• Published 24th Jul 2013
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Gods Among Us - Gravitiaxis

You are an ancient god who dates back to times of the beginning. However you have been lost to time due a major wound that you had gotten a long time ago, turned you into stone. A few thousand years have pasted and you're now reintroduced to the

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Chapter Twelve: Pinkies Grandmother

“Grandma!” Pinkie said quickly rushing over to Delirium giving her, one of her infamous Pinkie Pie hugs. Delirium in turn gave Pinkie one of her own. The two gave each other the greatest of family embraces as you and Twilight just looked at each other.

“Grandma?” Twilight said as she looked back at your little sister sharing an intimate moment. Neither one of you had known that Pinkie Pie was in anyway a descendant of a nigh-invincible mad goddess. Sure you had your suspicions, but you never really took them seriously. From as much as you known her Pinkie seemed to be the crazy happy type of pony, while Delirium was…well crazy insane. How she was able to have a grandchild like Pinkie was a mystery to you.

Delirium let go of Pinkie but held onto her shoulders with both her hands. “Tell me the truth Diane; have you still been spreading happiness and joy like I told you too?” She asked in an almost motherly tone of voice. It’s been eons since you’ve last heard her speak like that, like back when she was still Delight. She lost that version of her for a more childish version.

Pinkie Pie gave her grandmother a vigorous nod. “Uh huh! I’ve done exactly what you’ve told me to do. I’m not the element of laughter for nothing.” Pinkie said giving Delirium a wink, who proceeded to hug her one more time.

“That’s my girl.” Delirium said holding onto her like only a mother would. She let go once more while looking at Twilight.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce you. Granny Pie this is my best friend Twilight. She’s a Princess. And this is Letum. He’s the God of the Dead.”

Delirium tapped her chin for a moment in thought. “No Pinkie, he’s the god of Death. There’s a difference.” She corrected,

“There is? Wait a minute. Have you two met?”

“I’m acquaintances with Miss Princess over there, but my relationship goes far deeper with him.” She said making that sound a little more dirty…than it should have been.

“Oooh, Are you too lovers?” Pinkie Pie said bouncing around you.

“No, I met Twilight at her coronation and Letum here is my older brother.” She said giving you a warm smile.

Pinkie Pie face palmed as she realized that she forgot about the stories that Delirium used to tell her back from when she was younger. “Oh Duh. How silly of me…WAIT! That would mean that you’re my Grand Uncle.” She said facing you with a certain kid like shine to her eyes, as she seemed to marvel at the thought that you and her were related which you technically weren’t. You tried to tell her that but she quickly interrupted you. “That means you owe me twenty one birthday presents.” She said stopping at the thought of receiving that many presents. You were about to tell her that you don’t owe her anything but you decided against it.

“Um, It’s an honor to see you again Madam Delirium.” Twilight said giving her a small bow.

Delirium looked at for a few seconds before tilting her head in confusion. “Who are you again?” She said causing both you and Twilight to let out an almost silent groan.

“N-never mind…” Twilight said holding her head down low. She held it back up with a face of confusion upon hearing Delirium’s laughter.

“You should see your face. It’s hilarious. Of course I didn’t forget who you were. Your Celestia’s most prized student, she almost always talks about you.” Upon hearing this Twilights face almost lit up with joy.

“I’m glad that you still remember who I am Madam Delirium.” She said bowing once more.

“Oh don’t worry I’ll forget all about you until Celestia reminds me again.” Delirium said letting out a pretty loud laugh, but as quickly as she began, she quickly stopped and turned a seemingly absent gaze to you, effectively sending a chill down your spin. “but enough about that. I’m actually here to talk to Letum.” She said pointing at you in a serious matter.

“What about?” Twilight asked.

“Grown up stuff.”

“I’m grown. I’m twenty two years old.”

“No offense Twilight, but compared to how old we are your twenty years are anything but seconds to us.” You said passing her a glance.

“I’d like to speak with Letum…alone.”

“Oh, okay. Come on Pinkie we’ll go into the next room.”


“No that’s okay. You won’t have to leave.”

“If not then how are you supposed to-”At the snap of her fingers everything except you and Delirium. You looked around to see that both Twilight and Pinkie had been perfectly frozen in whatever last second pose that they were just in. Pinkie had made a weird face just before she was frozen. She seemed to had timed it perfectly right before the snap. Twilight had been caught in mid sentence and mid blink, so her face looked kind of drunken and slurred.

“It seems that even after two thousand years, time seems to be it’s been kind to you Delirium.”

“Always, but I can’t say the same to you. What’s up with the fleashyness.” She said walking over to you and giving you a few pokes in your arm, which to her would feel like a small tickle but to you it would felt like someone was punching you. So you quickly grabbed her hand after the second poke. “Are you mortal?”

You saw that she had a look of concern on her face. “You can say that. Why does that scare you?”

“Did you do it to yourself… or-”

“No I didn’t. It’s just a side effect of only half dying. I’ll recover my strength sooner or later.” You said giving her a reassuring smile.

“Oh…That sucks. We’d all prefer if you gain it sooner.”

“Yeah I understand how you feel, but from what I’ve seen about this time period, it seems to be an age of peace. Everyone’s walking around as if they don’t have a trouble in the world. It’s much better than how things were before the war. They’re actually happy.” You said pointing towards Pinkie Pie and Twilight. You circled around them and began to look at them. Delirium nodded her head in agreement but in mid way stopped herself.

“No. You could hardly say that this is an age of peace. There’s been too many things that have been happening lately. The Whole Nightmare Moon fiasco, Discord returning, and that changeling attack on Cantorlot-”

“Whoa hold up. Changling attack? The changelings attacked Cantorlot. Who were they led by?”

“Queen Chrysalis.”

“She’s still alive?” You asked flabbergasted at the fact that Chrysalis has been alive for over two thousand years.

You had known a mare named Chrysalis from along time ago. She was the first ruler of the Changelings, your patron race. Every god had a race that they favored, while you enjoyed all mortal races, the changelings were the only ones that chose you as their patron god, so you were the one who blessed them with longevity. Regular Changelings can live to be up two hundred years old, while the queens can live for five hundred. Reason behind this is because they don’t need regular food to sustain them. Since they feed off the love of others and receives nutrients from that, their body doesn’t age like all the other races.

Delirium shook her head and told you that she has passed the name down through her daughters. “The Chrysalis that you had known off has long since been dead.”

You nodded your head as you began to understand. “So why did the Changeling attack Cantorlot? I thought they were supposed to be at peace with the other races.”

“Peace can only last for so long, brother.” You nodded your head as you agreed with her. There was a small awkward silence between the two of you, but Delirium quickly broke it. “So how does it feel being mortal? You know having to used the bathroom, eat, sleep and all that boring stuff?” Delirium said poking you again.

“It’s repetitive, but I can’t say it’s all bad.” You said shrugging your shoulders. You watched as Delirium nodded her head enthusiastically as she agreed with you. Despite it being great to see your younger sister again you couldn’t help but feel as something was wrong with her. She seemed to have had something on her mind, but she seemed conflicted upon whether or not she wanted to tell you about it. “Delirium I need to ask you something…”

She looked at you with a questioning look before telling your go ahead. “I’ve got the feeling that you didn’t really come here just to say hi to me. There another reason you came here isn’t it?” You asked while watching as Delirium let out a huge serious sigh.

“I can never get anything past you can I? How did you know?”

“I can see it in your eyes.” You said messing up her hair. “Now tell me what’s on your mind?”

“It’s nothing really, I’m just…Ok I’m lying. I made a visit to The Keeper not to long ago and she told me about two prophecies that with soon come to pass.” Delirium said looking downhearted about whatever the prophecy was. You told her not to worry about and asked her to explain what the prophecies were. “She didn’t really explain anything. She just told me to ask you about it.” She said looking up at you with those crazy childish eyes that have come to enjoy seeing.

“A prophecy that I know about?” You didn’t like the sound of that. Delirium looked deep into your eyes for a few seconds before telling you what it was. “She named one of the prophecies The Return of Strife; I had no trouble figuring out what that one means, the second one though…I have no clue what is to be foretold and neither does The Keeper… Brother, what do you know about The Fall of the Second?”

Author's Note:

Sorry I haven't posted up a chapter in a while. I've been focusing with school...that and I frickin lost all of my notes on the story. So I have to rethink/write all my stuff back over again.

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