• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Three: A Distant Memory

The Past…
Two Thousand Years ago, Before Discords Betrayal

While you were off on your own little adventure with Celestia and Delirium. Endless and Forever decided to take a trip to the Underworld, which is a gloomy, depressing realm, if only because it is often depicted as being beneath the earth. (The fact that mortals go there after they die might have something to do with it, too.) Still, it isn't evil. It's not Hell. All of the dead come here, whether they were saints, total jackasses, or just those who were kinda so-so in life.

Some of your versions of the Underworld judge the dead and grant them different living standards (or nonliving standards, if you prefer) depending on their conduct in life. In others, there's no real judgment, and life—or whatever—continues much as it did before. Possibly they receive, in due course, a chance to go back to the living, but at the end of the day it all depended on whether or not you wanted them to come back.

It’s original purpose was to be used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked, but later branched off into a part of the underworld and called this part was called Tartarus, in turn, below Typhoon (sky), Gaia (earth), and Oceanus (sea), Tartarus is the place where, souls and other beings are judged after death and where the wicked received punishment. Like other primal entities (such as you and Endless), Tartarus is also a primordial force or deity.

You created Tartarus and shaped the underworld. Throughout time you would often choose many servants to guide the dead to their afterlife. Mortals who would be suspended between the borders of life and death as a form of immortality, to either pay back a debt, to earn your good graces, or just because you asked.

Despite having power over this place it’s not exactly your domain. You can travel to and from Underworld, but it belonged to another god. Her named is Persephone, your eldest daughter, who was created from the unity of you and Gaia, which is another way for saying you had sex with her. She earned your good graces during the War with The Primordial and so you awarded her with the underworld.

Of course she was completely thrilled with this gift and made it into the afterlife it was now. She didn’t really leave the underworld much after you gave it to her. She says it’s because she doesn’t have time for a vacation, but the actually reason she became stuck down there was during a small dispute between Discord and Delirium. She and a few other smaller gods sided with Discord out of fear, but soon found out that the one they should have feared was the one who was actually insane and not faking it.

Unlike the other gods who got fates worse than death, Persephone got off easy. She was locked in the underworld and forced to work nonstop. Judging the nonstop flow of mortal lives, sending them to their afterlife, expanding the underworld to better fit the new residents and whatever else her job requires her to do, has caused her to become tired and overworked.

Despite being second eldest in the pantheon, even you were not stupid enough to incite anger within your little sister. Despite fearing you, she has proved herself many times over than even you should not take her lightly.

It’s been a few thousand years since the little dispute and it’s been speculated that Delirium most likely forgot about the punishment she inflicted on Persephone, if not about her all together. You tried to convince her to let Persephone go, but each time she told you that she didn't know who you were talking about, each time with the same cheerful, childlike expression. So after awhile you just hoped that she eventually remembered on her own, of course she never did.

The two gods slowly walked through a large grey barren wasteland as they headed to one place in particular, Persephone's castle. “How long until we get there? My feet are killing me. They would be bleeding if I could bleed.” Forever said groaning as she walked alongside her older brother.

Endless sighed deeply as he continued to walk forward. “Forever, you’re over six billion years old and yet you still complain as if you just came into being. Now you know why Letum and I never take you seriously.” He said while shaking his head.

“And you’re still the same cold, emotionless bastard from when we were young. But I can’t really complain about your lack of personality, now can I? If I could see the future all the time I would be just as depressing as you are too.” Forever said which incited a rare snarl from her older brother.

“You know there’s a reason why you’re third in charge, little sister. Now wouldn't be the time to find out.” He replied sounding annoyed with his sisters constant bickering.

“We’re not kids anymore, Endless and the fact that you can control time, doesn’t scare me. You could get away with that threat all those years ago but now I’m not as weak.” Forever said before stopping after seeing her brother stop first.

“You hold so much anger, why? Is it because you feel like you hold no power over the others? Do you feel like you’re being outshined by me and Letum? You feel like you’re stuck in our shadow, don’t you? You couldn't beat us in a fight back then, so what makes you think you can beat us right now?” Endless looked at his younger sister and waited for a reply. When he didn’t get one he began to cracked a hollow smile. “That’s what I thought. Now, while you’re busy playing the jealous little sister, who yearns for her peers attention. I'm going to go see If I can actually do something worthwhile.” He said walking away from Forever, leaving her to think about what he said.

“Wait!” She yelled out, causing Endless to stop. “I…I’m just…I’m sorry. Look, I’ll follow you and Letum...for now. Tell me to jump, I’ll jump, tell me to shut up, I’ll shut up, but let me say this. One day I’ll have my turn and you two will be the ones stuck on the sideline.” She said in a threatening tone of voice. Endless slowly turned his head to face her and began to chuckle.

“For as long as you hold even the smallest seed of jealousy in your heart. You will never be stronger than…hm?” Endless trailed off as he began to look past his sister. Forever asked him what was wrong before turning around to see what he was looking at. Behind her was a large gloomy depressing castle which had appeared as if it was there the entire time.

"Was that there the entire time?" Forever said with an astonished look on his face. Endless shook his head no and told her to head towards it. When they walked inside the castle, they saw that it was even more creepy inside than out. The entire place seemed to have been filled with water. Upon entering into the place, there were a few steps that led down into the water which seemed to be everywhere. Forever looked into the water to see what looked souls floating around inside of it.

It was the river of styx. If a regular mortal touched it, they would die. While if a god touches it they develop amnesia. "Whoa, that's awesome. The water it looks...so inviting...Makes me wanna..." Forever slowly bent over and began to reach down with her hand ready to touch the water, but after a few seconds she stopped and quickly looked back up at her brother. "You were just going to let me touch it weren't you?"

"I was going to stop you...eventually."

"You liar. My hand was like a centimeter away from the water. How much closer did i need to get for you to save me?"

"I was going to save you...after you touched it."

"You asshole. I see what type of brother you are." Forever said while taking a few steps away from the water.

"Come now, even you're not that stupid. I knew you weren't going to touch it and if you did...besides even if you were going to touch it. Letum was never going to let me live it down." Endless said. Forever was going to yell at him but stopped upon seeing a boat slowly drift towards them. "It must be for us..." Endless said while getting into the boat.

"Gee, you think?" Forever said following him. When they both got into the boat and sat down, it began to move on it's own. As if someone was steering them. Endless looked behind her to see a tall spectral being with a bony like appearance.

"Lady Persephone...is expecting you." The man said in a dark cold emotionless voice. He didn't look at them but it was obvious that he was talking to them. The thirty minute trip to her was mostly spent in silence. Every so often the boat would bump into something with would cause the boat shake a little. The response to this was the two gods holding onto the boat for dear life. All it took was one little drop and you instantly forget your name. These two weren't going to take any chances.

Upon finally entering into a large room they see a lone woman walking on top of the water, who seemed to have been yelling at no one in particular. "You shut your mouth, Boris! I don't take orders from you! Yeah, I know we're stuck here, it wasn't my fault she was wrong! How was I suppose to know she was going overreact like the bratty child she was?! No, Your stupid!" She yelling, seeming growing tired with her invisible friend's constant bickering.

"...Is she...talking to herself?" Forever said whispering to her brother.

"I wouldn't been surprised. She hasn't had a rest in over several thousand years. Can you truly blame her for making up false companions to talk with? She probably has seen another god in who knows when." Endless said feeling sorry for her.

Persephone stopped talking and slowly turned around and looked at her aunt and uncle. Her original enraged expression changed to a more happy one. "Well, if it isn't my favorite uncle and aunt, Endless and what's-her-name." Persephone said while slowly walking towards them.

"Hey! My name's-"

"I know your name, I just don't care for it! So tell me, what do I owe the pleasure of this unwanted visit? What are you doing sneaking into my domain." She said stopping only a few seconds away from the boat. Her expression was tired and stressed. The rumors really was true, Delirium had truly forgot about the punishment she inflicted upon her niece. Persephone was wearing a longer black dress and held a large sinister scepter in her hand.

"It's hardly sneaking, if you leave it open for us to walk right in." Forever said.

"Be that as it may. Just because the door is open you don't just waltz right in as if you own the place. Learn to have a little respect!" Persephone yelled. She then stopped and began to rub her forehead. "You're here to check on the gate to Tartarus aren't you?"

"Yeah, will you let us see it?" Forever asked.


"Excuse me?" Endless added.

"I said no. I've been trapped in this shithole for thousands of years and neither one of you assholes came to visit me." She said turning her back on the two.

"What the hell? You're mad just because we didn't visit you? What are you? Five hundred years old?" Forever snapped.

"I agree with Forever. That seems likes like a childish reason for not letting us see the gate." Endless stated.

"I don't give two shits about you not coming to see me. I'm talking about why didn't you free me?"

"Because we're not stupid. Delirium told us not to let you go, and that's exactly what we're doing. Delirium is nice most of the time, but beware the nice ones. I don't want to wake up chained to a mountain, with a bird eating my liver, just because i helped you. She actually threaten to chain me up to a mountain, once. I kid you not."

"Then I guess we have nothing more to talk about." Persephone said while turning her back to them and walking away.

"Wait!" Endless said. ""We don't have time for this. If we let you out will you promise to let us go and check out the gate."

"But of course. Now hurry up." Endless snapped his fingers and waited for a few seconds. Unseen to them at first, the chains that were on Persephone flashed a briefly and broke off of her. ""Haha! Yes, I'm free! I'm finally free!" She said practically dancing around in a little girl. After a few quick seconds of gleefully dancing she stopped and looked at the two of them, "Well come on. Get out of the boat. The water in here won't affect you."

Reluctant at first Forever slowly began to step out of the boat but was pulled back in by Endless. "She's lying." He said to Forever.

"Awww, I almost got you. I can't tell you how many mortals died and how many gods forgot their name just because they fell into the river. It's actually a pretty hilarious thing to see." She said chuckling to herself as she remembered the all the times it's happened.

"And you were just going to let me fall in? No wonder Delirium locked your ass up. Let's hurry up and check out that gate and get out of here." Forever yelled.


You opened your eyes and realized that not much time had past since your little talk with Celestia and Luna. You let a small yawn and stood up from the bed. You walked towards the window and began to look out of it. The world didn't deem to have had advanced much in the span of two thousand years. This however was a good thing. That would mean that you didn't have to work very hard to adapt to the changes in society. It was getting dark outside. The sun was still high in the sky but it was still slowly setting. After briefly looking outside of the window you quickly left room only to be greeted by two well armored guards.

"Good afternoon, Milord. Princess Celestia is in the throne room, while Princess Luna is in her room. Both of them have requested to see you." Of the guards said. "Which one would like to head to first?" The guard asked.

You thought about it for a second and decided to choose which sister you should go and visit.

Author's Note:

I decided to do a little branching off right here. Which sister do you want to go and talk too? Whichever one you choose will boost your relationship with them, like that of a role playing game. The one you go and see first will be happy that you came to talk to her first while the other will be a little disappointed.

Also feel free to post which character should be the love interest on this poll I made: http://poll.pollcode.com/21892476

You'll see in the poll that I put some extra words beside their names like Twilight Sparkle- Booknerd/Inexperienced Goddess, this shows what will be the main or partial theme when during this romantic route. So for Fluttershy, Letum would be dealing with Fluttershy's shyness and her love for animals.
Here are the ones I didn't finish.
Roseluck: The Gardener/Troubled Soul
Trixie: The "Redeemed" Show Mare
Lyra: The Musical Archeologist
Maud Pie: Deapan Snarker/Troubled Soul
Princess Luna: Younger Sister Complex/Desire to be Wanted
Zeal: The Mortal Bodyguard/Family Issues
Octavia: Deadpan Snarker/Musical Prodigy/Troubled Soul
Sunset Shimmer: "Redeemed" Magical Prodigy/Pride
Queen Chrysalis: The Fallen Queen/Desire to be Loved
Delirium: Oblivious to Love/Clingy
I also put Trixie twice, my bad.