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No friends, no cutie mark, no future. The life of Muddy Waters could be measured in teaspoons, but who's to say a lone scavenger pony couldn't live more than one life? After a chance find underneath the Centennial River Wetlands, Muddy Waters will discover an ancient treasure so valuable that the only one she can trust with such a treasure is herself. But who's to say the treasure is the most valuable thing to gain? As the saying goes, the real treasure is the sisters we made along the way.
Now that the winds of change roll over a dead Equestria, safe harbors are few and far between. How long can a single scavenger hold on to what's rightfully hers? More importantly, how long can she hang on to herself?

Chapters (4)
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thats a big first chapter

This looks interesting cant wait for more

This was fun to read! I was very able to get a picture of the environment from your descriptions.

There were a couple parts which i thought were a bit long; It might have been worth splitting the chapter at the discovery in the stable!
That said, i kept reading and found the charecterisation of the trappers was enjoyable, the accent was done well!

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Great chapter cant wait for more

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