• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Seven: A Dream and Breakfast

For a house that was filled with books you had to admit, the place was pretty well taken care of. You and Zeal watched as a small purple and green teenager dragon had appeared from out of the kitchen.

“Welcome back, Twilight.” Spike said with a large smile on his face as walked into the room. The smile slowly faded in to a look of concern as he looked at you. “Hi. I’m Spike.” Zeal gave him a small nod and watched as you gave him a small wave.

“I’m Letum and this here is my bodyguard Dawning Zeal.” You said greeting the kid. You were pretty used to people knowing who you were. It was rare that you needed to introduce yourself, so it didn’t really feel natural. You looked closer at the little dragon and saw something that looked familiar about him, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

Twilight led you and Zeal into the next room which appeared to be the living room. She gave you the signal to that you two could sit down. Twilight seemed to be fascinated by the fact that you were basically the god that was willing to tell her about how society was a few thousand years ago. The answer to that question was very primitive.

She kept you in that living room for hours as you told her old stories that should have already been in the history books, but judging by her expression you could tell that most knowledge had been lost. Neither Spike nor Zeal looked like the type to have been interested in history but they proved you wrong when they began to ask you a few questions as well.

“Were there any dragons back then?” Spike asked sounding enthusiastic about hearing your answer.

The question kind of struck you a bit. You would have thought that he should know that dragons are one of the longest living species still alive and have been around a lot longer than two thousand years. “Yeah they were.” You said chuckling as you tried to remember exactly how long dragons have actually been around. “If I’m correct, dragons have been around for a good two million years and from the look of it are still kicking today.” Spike nodded eagerly as he confirmed your statement. “Good, dragons were always one of my favorite races.” You said nodding your head to nopony in particular. You wouldn't be surprised if you actually ended up meeting some old dragon friends of yours.

Most of Spikes questions were directed towards dragons. Such as how many dragons lived back then(enough), were they hostile or friendly to ponies(most of the time), what did they eat(meat and gems), did they have their own kingdom(yes), stuff like that. Of course you answered his questions to the best of his ability, but you were pretty sure that there was not much to tell that he didn’t already know of.

Most of Zeals questions were more military like in nature. “Was there much war back then?” He asked.

This was a simple question with a simple answer. “No, there wasn’t...Well, they’re shouldn’t have been. You didn’t really have much to fight over when you were provided with almost everything you ever wanted.” You said in an emotionless tone, which caused an uneasy feeling to enter into the room.

You had no problem talking about how things were back in the day, but you decided to avoid talking about the war, as the wounds were still fresh. So you decided to tell them about how mortals acted back then as well as the gods. Some of the races though got advance enough to actually cause genocide upon each other. You were glad to know that these equestrians weren’t as stupid as those who came before them.

Eventually the questions had to stop as you began to become tired. This little history lesson would have to wait. After figuring out that you’re a mortal you found yourself becoming increasingly tired, having to sleep, eat and use the bathroom was annoying. By the time you told Twilight that you were tired it was already two O’clock in the morning. Spike being the youngest in the room he had long since fallen asleep.

Twilight woke up the young dragon and walked him to his bed, before leading you to your new room.

The room was relatively big. You assumed that this room was the guest room. It had two beds already made and everything. You didn’t really like the fact that you had to sleep in the same room with someone else but at this moment, beggars can’t be choosers. The bed was as comfortable as it looked and the feeling of having someone else sleeping in the same room as you quickly subsided as you soon fell asleep and drifted off into dreamland.

You were expecting to drift into distant memories like you always did but this time something felt different. You were having one of those dreams where you could actually feel what was going on around you, rare, but unique. This one however seemed to be forced rather than just happening randomly.

This place held untold arcane beauty. You could practically feel the magic admitting itself from the magical runes that floated about almost everywhere. You knew exactly what this place was and what it represented, but for your sake you decided not to think about it.

“So this how your mind looks. It’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Strange, but impressive.” A familiar voice said coming from nearby. You watched as the person revealed himself. You had no doubt about whom it was.

“Luna, may I ask why are you here?” You asked in a seemingly uninterested tone. Luna let out a small chuckle as she walked more into your view and began to admire the view.

“I’m the mistress of dreams. I can come and go as I please. You should already know that, brother.”

“Yeah I know that, yet the fact remains that I don't care. Did you see anything?” You asked folding your arms in a serious manner, as you hated when people enter into your mind and dreams without your permission. You always disliked gods that used their powers to peer into your mind while you were sleeping. You found it annoying that there was a chance that a god would worm his or her way into your head and try to steal your most precious secrets. You’ve spent thousands of years making your mind impossible, hiding each and every dark secret in impregnable labyrinth that no one can break through except for you and those that you allow.

“Come on, you keep your memories and secrets so tightly locked that not even the god of dreams himself can see them without your consent.” She said looking back at you with her cyan colored eyes. You took a moment look at Luna. You found it weird that despite being older than most life, that Luna and Delirium chose a much younger appearance to present themselves with rather than an older one.

Delirium loved to choose forms that were in the range between eight years old to sixteen, while Luna choose to look like she was either in her teens or if she was in her late twenties. Most of the other gods liked to choose more intimidating and older appearances. Right now in your mortal form you looked to be in your late teens to early twenties, but this was going to change later when you got your power back.

You let out a small sigh as you reminded her to stay out of your memories. Just because she can’t get into your memories doesn’t mean she won’t try.You know what they say curiosity killed the cat. You had no problem leaving her to wander in your chasm of a mind, foe an indefinite amount of time. “Alright I get it. Geez, I don’t see what’s the big problem is, we’re about the same age and I pretty much know as much as you do.” She said throwing her hands up in defeat.

“Luna, for starters, I’m almost twice if not three times as old as you are. Endless didn’t start keeping track of time until after Discord was born. I’ve seen and done things that would make even the oldest of gods go mad with revelation. So don’t compare my age to yours.” You said shaking your head. “Let’s just change the subject. How are you? What do I owe the pleasure of you visiting me in my dreams for?” You asked giving her a fake bow.

“Please do not mock me, brother. You know how much I hate being made fun of. I’m only here on request from Celestia. She wants to know how you’re doing.”

You let out a long exaggerated sigh and began to shake your head again. “I haven’t even been gone for an entire day and she’s already worried about my safety. Just tell her that I’m doing fine. Glad to know that you only came to talk to me because Celestia told you too.” You joked.

“Oh, be quiet. I also wanted to know how you were doing; it’s just that Celestia’s request gave me a reason to come.”

“Hmph, even after two thousand years of absence I’m still loved.”

“Oh, you’ll always be loved brother. Do not think that just because you’ve been gone for to millennium that our feelings about you were going to change.” Luna said in almost motherly tone, which was actually rare for her.

“Glad to hear it.” You put on a small smile and began to rub the back of your neck. “So tell me. Is that all you have to say or is there anything else you want to talk about?” You asked, watching as she placed herself into her thinking pose, acting as if she was really thinking about something.

“As much as I would love to stand here and chat about old times, but alas I can’t.”

“Whys that?” You asked.

“Morning is almost here and it’s about time Celestia takes reign, plus I need some rest.”

You gave her a short nod as you began to feel it as well, morning was almost upon you, so after another small little chat about seemingly non-important things Luna left you, allowing you to wake up to be greeted by Celestia’s bright flaming ball of fire, other wise known as the sun.

As you rose from your new bed you saw that Zeal had already left. His bed was already empty and neatly made, as opposed to yours which was nearly a mess.

After a few quick seconds, spent making up your bed, you put on your robe and began to head downstairs towards the living room where you were greeted by Spike, who was chowing down on whatever food he was eating at the time, which caused you to stop. “Hey, Spike. What are you eating?” You asked walking into the kitchen.

Spike shoved what looked like colorful rocks into his mouth. He took a few seconds to collect his words as he began to lick his fingers. “Mmph, I’m eat, mph, some gems. You want some?” He said tossing you a bright green gem, that looked like an emerald. You took a few seconds to think about the choice of eating a rock, but judging by how a god can eat practically anything they want, you decided to try it.

“Never ate a rock before…” You thought while shrugging your shoulders as you took a bite out of the small gem. At first you expected your teeth to crack at the attempt of trying to bite an inedible object but you, as well as Spike were surprised upon seeing your teeth actually sink through. With a large crunch, you took a bite out of the gem and began to chew on it. You were even more shocked to fine out that the emerald actually had a taste to it. Suddenly an age old question had been finally solved. If a dragon can eat gems, then what does gems taste like if someone else tried to eat it? That answer is really not that different.

You took another bite out of the emerald in order to confirm the taste. It was exactly what you thought it tasted like. It was green apple flavored, weird, but still tasty as hell. Seeing the expression on your face Spike grabbed another gem from his bowl and tossed it to you. “Good right? Here, have another one.” You caught this gem and began to look at it. The color of this gemstone was purplish making you think that it was an amethyst stone.

You took another bite and found that this one was grape flavored. “Wow, I would have never expected eat a gem to actually find out that there’s a taste behind it.” You said finishing the grape flavored gem.

Spike nodded his head furiously. “Finally, I gave Twilight a lick, but she told me that it didn’t taste like anything.” He said throwing another gem into the air and catching it with his tongue. He then slid his bowl to you. “You want some more?”

You shook your head no and slid the bowl back to him. “Generous offer, but nah I think I’m good.” You found it strange that your appetite hasn’t been as large as was supposed too be. You could eat an apple and be done for the entire day.

Spike shrugged his shoulders as he resumed gobbling down his breakfast. “Suit yourself.”

You waited for Spike to finish his breakfast before striking up another conversation with him. You followed Spike into the library section of the house and watched him take a look at a few of the books that was stacked up on the floor. You noticed that the entire time that you’ve been awake that you haven’t seen Twilight nor Zeal. So you decided to see if Spike would know.

“Yeah, Twilight’s on an errand for Fluttershy and your buddy Zeal said that he was going to take a walk around town.” Spike mentioned as he picked up a book and looked at it for a few seconds as if he was scanning it. He then shook his head and threw it back into a pile full of other books. You offered to help search for whatever book he was looking for, but he politely refused, telling you that you didn’t have too.

“Hmm, I see… I should probably-” The sound of a door slamming open stopped you from finishing your sentence.

“HEY, TWILIGHT!! Are you home?!” A female voice said coming from behind you. As both you and Spike turned around to see who was at the door, you couldn’t even see who it was before you felt a sharp pain pierce through your head, knocking you unconscious as you fell to the floor.