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Roddy, a young pegasus colt that dreams to be a Wonderbolt decides to race one of Equestria's new express trains.

(Equestria's rail network for this is based on British Railways before nationalisation where the railways consisted of the Big Four rail companies.)

(Please let me know if this requires more tags, I'm not sure what other tags are necessary)

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As I said before, It was a fun, very cute little chapter. Roddy kinda feels like Rainbow Dash Jr. Which would be Scootaloo if she could fly properly. And I liked how he didn't actually beat the engine at the end. Contrary to what most cartoons say, you won't always succeed at what you do.

Nice work!

Thank you very much :D

Dex had informed him that the CNER had recently unveiled a new pacific class that they had called an A4. The significance of this was that the A4 Class had been purposely designed for speed and sported a wing shaped aerodynamic body and its first run had it easily surpassing a hundred miles per hour. It was said that Neighgel Gresley, the chief engineer of the CNER who was also on board the train at the time, had to tell the driver to slow down simply because the pegasi reporters were being left behind as they tried to keep up and fly alongside it. This then prompted a competition to attract customers by the CMC and CNER by offering the fastest services and it was encouraged for drivers to push their engines as fast as they could safely go along their routes.

I assume this is an allusion to a test run from Euston to Crewe in 1937 where aircraft were unable to keep up.

Another fun fanfiction from you. You know what you are writing about. :)

Thank you. I do like steam trains :3

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