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In the far future of the equine species, the celestial empire was the most powerful authority to ever hold dominion. stretching across the entirety of the galaxy, the celestial empire was the ultimate symbol to the power of the equine race, a towering monument to show for all time that our race could not be stopped. headed by the royal sisters, the imperial empress's Celestia and Luna, the celestial empire was an unstoppable juggernaut, conquering all who would have stood between the equine race and our rightfully deserved dominion over the galaxy. For a time our race created Elysium, a living utopia amongst the stars. Through love, tolerance, and a hefty application of military power, we had become gods.

But like all empires, we sinned.

Corruption and decadence, hedonism and unbridled ambition. slowly but surely these cancers festered within the heart of our empire, rotting away at the foundations of our species. whole worlds began to sway from the path of empire, their vision of a greater good eclipsed by their own greed and spite.

After ten thousand years of watching her empire become nothing but a malignant, bloated tumour, empress Luna declared herself independent, branching off from the path of the empire to form the new lunar republic. entire sectors of the galaxy followed her, declaring that the empire had become corrupt and that newer, purer leadership was needed to bring us back into the light of righteousness. Filled with uncontrollable fury at her sisters brazen and insubordinate action, Celestia in turn declared that those system still under her control where now part of her new realm, the solar empire, and that she would not rest until she had seen Luna pay for her treason.

All that was a thousand years ago, and we've been at war ever since.

Blaze, a synthetic Alicorn created through genetic manipulation, has fought in the war for two hundred and fifty years. This is his story.

Blaze is searching for someone, someone responsible for the deaths of not just his family, but for the death of his entire world. that someone one is princess Cadence, who sided with Luna at the outbreak of the war. Driven by the ghosts of his past and an all consuming need for redemption, Blaze will not rest until he sees Cadence dead for what she has done. He has been searching for two hundred and fifty years, but finally the chance to earn the redemption he so desperately craves has been found.

Tracking Cadence to the republican civic world of Threnor prime, Blaze wastes no time in beginning his hunt for the Alicorn princess. But when his squad is killed upon planet fall and solar empires invasion begins to falter around him, Blaze will have to pull out all the stops to bring Cadence to justice, or die in the attempt


Story theme tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BpKm-A35Io

Blazes theme tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dJHP0brCnI

All pony images sourced from Equestria Daily and Deviantart

All space images sourced from Sins Of The Solar Empire

All other images sourced from google images, all credit goes to the original artists

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