Five Score: A New Hive

by bossfight1

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: PFUDOR

I stumbled as I fell through the portal, bumping into some of the ponies that were still filing out of the Boutique’s basement. “Sorry…” I said sheepishly as I quickly backed towards the mirror. I turned back towards it, squirming anxiously as I waited Liz for to come through. She’d shown some hesitation as we’d approached, but didn’t seem likely to just walk away.

She’d never do that.

The portal flashed brightly. As I covered my eyes from the brightness, a figure was sent sailing from the portal, and landed in a dusty pile of cardboard boxes in the far corner.

“Liz!” I cried, hurrying over. “You okay?!”

For a moment, there was no response.

Then, with a shuffling of boxes, the pony rose up, a blank expression on her face.

I stared at the pink fluffball of a pony. “...Liz?”

Liz blew a raspberry in response.