• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Twenty Two: A Dire Choice

“Please…what I ask of you is not what you think.” She said breathing steadily.

“Oh, it’s not? So then pray tell, what are you asking of me?” You said growing agitated by this entire situation.

“What I ask of you is not a longer life, but a release.” She said with a tear forming from her eyes. “I’m so old-”

“Not as old as I am, but old enough. No mortal should have to suffer like this.” You said walking back and forth. "And what of your family? I'm sure they would miss you."

"Oh, I'm sure they would, but I'm also sure they would understand as well. Just tell them why and they will accept it."

"No," You shook your head. "No. They will understand why, but they won't accept it." You said shaking your head. You wanted to just walk out of that door and forget all this nonsense, but something held you back. Perhaps it was your own honor telling you that it would be wrong to do so. You inhaled slightly before sighing. "I will release you." You said watching as a smile kept across her tired aged face.

"Thank you. I am in your dept."

As you were about to touch her, you began to sense a familiar presence enter into the room. A hand appeared from the shadows and grabbed you wrist with a firm grip, urging you to stop to stop what you were doing.

"What do you think you're doing?" The specter said allowing you to realize that it was your own grandson who had entered the room.

He showed a certain fury in which you haven't witnessed in a long time.

You yanked your hand away from his grasps and glared at him as well. "I'm releasing this poor mare from your torment."

"You will not." Ladius said taking a step closer showing that he was going to stand up to you.

"Excuse me? I think your forgetting who your talking too!" You said pushing your grandson to the ground. Despite the obvious power difference between the two of you, Ladius quickly winced at the sign of your anger. "Do not test me, Ladius." You said facing towards Granny Smith who had already closed her eyes and accepted what was about to happen.

"Do you like separating families?" Ladius asked causing you to withdraw your hand away from Granny Smith's body. He watched as your face became one of resentment. You never liked your job but death was necessary. Mortals had to die. Everything has to die.

Death could be both a wonderful and horrible thing. You would know since you personify it's very concept. You bring unwanted change and the feeling of loss and abandonment everywhere you go, but the change that accompanies you could be a verity of things. It could be a change in lifestyle, a change in emotions, bring ponies together or even change a ponies general preference or ideals.

You, however knew how death effected a family and for whatever reason, the apple family would be truly devastated by the loss of Granny Smith. So devastated, that you don't believe they would ever forgive you for it. "No. I don't, but death in necessary. There is no way you can justify yourself for keeping this mortal well past her time." You said furious with what your grandson had done.

"And what would you have done?" Ladius asked. "It's been eons and you haven't even forgave Gaia."

You took a step forward and looked Ladius in the eyes. "You're treading on thin ice child. If I were you, I would choose your next words carefully." You said with a strange calmness in your voice which Ladius nor Granny Smith were expecting. Ladius knew that at this moment he was powerful than you. Even if by a substantial amount, he still knew that crossing you in anyway, shape or form was anything but a good idea.

"Fine, but lets see if you can deal with the fallout of a broken family." He said slowly fading backing in the darkness of the room.

Ladius was right. You weren't an expert when it came to mending broken hearts. When you came to take a soul, you made sure to leave before things got intimate, but now you didn't have the choice to up and leave, but perhaps there was something else you could do.

"I won't kill you. Not now at least. I'll give you more time to spend with her family, but how much time should be enough?"

Author's Note:

The choice: How long do you think Letum should give Granny Smith until she finally kicks the bucket? Days? Weeks? Years?

Sorry it's been so long guys, I lost interest in my stories for a bit due to troubles with family and school, but now I'm back. I was thinking about it and I think I'm going to cut Twilight out of the poll. Not that I don't like the concept, which I do actually. A few people expressed interest in Trixie and immediately I was like Fuck yeah. Not because I'm a big fan of Trixie but because I think it would be a cool character foil and thus challenging to make these two characters fall in love. So I've decided go ahead with The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!!! Sorry you guys. Also I'm going to making up character bio's for the characters so look out for that on my blog. Till next time. Stay frosty my friends!