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Just a guy with time on his hands really, all I can say is a hope you enjoy what I write

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Looks promising, I want good things from you.

Great beginning :pinkiehappy: Keep it up

I have to disagree with the logic of this particular universe, how could the Sisters beat 2 trillion humans with advanced weapons and technology. I think if we had a ship that could carry 2 trillion people it would be armed not to the teeth but enough fire power to decimate a planet!

Though I do like where this is going, keep it up.

And advice, make sure to actually use the ships cannons if it does have some. Even if the entire ship blows up you can still use the weapon systems on it, I am not kidding. If a signal can be patched in and they are that advanced they can use the weapons on board the ship to kill them.

so celestia and luna killed all the angels and arch angel and this guy is gonna rip some asses open for it i guess? really want to see where this goes but you need to speed shit up. I was able to skip a bunch of paragraphs and still be fine.
still 11000 + words in a day. Nice.

Please for the love of god, let the humans kick some pony ass and not lose at the end like the other fics I've read.


Yeah, I kinda let my sense of "Big it up" go to my head. I'm gonna be taking a few days to resort the first chapter and make it more believable. :twilightblush:


Next chapter won't be for a while. Once I've done some editting and sorted out the sense of scale I'll be sure to press onwards. Until then, thank you for your patience, and be sure to check out some of my other stuff too. :twilightsmile:

I love the story. How it snows Angels, space, humans, ponies, and AI's. Keep up the good work.

Cypher, eh? I wonder if his first name is Louis...

A HiE story that's well written?

A definite follow.


I... don't understand the reference... :rainbowhuh:


And, if you can believe it, the main character isn't a total gary stu who is completely invincible, but whines like a little bitch about the fact that a few people were mean to him! And, even more unbelievably, there's actually development in his character!

The nerve of some authors these days! :flutterrage:

This is nothing short of the beginning to a masterpiece. :rainbowderp:
Well done for your first HiE.

This fic looks really awesome, I cant wait for the next chapters:rainbowkiss::heart::twilightsmile:


The nerve of not having a character that ponies would throw themselves at!

Interesting, your architecture isn't that much different from the Ark's.

"Don't get any ideas."

I loved that Halo: Combat Evolved reference.

So are all ponies evil in this (including the Mane 6) or is Twilight and the others oblivious to why humans are enslaved, and that the Princesses have been lying to her and her friends.?

Overall I like the vibes this story is emitting. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings :D

Hmm, your human and you justifies human slavery because they aren't really more than animals. I wonder how these ponies justify it. I don't think it makes them evil, I mean half of the south had slaves. I think they were wrong, but not evil.

Question, why are there so many dislikes?

EDIT: Well that was an awesome prologue. Have all my likes and favourites.

epic but also pissing me off becuse i agree with the caption. NOW LETS KICK SOME FUCKEN PONY ASS FOR THEY SHALL HAVE NO MERCY AS THEY MEET DEATH


Physique, not physic, and humanity's, not humanities.

All I had to read was the prologue and I know this going to be an HiE that shall stay in my memories forever. Archangel, slavery, revenge, and humans being awesome... and epically written?!

What more could be asked for? This.

Continue on author! Bring glory to the genre of HiE! My support goes to you!

Is it wrong that I find human slave stories incredibly fascinating?

humanity will be avenged

3922936 now where have I heard that phrase on this site?:unsuresweetie:

3922847 probably religious reasons.

I think that it would be most amusing if someone were to end up punching a train in this fic. :pinkiecrazy:

Er, that is all.

3922847 It may also be because the whole owned like pets is like The Your Human and You stories and people disliked that because of how they see that story as being weak and heavily flawed.

3923196 Nah, imma destroy it all.

You'll wish you were slaves when I'm through with you! Or, well, that's what you'd wish if you weren't all dead.

Whip those nasty hyoomans, my precious ponies!


3923159 How can you read an epilogue before the story is finished?

3922317 How the heck is there even a Mane 6 in this world?

The world structure is so lazy it's painful.

Just throw all the characters in and make them evil slavers.

I would like to point to "The Great Slave King" as a prime example of how to properly craft a darker alternate world and make it feel believable.

3923168 Your not alone. We kinda go from being treated like crap, to being treated like equals.
At least that's what I remember from the original 'Your Human and You' by MadMaxtheBlack.

Kinda reminds me of the civil war. The US was treated like crap till we rose up against our superiors.
In all honesty, that's the best comparison I came up with on the spot.

3923241 I know from warhammer, but I read the exact same phrase in a story...:unsuresweetie:

:pinkiegasp: now I remember! It's from blood, skulls, and friendship

Bloody good story it is that one, very good, just like this one:pinkiehappy:

i love "humanity=slaves to equestrians" stories!! not sure why. but the last one i read was a story called "Chains" and it was amazing. i liked it and i have a feeling i'll like this one! :pinkiehappy:


*Loads Thompson Sub Machine Gun and sets Steel Pot helmet on head* Let's do it! *Fires a burst into the air.*


I heard this music all through the chapter, I can't wait to see the beat down that our lovely angel delivers upon the heathen ponies below! I hope they are subjugated and Celestia and Luna are condemned to death. Then, ironically, are drawn and quartered by their cronies. I will feel slight sadness for Luna, but vengeance must be delivered and reparations must be paid.

......... Seriously? As in, really, people are getting upset because it has religious connotations? WHAT?!?!?!

I feel like this story would make the best game every

I can't help but think that first contact with the ponies went horribly wrong somehow, and that it was the humans fault. Ponies aren't xenophoobic, so something must have happened for Gabrielle to think that. I also get the feeling that the ponies of today don't know much about how humans became their slaves and only Celestia and Luna really know. Meaning that Cypher is going to start kicking pony ass and the poor ponies won't even know what they did wrong. Also, I don't understand how Cypher is going to make a difference, Celestia and Luna already killed countless other Angels, how is one more going to change anything. I'm also curious as to why Celestia and Luna waited three thousand years to send a meteor shower toward the Ark?

This shit right here this is good shit

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