• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Five: Past One- Death Vs Sky

*Some of the flashbacks aren’t going to be in order anymore, so some things probably won’t make sense, until you piece everything together.*

2000 years ago, After the betrayal of Discord, before the end of the war

Discord’s corruption seemed too had hit the gods a lot harder that you or other siblings had originally thought. In the beginning of the war it was easy to take down a regular god that was begin controlled by Discord, they were sloppy fighters and held no real power that could do any real damage to you. So, it became a real problem when Discord managed to corrupt a few of your own siblings and turn them against you. The first was Typhoon, it was suspected that he had joined up with Discord, but you soon found out that Discord had corrupted him.

It didn’t take long until Endless told you to meet with Typhoon and snap him out of whatever spell Discord had him under. The two of you confronted with Typhoon in order to learn why he was using the weather to kill innocents for no reason. The three of you met in what would now be Appleloosa, but at the time it was just a large forest that was home to hundreds of animals and other tribal communities.

Upon entering into the area, you saw that everything was now desolated, the only thing that showed that there was a forest here were the now broken trees that were littered everywhere. The entire place had the combined smell of death, burnt wood and flesh. There were several powerful tornadoes swirling off in the distance which were destroying what looked like a small settlement. If you were a little earlier you could have saved them, but there were already dead.

You looked up in the air to see Typhoon, who was already aware that you had entered into the area. He looked down on you with a confident smirk on his face. “Letum, it’s so good of you to come!” He yelled as a crackle of lightning flashed down nearby.

“Typhoon, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” You yelled back at him.

“I’m making my mark on this world! I’m sick and tired of following these mortals’ orders. When they want it to rain they come to me. When they want it to be hot, they tell me to do it! Well, I’m sick of it!” He yelled at you with anger rising in his voice. He slowly descended towards the ground in order to talk to you face to face. You waited for him to fully touch the ground until you began talking again.

“It’s not an order, it’s a request! They’re asking us to do these things for them! They can’t do it themselves! That’s why we do it for them!” You yelled back at him.

“Shut up! Discord was right, he said that you would come to stop me! From now on, I follow my own orders!”

“You idiot! You've been talking to Discord!?” You asked seemingly shocked and angered by this revelation. “Ah shit, you haven’t turned traitor, you've been corrupted!” You yelled back at him.

Typhoon eased up and began to shake his head. “No, he didn’t corrupt me. He opened my eyes. He told me that we could make an ideal world where the gods could rule over the mortals, rather than watch over them as their idiotic protectors.” He said to you looking as if he truly believed that what Discord told him was the truth.

“And you think that I’m just going to let you do this? Your a fool if you think so.”

“I don’t care what you think. This is going to happen, brother whether you want it to or not.” He said while in a quick burst of speed, he quickly punched you in the chest before you could react, causing you be thrown back away from him. Your body dragged across the ground for a few quick seconds before you slowly came to a complete stop. “Get ready to be dethroned.” He said while breaking into a powered sprint. His body quickly turned into lightning as he charged at you.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself Typhoon.” You said instantly jumping back up to your feet and began to charge him as well in shadowy like form that quickly covered your whole body.

The two of you almost instantly collided with each other which caused a large shock wave. The resulting force behind the shock wave uprooted the ground, sending shards of rocks and dust blasting out in all directions. The two of you flew back as you cancelled each other out. You found yourself smashed into the ground, while Typhoon flew into the air. You quickly bounce back up to your feet again and jumped into the air towards him, punching him back towards the ground before he could properly recover.

He quickly crashed into the ground, engraving his body underneath dirt and stone. As he tried pull to himself out of the hole you, quickly landed on him causing more rubble to uproot. You grabbed his neck with your left hand, holding him in place and then began to repeatedly punched him in the face with your right. He tried to get you off of him by using sheer physical strength, but couldn't as he found himself pinned underneath you, so he decided to use a different method.

His eyes quickly began to light up a golden yellow, as you punched his face. He then began to yell as a discharge of electricity began to shoot from his eyes, striking you in chest, causing you to take a step back away from him. He quickly tried to get up and jump away but you quickly grabbed his leg and began to slam him back and forth on the ground as if he was a rag doll. On the fourth slam, you jumped up in the air and used both of your hands to body slam him into the ground. You then kicked him in the chest causing him to grind through the ground and break into the air but you quickly teleported along with him and punched him back into the ground. You gently landed back down onto the ground and watched as Typhoon slowly stood back up breathing heavily at you.

“What was that about me being dethroned?” You mocked while slowly walked towards him. The sound of thunder in the distinct told you that he was about to try something.

Your assumption was right on the money as he summoned lightning into his hands. He quickly redirected the lightning bolt at you, but you moved your shoulder out of the way and charged him, but instantly summoned another lightning bolt and strikes it across your body sending you backwards landing you onto your back. He then begins to levitate into the air and begins summon a lightning bolt that gave off a certain power that made you shudder a bit as you pulled yourself to your feet. “Don’t you do it!” You yelled as you figured out what his next move was going to be.

He had decided to use his artifact on you, as in The Master Bolt, the artifact that Typhoon uses to control all the lightning in the world, while it may not seem as powerful as all the other artifacts, such as Endless' hourglass, which controls time or Celestia's orb, which can blow up or create suns, it’s still painful to get hit by. As he hovered over you the sound of thousands of lighting bolts crackling at the same time began to deafen you as you tried to shield your eyes from the light, blinding you. After a few seconds of charging it, Typhoon quickly threw it at you, before you react everything became bright white, even when you closed your eyes you couldn't shield away from it, which was soon followed by immense pain.

The pain caused you to quickly jolt awake, making you realize that you were dreaming and that you were safe. “Relax, you were just dreaming.” The unicorn in front of you said without looking up from the window.

Author's Note:

Here we go, sorry I had a little lack of inspiration lately. Here's a little piece from your past, a fight between you and your younger brother Typhoon, God of the Sky