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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Twenty-Four: Delirium's Garden of Mania

Delirium whispered a cheerful tone as she walked through her maze of a garden. Everything chaotic and irrational existed here. The trees were floating in the air, water flowed upward, the residents sometimes moved backward, cartoon like twisters raged behind the scenes, the very rules of reality were estranged from Deliriums domain.

Despite the chaos that rages here in The Garden of Mania, the residents enjoyed everything thing that happened here. Every last one of them.

The residents of Deliriums domain were all referred to as the Children of Madness. They were called this because majority of the residents were Deliriums own flesh and blood who fell pray to their own insanity, while the others were ponies who accidentally traveled into her domain, something of which she doesn't take kindly too.

As she skipped down the endless pathways. Delirium walked up to one of her neighbors who was rolling on the ground in a deep laughing fit. Just watching this stallion caused her to begin laughing as well. She loved seeing others in a good mood. It made her happy as well. "Whats wrong Sir Gigglysnout? You know I love a good joke."

"Oh, I have no joke madam, I've just happened to forget that I forgot what I've forgotten." Sir Gigglesnout said bursting out into another laughing fit, this time Delirium joining in with him.

Sir Gigglesnout was a vibrant blue stallion with a gold mane and crazy emerald eyes that burned with insanity. Sir Gigglesnout wasn't always his name, his name used to be something normal, but over the countless years that have passed, he had long since stopped trying to figure it out, so he, like everypony else in this place was given one by Delirium. He didn't mind, though, he didn't mind at all.

Finishing her laughing fit, Delirium sat down on the ground next to Sir Gigglesnout. "Hey Gigglesnout, have you seen the new pony around anywhere? I've be looking for him everywhere, but he's stuck to the shadows like Ice cream on a hot summer day...wait...no...that's the wrong expression." She said laying on her back and kicking her feet into the air.

Sir Gigglesnout placed his finger to his lips and brought Delirium closer. "Shhh...It's all hush, hush."

"How hush, hush are we talking about?" Delirium asked putting her her sneaky face.

"Very." Sir Gigglesnout said giggling to himself.

"How about I pay in one joke?" Delirium asked poking him with her elbow.

"Pay me two and I'll tell you."

With a loud POP! Delirium took off her arm and slapped Sir Gigglesnout over the head and popped it back in her socket. "You'll only get one good sir! Now take it or leave it."

Rubbing the back of his head, he sighed. "You drive a hard bargain Mama Bear, but I just looove your jokes! Tell me! Tell me!"

"Ahem!" Delirium said clearing her throat. "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

"Oh! Oh! I know this one. To pay his taxes!"

"Nope! To get to the other side!"

Sir Gigglesnout burst out laughing. "It's so simple it's hilarious." He yelled as tears began to stream from his eyes. "It's still as funny as the first ten times you told it to me."

"Of course, it is. Everything is funny when I tell it." Delirium giggled.

"You've never told a lie. Alright, a deals a deal. The new pony is somewhere where bubbles blow themselves." Sir Gigglesnout snickered.

Delirium slapped her forehead as a result. "That's literally everywhere! Argh!" Delirium pouted. "Can't you give me another hint?"

"Okay, okay. The new pony is located near the reverse fountain."

"Ohhh! I know exactly where he is. Thanks Sir Gigglesnout. May your laughter be ever glorious." Delirium said giving her friend a fake salute and hopping back onto her feet.

The reverse fountain was a strange anomaly in which the water that flows within it is strawberry milk and the milk flows upward. It's usually one of Deliriums favorite places to go. How did she overlook this spot? She would never know.

Quick Thought kneeled over as he tried to catch his breath. How did he ever get in this mess? Probably his lust for knowledge, that could be the reason or maybe it was that gypsy mare who sold him that ancient tome, maybe it was her fault. Quick Thought didn't know anymore. His thoughts didn't feel like his own anymore. What was happening to him or in fact where the hell was he?

Everything was so strange here. The ponies were all mad in one form or another, the geography blended against physics and reality. Things that shouldn't exist did, and things that should exist did as well. This place contradicted itself. Quick Thought was losing his mind here. As he walked through the maze he found himself at the base of a fountain. He didn't even care, he quickly rushed over to it and began to drink. He quickly spitted it out upon figuring out that what he was drinking wasn't water but strawberry milk. "Oh gods, what is this?" Quick Thought whispered.

"All around the devilish maze, the stalker chased the bandit. The stalker thought it was all in fun... BOO!! Goes the Stalker!!!" Delirium said scaring Quick Thought right into the fountain. "Ohh, Do you like it? It's strawberry milk. It's my favorite."

Jumping out of the fountain Quick Thought began to back away from Delirium.

"Oh Celestia! Not You!" Quick Thought yelled.

"Yes, Me! You called for a god, you weren't being specific enough." Delirium pouted. "Or perhaps were you looking for a sexy goddess?"

"Where am I?" Quick Thought demanded.

Delirium shrugged her shoulders. "Even I don't know how to navigate this place. It's always changing, it's so stupid. I got lost looking for you." She said pulling a dandelion flower from out of her ear and sniffing it.

"What do you mean? You live here don't you?"

Delirium shrugged her shoulders again. "Remembering is too hard, but forgetting is so much easier." She said shoving the dandelion into her mouth and taking a huge chop out of it.

"What are you talking about?"

"Or better yet. What are you doing here? This is the domain of those born from insanity. So you must have some form of insanity to trespass correct?" Delirium asked raising an eyebrow.

"My name is-"

"I know what your name is." Delirium said growing increasingly more annoyed. "It's hard not to know you name. Your name is printed all over your mind and it's annoying me. Names are so boring, but I do remember asking you a question. A fairly simple question if I do say so myself." She said letting out a silent yawn, before holding her head in pain. "Ouch." She said as a headache began to form. "Now, let me ask you again. Why are you here?"

"I-I was on a search for madness. No, that's not right. I meant to say knowledge." Quick Thought said shaking his head.

"You had it right the first time. Knowledge is a product of madness, or was madness a product of knowledge? Two halves of the sma e coin, coin wouldn't you say?"

"I suppose."

"Well, I'm afraid to tell you this, but you'll find no knowledge here, only madness. Pure and utter madness."

"Then take me home. I-I don't want to be here!"

There is no leaving this place. Not for you at least. I don't take kindly to those who trespass into my home...Ouch!" She said placing her hand on her head once more.

"Holy Celestia, your Delirium aren't you? The Mad Goddess?"

"Were you expecting someone different?"

"What are you going to do to me?" Quick Thought asked.

Nothing really. You've done it to yourself, I'm sure you can feel it. That alien sensation that's crawling its way into your head. " Delirium smiled, as she place her hands on Quick Thoughts temples, pulling him closer as she spoke. "Madness is like a disease, an incurable one to be exact. Everyone has their tipping point which kick starts their descent into the abyss. Trauma is a great motivator for madness, but I would say the concept of knowledge would be yours." Quick Thought began to hear a strange buzzing within the depths of his head. It was extremely annoying at first, but it quickly became a pleasant and almost blissful feeling. "You came here in search of knowledge, and I shall grant you that wish. Look into my eyes and embrace dementia."

For a moment Quick Thought's mind was empty, almost painfully so, until a rush of information was poured into his brain. All knowledge Delirium deemed accessible was dumped into his tiny mortal mind. Trillions of years worth of information and secrets was sent through him like a jolt of lightning.

As a response Quick Thought tried to scream out in pain but only a small whimper could be heard. His body tried to convulse, but nothing happened. In a split of a second everything was force fed into his mind. Just a tip of what true knowledge she truly possessed, and as a result Quick Thoughts eyes rolled into the back of his head.

He slumped downward to his knees, with his head facing upward and drool leaking from his mouth. Witnessing how truly brain dead he was, Delirium broke into a maniacal chuckle. "Oops! I think I broke him." She said giggling some more.

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