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what to say what to say o_o


FLIPPING DA TABLES · 8:15pm Apr 29th, 2013

Hello as many of you might have noticed I have deleted my old story "The Cure For Celestia" only to take on a new adventure with my drawn OC from my very helpful friend

Also here is the Picture of my OC

And here is his DeviantArt null

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453203 No not yet since I just started to think (again) about my story I haven't really gotten to write much of it :trixieshiftright: not as much as I would like :trixieshiftright:

Lol, I'm going through my fic, doing the big revisions, and come across your comment from 43 weeks ago.

Did you ever actually use my characters?:rainbowhuh:

Hey, thank you for faving The Prophecy of the Third Revelation I hope you continue to enjoy it.

sorry bout that :unsuresweetie: it was a misunderstanding comment...280030 :pinkiesad2: :pinkiesad2: i misunderstod the wing sentence i actually thought i saw a horn but it was wings :pinkiesad2: sorry :scootangel:

>Logs into FiMfiction
>Sees a notification
>"1 new comment on 'For the New Lunar Republic' from Sunshine Sparkle"

"ooh! a new comment?"

>Checks the story
>"comment deleted by Sunshine Sparkle"


"But- but what did it say??"

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