• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Nighteen: Princess Luna And Ladius' Answer To The Mortal Reaper Dilemma

Author's Note:

Sorry you guys, I've been kind of lazy lately, so here's a question. I wanted to know who do you want Letum to start romancing? This something I'm going to ask frequently. So don't hesitate to keep telling me. I'll have the next chapter up tomorrow.

You opened your eyes, as you began to feel an unfamiliar presence coming from beside you. As you turned your head and looked, you were greeted by a friendly looking skull who was wearing a robe. “About time you woke up.” The skeleton said leaning back in his chair.

“Geez, is that how I look to other people? No wonder they all feared me.” You said sitting upward in your bed. “Ladius, right? Or did you change your name?”

The skeleton formed what seemed to be a faint smile. “I’ve been using your name for the past two thousand years. I was surprised, You have many such as Death, The Grim Reaper, The Shepherd, The Second Son, The Farmer, The Protector, The Mighty One, The Dark One, The Shade, I have a lot more if you want me to keep going. How about the Raging Storm, and the-”

“How did you get access to those names?” You asked.

“Hello?” He said tapping his head with his bony finger. “I have access to some of your memories.”

“Oh, ok. That makes totally sense.” You said rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

“Oh yeah? It does, does it?” Ladius said standing up, removing the hood from his skull, revealing a tired worn out face that you had known to be your grandsons. His face didn’t portray rage, just fatigue. Despite being immortal, Ladius looked far more older than you’ve ever seen him look. “Barely two thousand years in and I already wish I was dead.” He chuckled. “But I can’t die. Despite trying to run away from it, I knew I would eventually have to take up the job. It ‘runs’ in the family so to speak.” He said sitting back down and shaking his head.

“So how do you like being the new death?” You asked, causing Ladius to scoff.

“I’m no where near as powerful as you were. I’m just a piece of the real thing thing.” He said letting out a tired sigh.

“A piece of the real thing, huh?”

“Yeah, There are thousands of little concepts that have originated from you.”

“Yeah, I already figured that out. I met a little Grim Reaper fox, who killed Fluttershy’s pet Angel.”

“I’m sure you did. There’s a Death for practically everything now. A Death for Rabbits, Death for Ants, Death for Trees, and a Death for Mortals. Which is my job, and man let me tell you. It is taxing to do this job every second of everyday. I can’t see how you’ve been doing it. So I split the job into sections. Which of course gives me the freedom to do at least one job, while another version does the others.”

“We all had jobs to do." You stated. "I got through mine just as everyone else did.”

Ladius sighed. “Perhaps. I just wish dear old mom gave me more of your power to work with, when she split your soul.”

“She did what?” You yelled out in anger.

“What? You didn’t know? There was a reason why it took you two thousand years to finally heal. You were missing pieces of your soul.” Ladius said watching as you put your cloak on.

“Who the hell gave her the authority to mess with my soul?” You yelled out growing angrier by the seconds.

“You did when you appointed her the responsibility of guiding and monitoring souls. Look dad. I know you're pissed, but what mom did was necessary, your recovery was predicted to take a few centuries. You know the world could not move on, unless death followed after. You were not here to do your job so we created others who could.”

You rubbed your forehead and gave your grandson a sigh. “He is Right brother. Please do not be mad at him. It was for the good of the entire universe.”

You quickly turned around and saw your youngest to Luna who is in the room with you as well. She quickly walk out of the shadows and give you a small wave. "What the... Do you guys just watch me while I sleep or something. Because if you do then that’s creepy as hell."

"You can't be talking. You used to kill people in their sleep." Ladius joke.

“Well I'm not dead am I? So what's your excuse?

Ladius narrowed his eyes. "Touche."

“So Luna? What are you doing here?” You asked.

“The same reason why he's here. We're here to talk about the nature of you getting back your power.” She said walking over to your bed and taking a seat on it.

"What she said. The other deaths have been doing an adequate job killing and harvesting souls, but there's nothing better than the original." Your grandson said shifting in his feet.

"As time passes, my powers begins to come back to me in small bursts. Though not much, it can still add up if I’m given enough time, but I predict it will take at least a few good decades in which I will be at full strength.” You theorized.

Both Luna and Ladius gave each other a stern not before answering you." I don't think we have a few good decades left." Ladius said. This caught your attention a little.

"I agree, if we take in consideration of that prophecy that Delirium was telling us about. I'd say we should be turning all of our attention to helping you recover your power as soon as possible. Do you think you're capable of that?" Luna asked.

You gave a little shrug off the shoulders. "Well we can always going to my domain."

"Your domain? Why would we go back there?” Your grandson asked curious as to why you would say such a thing.

"When I was turned to stone, my Artifacts of Power most likely went back to my sphere of domain, within Purgatory. Meaning all of my power is at home right now sitting there waiting for me."

"Ah, okay that makes sense. We all know where your domain is, but you locked it up so tight that not even mortals could get inside. Only beings that are equal in power or stronger than you can enter into it, unless it is you yourself." Ladius explained.

"Correct, I can open up the pathways for you, but you're the one who's going to have to get my symbols of power back."

"How will he be able to walk into your domain? Since it’s not his?” Luna asked.

"When my mom and me split up his soul. A part of him flew into me. That's why I'm able to control certain aspects of death." Ladius answered. "It's not because I'm his grandson, it's because I literally had to become part of him to do so."

"Yes technically you are just another version of me. My artifacts should react to you just fine, if not a bit painfully.” You said nodding your head. “But be warned, if you try to use my symbols without my consent it would not end well for you.” You said with a certain situations that told your grandson not to toy with you. “They are one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe. Do not mess with them in any way.”

“Relax, you can trust me. I'll be able to-”

Suddenly a knocking came from your door. The two of you pause and waited for the person on the other side to say something. “Letum? are you alright? I thought I heard voice is coming from your room." Spike said from the other side of the door.

Taking a few seconds to open up the door, you greeted Spike with a friendly grin. “I'm ok Spike, I'm just speaking with a friend.”

"A friend? Who? it can't be Zeal he's downstairs with Twilight right now."

You move out of the way and showed spike, Luna and Ladius. "Spike this is Luna, I’m sure you know her as Princess Luna my younger sister and this is my grandson Ladius.

Ladius bowed his head towards spike, while Luna gave him a friendly wave. “Princess Luna and Lord Reaper. It is an honor to see you.” Spike said as he quickly began to bow. You looked back towards Ladius and gave him a look in which he quickly replied too.

“I liked the name.” He shrugged, while taking off his hood, showing his pony like body. " Sorry little man, I forgot to take off the hook. How's that? Better right? I don't like all the formalities, so can you just call me by my real name." Spike nodded his head.

"How did you do that? Was that some type of magic robe?" the young dragons asked.

"Its a copy of Letum's. Not as powerful, but still good nonetheless. It makes me invulnerable to most physical harm."

"While mine blocks basically all forms of physical and magical types of harm, giving me the perfect defense against those who wish to harm me." You added.

"Wow that's pretty neat. What were the three of you talking about, if I may ask."

"Stuff…” Ladius said looking at you.

“Important stuff...” Luna added which caused you to facepalm.

“We were talking about the nature of my immortality.” You said partially answering spikes question.

“So what's the plan then? I'm pretty sure you don't want to stay mortal forever do you?"

"We're are... currently working on it Spike. I need to force my way into my own domain, in order to get my artifacts of power back. This is the symbol of my strength and my being. I need to become a god again.” You explained.

"Hm, that seems easy enough when you explain it. Well if you need any help, you know where to find me, but I don't think Twilight would let me do anything too dangerous.” Spike said turning around and leaving the room.

When you was sure he was gone, you began to speak again. “We’ll talk later okay?” The two of them nodded their head and teleported away. Luna faded into the shadows of your room while, Ladius just simple faded away. “Alright. Things appear to be finally lifting up for me.” You said in high spirits as the thought of gaining your powers back greatly uplifted your spirits.

“But for how long?” The voice in your head giggled. “How long do you think they’ll be on your side?” The voice giggled once more causing you to grip your head in pain. Everytime the voice popped up in your head you would feel a sharp pain, as if a thousand needs were stabbing at your brain. You were good at masking pain, but that didn’t stop it from hurting you.

“I won’t let you get to me.” You groaned. “Not now. Not ever.” You walked past the mirror in your room but stopped upon seeing something different. As you looked into the glass you saw a disoriented version of yourself. The aura that floated off of you was dark and evil. And the mirror version of you had on a sinister grin that held no other emotion other than malice and insanity.

“You said that before, and don’t you remember the consequences? Face it. Without me you’re nothing. You don’t need them. They’ll all just betray you in the end like she did. They will all turn on you and rip you to shreds...but it could all be averted if you just let me out now.” The mirror you said.

“I gave up being you a long time ago. I suppressed you in the deepest and darkest depths of my mind. So why are you here now taunting me as clear as day? What are you trying to tell me? What do you want?” You asked the other version of you.

The the mirror version of you let out the deep sinister chuckle. “The same thing that you want.”

"And what would that be?"

Suddenly the other version of you walk out of the mirror and grab you by the cloak and pulled you closer. Staring deep into it’s eyes that were yours. "I want to live.”

In fear you quickly tried to hit the other you, but the image had disappeared. You jumped back in fear and waited for something to happen, but nothing did. “What the hell is happening to me?” You said now breathing heavily.

In the midst of calming yourself down, you failed to realize that Zeal was listening in on you. He slowly moved away from the door so you wouldn’t see him. “What the hell indeed. Celestia will want to know about this.”