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Many questions I don't want to ask, but overall good.

I Love this story.

Try to permit voting system so we can all vote for it.

I love this.
Keep doing what you do it great

will he wake up as his oc? that would be perfect comedy.

Hmm... I may or may not. Me, waking up, and finding myself as my OC?

”Sounds illogical.”

You managed to gain my interest when will the next chapter be out and when will the dragon form be back?

Just found this, and I like

Bit fast paced, didn't really like how twilight just assumes Drago was impersonating spike, that and how she is acting but hey, like the chapter and gonna read abit more

Good chapter, I look forward to reading more of this tomorrow.
Oh and I hope Drago tells them that they have a reputation, that would explain how he knows their names and such

I don't know people quote the author's notes here, but the rp is good. This is great

The story is great. Definitely waiting for the next chapter.

I think this form is better.

Really loved this, look forward to next chapter.

Meh, while his Colt form is fine by me, he's gonna be treated like a Colt, and personally I like dragon more.

I love this story! I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work!

He is having so much fun with this isn't he?


I'm inclined to agree on the colt/dragon situation.

so now the elemets might assume that draco was ran into by harbringer then harbringer was destroyed and draco criticaly injerd and died in the hospital... well that is how it will likly be seen so will twilight and the rest get in troble for essesitaly murdering a child and a bystanderd or does this clasify as good in their books?


Well I believe that Celesta will be a little ticked at Twilight and the others. And I believe that the Dragon Lord will also be a little mad that a dragon was killed by ponies.

I'm just waiting for a moment that works to the effect of, "My name is Legion."

Make a new character in search for the one that just died and soon create a whole story of long loss brothers searching for their missing brothers that seem to always disappear when meeting the six lol


Ooh interesting... but i already got chapters already and i don’t got the story heading that way.

Twilight gon' get an ass whooping from celestia for committing murder

Can't wait for the next chapter.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Could always have that idea as a non canon side story or something

Nice I look forward to that and next chapter, oh and Happy to see you're back bud hope everything is alright


Interesting ~~


Cool and thanks. Everything is great!

Okay, found this was updated, and immediately slamed my face into desk, this chapter personally was just bad, cringy even, don't get me wrong it would be nice to see more robot stories, but WHYY?! It's literally like he's begging to be found and be shot by a rainbow again or something, I Really wish you just made him become a dragon, or even a Changeling or alicorn! But, I will read next chapter already knowing he's still gonna be a 'robot'
PS sorry if I sounded rude or anything, I just really wish you didn't do this, at the very least make him not sound like a damn robot and act like a pony like Belle

“we couldn’t find him but we did find a dragon named Ogard criticaly injured.”

“And?” Celesta asked.

“The dragon died in the hospital.” Celesta nodded.

I actually forgot about this, would have been fun to see him go to ponyville as that Dragon's 'brother' but he's a robot, liked this but still wish he wasn't robot other then that look forward to next chapter..oh and sunbutt punishing Twilight for murder (more like dragonslaughter with the beam 'missing')

Sorry that you didn’t like it. GrUToS isn’t staying for long.

Justice has been served 🚓🚔

Me gustó el episodio

No need to be sorry bud, I just have a weird hate towards people who are trying to hide and blend in but doing it in the worse possible way, still love you're tho

You're welcome bud

Why does it feel like he's depressed? Not really caring much about anything and he was deathly calm when he was falling and well nearly dead, other then that pretty good chapter

Has anybody else noticed that the mane 6 have technically killed 3 children? 1 by Rainbow Lazer cannon, 1 as collateral to the first, and 1 by hurricane brought about by trying to show off, Dash probably won't take that last one very well, and they're all probably still trying to get over the first 2. Chapter 14 is going to be interesting.

Oh this is good but a bit.. fast? I mean the chapter is 1k ish words so there is that anywho, look forward to more

Yes, I know. Feel free to dislike and read a better story.

I would but this is the only story I know if with this kind of concept or atleast that isn't dead since 2014/2015 but aside from that, I recommend you make your chapters atleast 2k words, an editor is always nice

so according to this chapter the mc might be a chaos mage or a higher form of mage and not know it? would explane alot from up to this point and that he/she can harm discord because he/she can just punch through any defence discord puts up.

You need an editor

In a past chapter we found out the MC was a void being, you may wish to reread story

MC is not a void, Black Harbringer was a void

...but MC was Black Harbringer

Yes, but Black Harbringer, Unit 6rU1oS, And ReBliss are all different. Even if they are the same, in the game, ‘Dragon’s Life’ , which is where I got these OC’s, Black Harbringer/Drago is void, 6rU1oS is Electricity or Magic, ReBliss is Magic or gore, And I got one more who is not even from ‘Dragon’s Life’ but from ‘Wolves’s Life 3’, but I wanted her anyway.

I was doing a collab with Shadic Midnight Blitzer, that has the true Harbringer, 6rU1oS, ReBliss, and the last one, but we stopped doing that.

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