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Fragile please handle with Care =D

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Have tried Slenderman
You have most of what he look like.

Your being a pussy about this. Do you know what the truest, most primal fear is? It is the fear of death. The feeling of staring down a rifle barrel while the person holding the gun looks at you with a twisted, psychotic grin. So go out and put the fear of GOD into these people

Try to think of a scary pet, so you don't feel alone and (obviously) scare people.

Comment posted by Ninjachris01 deleted February 18th
Comment posted by Ninjachris01 deleted February 18th

But what pet would be the scariest but loving? Smile dog maybe?

Now that I realize something, it should be more better to get them at a young age. Because bigger and older they are, the higher cost they are. So if you want to start it from a egg, then you can do that. Me saw the crossover tag and that gave me on what I would choose first. The Whispering Death. It will go on a rampage in a town when it's old enough, so find a place that it can't get in danger. Also, make sure you have the ability to manipulate the clouds (if you are able to) so you can bring it up to the surface in non-tree everomant (spelled that wrong I know) cause of it's weakness.

That will cost a pretty penny. But luckily I am haveing some sort of plan assembled.

A plague doctor mask that, when your wearing it inflicts anyone who looks at it with a disease that gives them nausea makes them parinod, gives them violent tendencys, and makes them bleed from their eyes. The disease will take less effect the further away they are from you, and you collect any fear the infected person causes

Ever watch Doctor who? , physic paper and an amulet that acts as a perception filter, but remember it only works visually not audibly so they can still hear you and get your general location but not exact.

Wow I would have never thought of that. You all are helping more then you know. Keep this up and we might make it through this somehow.

Also a good idea I just had is read the scp foundation site for the spookiest/funniest ideas. Also the best kind of fear is the kind from having your hope burn like a bonfires then sniffed out by a tsunami. Give them an enemy to fight while pretending to be an ally then reveal at the most important monument your deception and watch the hope in their eyes die and be replaced by true terror.

I like the scp idea but I think it's to late for the other idea. From scaring the girl and leaving children in the woods with a broken legged teacher and all.

See what you do is make a magic mask that changes how you look to a realistic level, like a changeling and pretend to be a ‘hero’ sent to stop the masked ‘demon’ and Banda bing bada boom lots of fear.

Eh that sounds like a lot of work, restraint, and rule following. I'll see if I can summon something to do that for me. =P

Fair enough. Also easy way to get fear,I just thought of, scarecrow’s fear toxins easy win just poison the rivers and Wells with it.

Make it magic as well, like attach it to a nightmare heart, a magic entity that creates nightmares, living bad dreams paired with fear toxin creates extra powerful nightmares that make it almost impossible to sleep. Or make it magic absorptive so is doesn’t work, and just make it more potent with each attempt until death by heart attack.

That's a thought but the question is how much will that cost

The heart would probably be 50-100, the toxin 10, the magically absorptive variety 15-20 but the payoff is good for the toxin as long as you leave those keychains around.

I would have to stockpile on the keychains. Plus I would have to hide them around the town.

Where would the heart go so that it effects them but they can't stop it or find it?

I'll have to look into this 🧐

The heart is semi corporeal it can’t be damaged unless you are a daydreamer the best place to hide it it somewhere people fear such as the ‘heart’ of the everfree forest then it just a waiting game as it’s veins spread throughout the forest.

That is a rather good plan but that is pretty much guaranteed that one of the keepers will notice me. So when I have the funds I'll be in the spotlight shortly after. I'll need to be ready.

Another much darker idea would be make a vile of blacklight from prototype and infect yourself with it and make a evolved army to spread fear and dread and death. And removed the need for priorly mentioned mask for deceptions.

But a world destroyer virus would cost a pretty penny so that will be on a later date.

Thank you, and good point so going smaller maybe an omnitrix or a timestop watch. But they are still things that would be in the later game plan.

I'll have to choose one of the ideas soon. I want to have it as a backup for what I'm going to do.

Then I recommend the fear toxin, poison the water and when they try to make magic cure, hit them with the magic absorbing fear toxin making then have that oh no realization and panic about making it worse and keep trying until the test subject(s) die.

Did I ever give an example of how I sound?

Ok last idea of the night, darkrai the nightmare Pokémon, traps people in nightmare comas and would be on the Low hundreds side price wise due to the status of legendary Pokémon. But will have no cure unless they make a deal with you for it, also side note get the power of magic contracts that force all parties to obey their contents under penalty of death/oblivion.

How would I imagine that magic? I need examples but the Pokemon will need a Pokeball to go with it. Can't have it going against me.

For the magic id say either a paper that has that enchantment and fills itself out for the terms of the contract without the signatures or magic ink that does the same to any paper it’s written on or a pen/ quill. For darkrai if you played the Pokémon game they are present in and captured them they bring that specific darkrai With their pokeball So you don’t have to worry about the bond between you because it’s already there.

Smart I'll see what I can do. I just got back and need to chillax for awhile so I'll post what happened soon enough.

How does one care for/raise a whispering death starting from an egg? Does anyone here know.

So reading the wiki the best idea is to build basically a big metal ant farm for it due to a preference to being underground and poor sense of direction and I recommend feeding it things like manticore and other monster meat, and a recommendation they to avoid killing altogether because it means less people are their to be afraid, you must always make it look like their is hope so people will keep trying and fearing failure to win.

And looking further make the metal cast iron it can’t eat that, also avoid bright light because it’s eyes are light sensitive

And you lucked out with this idea the babies have a harder time controlling it digging abilities so wear armor when handling, full body plate would be best

But the good news is you are doing the only path to successfully training one any other way would lead to pain and death, the only way to train one is to raise one. Otherwise it will kill you. So good job 🙂👍

So word of advice look at the how to care for guide on the next living thing you summon because it may save you life.

K oh and here's what happened earlier.

Ok here’s an idea I had, The Book of Legends, a book that is filled with the stories of the greatest hero’s and worst villains, the catch is it is cursed and enchanted, enchanted to never run out of pages and fills itself with every new story that occurs in the world, cursed to never tell the reader the true weakness of the villains within sometimes even tell how to make them stronger instead under the guise of making them weak. make one of these and send to twilight with a note telling which page ‘you’ (fake backstory) is on and have a taunt like catch me if you can sparkle butt. Will definitely be a funny way to introduce yourself in a non formal manner.

Ok here’s another thought if there is no size limit them make a Freddy fasbear’s pizza but a non fatal version like if they loss teleported into a dumpster out back filled with old pizza or something, scary but acceptable because no one is hurt. 🙂

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