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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Twenty-Six: Headaches

You woke up the next morning feeling vigorous and refreshed. Zeal had waking you up with a light gentle tap and a mention of your name. She was already dressed and looked as though he had been awake for quite some time. “Are you as excited as I am?” he asked as he sat parallel from you on his bed.

Today was the day that you and Zeal were going into the forest looking for the artifact that Dodgy Trader was so pressed to find. Excitement wasn't really the emotion that you were feeling right at that moment. It was more of a combination between uncertainty and curiousness. You wondered about the true nature of this artifact and how much power it held. You also wondered that upon finding such artifact would you actually allow it into the hands of mortals if its power is deadly.

Sitting up from the bed you expressed your thoughts to Zeal and wondered where was his place on the matter. He mentioned that at first he didn't even think about the consequences of such an artifact being in someone else's hands. Is pure motivation for taking the job was money and adventure, but after hearing your thoughts on the matter he decided that the two of you needed to be careful in deciding the fate of the artifact. “I like money as much as the next guy, but if that artifact has any sort of ancient power to it its always good to be cautious.” Zeal remarked.

You spent part of the morning preparing yourself by either getting dressed or conversing with your other roommate such as Spike and Twilight. He caught the young spike downstairs in the kitchen making a fresh bowl of gems for you and him to eat for breakfast. For some reason he wasn't really in a talking mood but he remained polite and wished you a good morning. Knowing that not everyone is a morning person you didn't take his rudeness to heart and simply nodded head and went to find Twilight.

You found Twilight in her usual spot reading from a colorful book. You smiled at the fact that she didn't always read large textbooks that either taught magical spells or old history. This book had quite a few pictures in it indicating that must've been for children.

“Good morning Twilight.” You spoke softly not really wanting to disturb her from her book.

“Good morning to you too, Letum. Did you sleep well last night?” Twilight replied.

You gave her a small smirk as you nodded your head. “Yes madam I did.” She returns the smile and wondered if Ponyville was everything to your liking. You expressed a certain happiness towards the town and told her that you couldn't really didn’t any bad points to the town. Due to the fairness of the town it seemed pretty well established and was an ideal place to live.

Twilight smiled warmly. “Trust me you're only saying that now. While Ponyville is by all means a wonderful town. We've been going through a bit of a dry spell around here. Weird things always happen in this town just not recently.” Closing her book, Twilight decided to tell you about a few of her misadventures during the course of her time in town.

She retold her a story from a few years ago which involved the town almost being destroyed due to the pride of the other pony named Trixie who thought that she and Twilight had some sort of rivalry going on about who was the better unicorn. “Trixie lied about how she had defeated an ursa major that was attacking Hoofington. Her biggest “fans” Snips and Snails went into the forest, intending to find an ursa major and lead it back to Ponyville, hoping to see her defeat it.” Twilight sighed but a slow wry smile appear on her face. “Trixie panicked and the Ursa Minor began rampaging through part of the town. Luckily I was nearby and I was able to spell which allowed me to lull the bear with a lullaby. After I made it tired I began soothing it with a gigantic container of cow milk and send it back to its mother.”

You had to admit messing with a creature such as a Ursa Minor was idiotic at the least. They were luck that the mother, The Ursa Major, hadn’t been aware of it’s missing child and came to look for it. If so, Twilight theorized that most of the town would have been destroyed if not all of it.

“How did you know which spell to use to calm the Ursa Minor?” You asked while sitting across from her. “That hardly seems like a spell Celestia would have taught you. It almost has no real value in the world of magic.”

Twilight gave you a knowing smile. “Most ponies feel that way, but I like to think that all knowledge is relevant no matter how irrelevant or crucial it may seem.” You could understand why she thought that way, in fact you supported such a way of thinking. Having a drive for knowledge is always vital if you want to make it somewhere in life.

You informed her that you indeed share her beliefs. She was happy to hear that you did, but you knew more than anyone about the dangers of attaining too much knowledge and you didn't hesitate to inform the young mare that her quest could easily blind and/or corrupt her like so many ponies before.

Suddenly Twilight expression darkened and her tone suggested that she was indeed serious. “I understand the risk of what I learn. I'm no longer a child thinking that the magic and secrets I learn would put me in the graces of the Princess. The things I learn is for the good of all Equestria.”

You silently nodded your head, expressing that you understood what she was saying. However, you did not fully agree. The quest for knowledge leads to a thirst for power and that thirst always leds one thing.

You continue to your cold smile not letting her see your annoyance. “You’re not as different as you think.” You thought to yourself feeling almost sad.

There was an awkward tension between the two of you that neither one of you wanted to admit.

Eventually Spike came into the room with breakfast and slowly the tension began to fade.

Zeal had eventually came downstairs and joined you. You all spent your morning casually chatting with each other, all the while trading funny or interesting stories.

As you shared a few good laughs with your friends you couldn't help but feel a growing pain itch it's away from the depths of your mind. You try not to worry about it, but the consistent nagging sensation was really starting to irritate you.

Zeal had noticed you're agitated state and slightly narrowed his eyes at you. “Are you alright? You're not looking too good.”

You shook your head and inform them that you were having a headache that was growing slightly more painful as two seconds roll by.

Both Spike and Zeal appeared to be rather worried about this. You wanted to tell them that you were alright but the strain on your face gave them no closure. Zeal made a joke about how eating gems for the last few days has probably been the cause of it but you didn't laugh.

Twilight snapped her fingers most likely doing it without realizing that it annoyed you in the process. “I think I have a spell for headaches. What type of headache is it?” She asked.

You explain to her that the pain was around the back of your neck and there was a significant pressure around your temples making you feel as though you couldn't even complete one thought without a pulse of pain interrupting you

Twilight’s horn glowed her traditional color as she tapped your forehead. Her spell delivered the desired result as your headache slowly began to fade away. The pulsing after a few moments of bringing pain each time your heart had happened to produce a beat, had finally started to die down and within five minutes you were fine.

“How are you feeling now?” Twilight asked as she sat back down in her chair.

“I feel better now thanks.” You answered holding back a small sigh.

“Have you been having these headaches recently?” You nodded your head. “Ever since you woke up from being a statue?” You nodded your head once again. “Interesting.”

You figured that she was thinking of some magical spell involved with your headaches. You had a feeling she might be able to find the root of the problem and eliminate it. However, you didn't want her poking around inside your head. there were too many secrets and too much knowledge that you didn't want coming into the light.

You wanted to ask her about this new spell she was probably in the middle of thinking about, but before you can get a word out there was a knock at the door. spikes was the first to get up. you figured he was used to being Twilight's little servant boy so he was the one to open up the door.

He had a smile on his face so you knew that it was somepony he had known. As the pony walked in you realized that it was Dodgy Trader and he still had that same shifty smile on his face.

Author's Note:

I'm still alive.

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