Griffonstone would've turned out if he'd heeded Ashmane's portents sooner. Then, given the nature of griffons, there was never really any hope of that, was there?

Brilliant work throughout. Thanks for writing it!

Thank you kindly. This story was fun for me to write, and I'm glad people have enjoyed it.

As to Guto and the griffons, I think there was always hope. It just would have been a grind. Ashmane suggested that it would require the king and his followers to lay down their lives (perhaps not literally, but in the self-sacrificial sense) to show a better path. This sort of shift has historically happened (e.g. the rise of the hybrid Frankish-Roman kingdom via Clovis). It likely would have taken several generations for his followers to be anything but the minority, but it could have worked. The king of a country in days of yore had tremendous power to set the tone for how his people would live, for good or ill. It's the concept of the 'father of a nation.' The sins of the father, or the virtues, affect the path of the children.

But then, playing the 'what if' game is always filled with uncertainties even in real life. Who can say how it would have played out?

There I go rambling, though. Again, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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