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World of Ponies: The Rise of Change. - ShadowWalking18

When a human is brought from his world to Equestria, he must survive a world where humans are kept either in zoos or pets. All while the world around him begins to change, with him at the center of it all.

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Arrival: Bunnies from Hell

Castus tapped his head with his pencil as he looked over at the report before him. He silently sighed as he lifted his pepsi bottle to his lips and finished off the rest of the sugary caffeine. He then tossed the empty bottle over into the recycling bin before returning to the papers before him on his desk.

He had been working on this historical anthropological paper for class since Tuesday, it was now Thursday. It was part of a project, going over the fossil record and shaping culture of human evolution from H. Erectus to H. Heidelbergensis all the way to H. Sapien.

'No one said this would be easy.' He thought as he set his pencil down and decided to peel his eyes away from cursive lettering and stare at something moving before he had to wear a thick pair of glasses. The paper wasn't due for awhile yet, he could take a break.

Castus rubbed at his eyes as he went to the living room of his apartment and flopped down onto the couch. He flipped the t.v. on and stared at screen as history channel played one of its reality shows. He shook his head and thought, 'What ever happened to educational shows on a channel originally dedicated to history?'

As he watched the show, his cell vibrated and Castus pulled it from his pocket to see he had received a text from his friend Steven.

Yo! Heading to see a movie. You want to come along? The text read.

Castus thought on it for a moment, and decided that it might be alright to get his brain refreshed with some social activity and he answered back.

Sure. Where you at? Will meet you there.

A few moments passed when an answer came.

Cool! Meet at the east side parking lot for the campus. See you there.

With all said and done, Castus put his phone back into his pocket before getting up and grabbing his wallet and a pair of sun glasses. As he headed for the door, it opened up, almost whacking him in the face if he hadn't stepped back, and a young woman stepped through, a look of surprise when she saw Castus.

"Castus? Oh god, I didn't hit you did I?" She asked, a worried look on her face.

Castus shook his head, then lifted and moved his hands as he silently mouthed words, "No sis, luckily. Though I am surprised you are here. Was just heading out."

Of course Castus had to use sign language to speak, given he could not speak normally. He was mute. He never really knew why, he could hear perfectly fine. It just seemed he was one of those people who were born with an inability to speak for whatever reason. Not that he minded much these days, not being able to speak aloud meant he had managed to keep his foot far out of his mouth in many a situation.

Castus sister, Morgan, smiled, "Well just try to becareful okay. And is it so wrong for an older sister to pop in to check on her brother?" She then pinched Castus' cheek and tugged on it with a giggle.

Castus silently groaned and just flipped his sister off, earning a laugh and a free cheek. He rubbed his assaulted face before smirking. Ever since he had left home and entered college, his sister had stopped by numerous times to make sure he was okay. It was a bit overbearing, but it just meant she cared.

"I will be fine. I'm a big boy now, I can tie my shoes and everything." He signed.

Morgan smiled and said, "I know. Just humor me and let me be the over protective sister a bit longer."

Castus rolled his eyes, but wrapped his sister in a hug, which she returned with a smile. Finally, sibling happy time over, Castus pulled away from his sister and walked around her signing, "Be back later. Don't touch anything if you staying any longer. Everything is where it is suppose to be."

Morgan placed a hand on her hip as she looked around a corner at a slight mess of popcorn and soda cans in the living room, "Right....in it's place."

Castus nodded and signed, "Yes." And closed the door with a silent chuckle as he headed toward the elevator. He lived on the fourth floor of the dorm at his college, and while it wasn't much, he was just too lazy to walk down flights of stairs. Man invented the elevator for a reason, might as well use it.

Hitting the bottom floor button, Castus leaned against the wall as he watched the numbers tick down from...4....3....2. but as the elevator started making its final passing to the bottom floor, a sudden jolt rocked elevator, causing Castus to loss his balance and grip the railing inside to keep from falling down.

'What the?' He thought, looking around as the lights flickered on and off. Was there a power outage? A mechanical failing? Whatever the case the elevator had stopped moving and the flickering lights were causing him to get dizzy at the rate of flashing. Actually he was really starting to feel a bit dizzy, and a feel of blue flashing across his eyes made him cover his face with his hands and slide down onto his rear. He was starting to feel sick.

Then a tingling sensation flew across his whole body, like someone was touching him with an electric socket or something, making all the hairs of his body stand on end. Something was going on, and Castus could feel it in the area of his brain that whatever was wrong was beyond his control, and a primal feeling of terror started taking over. Without thinking, and fighting back the urge to vomit, Castus dove and curled up into the corner of the elevator just as the sensation reached a temp and it felt like his whole body was being lifted up, followed by the scream of the wind. Did the elevator cord snap?

Whatever the reason, Castus closed his eyes tight as his body suddenly felt heavy and he felt a screaming tear across his mind in an agonizing shriek, causing him to scream out silently, gripping his head before finally blacking out.

The first thing Castus registered when he slowly came back to earth was a soft grassy scent in his nose, and then a sudden and very powerful urge to vomit. He quickly lifted himself up, on his knees and hands before releasing his breakfast onto the grass beneath him. When that was done coughed and spat several times before rolling over and laying on his back away from his vomit.

'Ugh....what happened?' He thought, rubbing his head as he looked up at the crystal clear skies, and watched several clouds float gently by.

Wait? Clouds? Sky? Grass? Blinking in confusion and suddenly shooting up and looking around, Castus saw that he was outside near a river, to several sides were trees, encased in a rather odd looking fog, and to the other side a vast field of flowers.

'What the hell?' He thought as he tried to get a grasp on where he was. Wasn't he in an elevator before?

'Wait...I get it. The elevator. The visit. The sudden appearance in a field. This was one of those fear factor jokes or something that you saw on t.v. where friends or family scared the hell out of loved ones for fun. He nodded his head and flipped the bird as he spun in a circle.

He waited around for some t.v. guy or his sister to come out of hiding, laughing with a camera crew. But so far, nothing showed up. He was alone. After waiting for several minutes and walking to look at any possible place he could think that could be a hiding place close enough to his location, Castus started to get that feeling that something was not right.

In fact he felt sure something was not right when he spotted a sign over by an area of the large flower bed. Walking over, stopping only to rinse his mouth a bit with the water from the river, he looked at the sign.

Beware. Vampire Bunnies. Caution

Castus was frankly....confused. Vampire bunnies? What was this? Bunucula? Before he could question the sanity of this whole thing, though a part of his mind was starting to get a little panicked, this had gone beyond what he considered funny, and if this was all a joke by someone he knew he was gonna do something horrible once he thought of it, something bumped against his leg.

'Huh?' Castus thought and looked down to see three adorable little bunnies. Their little eyes staring up at him with puppy like grace and their noses as the sniffed him. Castus blinked before smiling and kneeling down.

'They don't seem afraid of me. Never seen a rabbit do this before?' He thought as he slowly extended a hand to pet one on the head. The bunny accepted the pet, and cuddle its head into his palm.

'Awww. That's cute.' Castus thought with a smile.

Then suddenly the three bunnies opened their mouths, wider then he thought would be possible, and hissed at him as their eyes glowed blood red and two rather vampire like fangs showed in their wide mouths. Their hiss was like something from a demon, and Castus staggered back as he silently swore.

'Holy shit!' He thought as one of the bunnies leaped at him, and sank it's fangs into the arm he brought up to defend himself.

'Ow, ow ow ow ow!' Castus thought as he got up and grabbed the rabbit by the neck and tried to yank it off of him.

'Get off you mangy rodent!' he thought, finally tearing the bunny off, splatting blood and leaving two bite size marks on his arm. The rabbit hissed before Castus threw it with all his might to the ground. The rabbit hit the ground was dazed a moment before it, and its friends hissed again and came at him again.

Castus swore in his head as he turned and ran towards the forest. Screw this, he'd take his chance with an unknown forest in a creepy fog over demon vampire bunnies from hell!

Pushing aside branches and jumping over logs, Castus ran as fast as he could, but he wasn't really paying attention to his footing and he tripped over a root that had to be just in the way. Bring his hands up and slamming them down as he just hit the ground as he had learned, Castus grunted and looked behind him as he expected the demon rabbits to be right on him like a scene from Jurassic Park.

But they weren't there. Did he give them the slip? Slowly getting up, he saw the distant outline of the three demon rabbits glaring at him, but they had not entered into the forest.

'Are they scared?' He thought before smirking and giving the rabbits a two finger salute.

'Eat that you rodents!' He thought, before hissing and placing a hand over his wound. He looked at the bite mark and saw it was starting to scab up, but he had bleed a bit.

'I swear to god if I turn into a rabbit vampire thing, I am going to be pissed.' He thought. He really hoped that wasn't the case.

Speaking, where the HELL was he. He looked around slowly as he started walking off. Wherever he was, it couldn't be home. He didn't know of any forests that had plants that looked like some of the things he was seeing here in this forest.

'And I know for a fact, nothing on earth has vampire rabbits.' He thought, shivering at that horrible hissing scream they made. That was beyond all sense of what he knew of biology and evolution. At least...as far as he knew. Maybe it was possible...but even if it was, and he felt sure it was now since he had the proof on his arm, logically it couldn't be any place on earth. But where else could he be?

'Just calm down Castus....I'll just sit a moment and try to get my bearings.' Castus thought as he spotted a large log and sat down with a soundless sigh.

He ran his hands through his hair as he tried to get a grip on all that had happened so far. First he was in an elevator, then there was that sudden stop and that strange feeling of vertigo, and that horrible scream in his head. Could it be related to how he got to where he was?

'It was the last thing I heard before blacking out, so I guess it would have to be.' He thought. But what did it all mean?

Castus sighed, and tapped his fingers against his head as he tried to think. Normally, one wouldn't see such a creature as he had just seen on earth. So did that mean he was not on earth? It was perhaps a possibility, as he did subscribe to the Multiverse theory of physics. But how did he end up in a different universe?

'Is it possible mine and this one connected for a moment and I happened to be at the point of connection and ended up being brought along when the connection ended? A worm hole? Damn it all, this isn't my field of study.' He thought, rubbing his head as he started feeling a headache coming on.

Biology. Anthropology. History. Ecology. Even Archeology. These he knew well. But when it got into the larger math's he wasn't as smart. Oh he got it sure, but it gave him a headache trying to sort it all out and the equations went over his head frankly.

A low growl took Castus away from his thoughts and the feeling of hot breath on his neck made him stiff up. Slowly, he turned his head till he was staring right into the face of what he could only call a monster.

It was a bear! But not just a bear, it was huge! And it's body seemed to be made of stars and constellations, and it had two large canine fangs! This wasn't a bear! It was a monster!

The bear monster growled, staring at Castus with a threatening look.

Castus couldn't move. He couldn't breath. Hell, he wasn't sure he could think! This creature defied all connection to what he felt was normal in his own world.

'This....can't be....my world.....I'm so dead.' He thought, before feeling both shock and instinct kicking in and he fell onto his back and played dead. It was suppose to work for real bears....he really hoped it worked for this....thing!

'I really hope it works.' He thought before feeling everything go blank somewhat.

The ground shook as the bear took a step. Oh god, it shook the ground when it walked! Castus felt his heart ready to give out as the bear started sniffing him, and even nudged him with its monster of a claw. It whacked him with some force that it nearly winded him, and tore his shirt a bit when it bit on the fabric with its teeth and shook him some. Maybe tear was the wrong word...since when it tossed him aside his shirt was literally destroyed with a giant hole in it.

Castus felt a bit dizzy and bruised from the, though thankfully, less then tender treatment the bear monster was giving him. But finally it seemed fed up with him and walked away, the trees snapping where it walked and the ground shaking slightly with each step.

Castus lay there for awhile. Until he felt sure the monster was far away, or he hoped and shot up and ran. He ran, not caring where he went till he felt far enough from his previous location and leaned against a tree, breathing heavily.

'Aww man. I liked this shirt.' He thought as he took notice of his shirt.

The entire front of it was bone, torn by the bears massive teeth. All that kept it together was a few thin bits of cloth, and his chest and a few bruises where the beast had swatted him with its claw. He breathed slowly and rubbed a hand along his ribs. He was glad to feel that he didn't have any broken ribs, though they felt a bit sore.

'Well this sucks.' He thought as he decided that the shirt was useless to wear and removed it. He decided to use the tattered remains as a makeshift covering for his wound and wrapped it around the bite mark on his arm. It wasn't perfect, but he hoped it would at least act as a staunch should the wound start bleeding again.

'Okay....I'm not in Kansas anymore Toto.' Castus thought. In fact he was sure he wasn't on earth anymore. That bear monster was all the proof he needed. Castus took a steady breath, no sense in getting panicked. In fact, after his near brush with a monster bear he didn't think he even had the capability to panic anymore right now.

Right now, he just wanted to sit down....actually what he wanted some a cold hard shot of vodka. But water or a safe place to rest would be nice. After all the running, he was feeling thirsty and rather exhausted. He blamed that on his relatively poor physical condition. He was your average college student of the modern world, skinny and as he put it: too lazy to work out a lot. Still that didn't mean he was in bad health....just average.

'Well, I think I'll keep going till I'm out of this forest.' Castus thought. After that bear, he didn't want to know what else this forest had in it. He wanted out, yet at the same time a part of him felt a familiarity with the forest. But forget that, he can get familiar with it from the safety of outside of it!

Deciding that the best case would be to keep going in the direction he had been running, Castus took off at a slow semi jog pace. As he went, he felt like there were eyes on him, and at times he could hear a growl or a howl of a wolf not off in the distance. He quickened his pace at that, until he saw what looked like the edge of the forest, and no demon bunnies to greet him.

'Oh thank god!' He thought and he made a last minute burst through, falling to his knees as he came out to an open grassy field. Castus breathed deeply and flopped on his back as he caught his breath. Finally he was out, and not too soon.

'Now let's hope I don't run into anything else that wants to kill me or lord knows what else.' Castus thought. Still if he counted his current record as a sign, he felt sure he was due for more bad luck....unless he got some good luck to counter the bad. Certainly his karma wasn't that messed up was it?

Getting up, and dusting at his slowly dirt and slightly grass stained jeans, Castus looked around him. He wasn't in a the monster forest anymore, but he wasn't in a wide field as he had thought. Actually it seemed that a part of the area he was near spread out into what looked like a forest of apple trees, and a dirt path leading away from the forest toward a hill and...Castus ran a bit and looked over the hill to see a town.

'A town! Maybe I can get some help.' Castus thought, 'At least I hope so. If this is a separate world from my own, who knows what could be lurking in there.'

Castus was still having a hard time getting use to the thought he had travelled into a separate dimenision from his own. But after what he had been through, he didn't want to play any chances, and decided that first he would satisfy his more apparent needs. Like some water...and maybe one of those apples.

He moved first toward the apple orchard, noticing a fence that separated the orchard from the field. This made an obvious sign of property line. This was someone's property.

'I don't want to steal but....' Castus thought before hopping the fence and crouching low as he moved between the trees. He looked around, noticing nothing around him that was out of the ordinary and he climbed up the tree till he could reach out to a low laying branch and grasped a bright red apple. He pulled and it gave way with ease.

'Awsome. Wow...this looks good.' Castus thought as he hopped down from the tree and sat down, holding his juicy prize in his hand. He inspected it for holes before slowly taking a bite. His eyes widened as he felt the juicy and crunch of the apple. The tarty taste, but still so sweet.

'Oh....my........god.' Castus thought, before biting down a much larger bite. This was good! Better then good! This kicked the butt off of anything grown on his world! Then again....that wasn't a hard thing to do given his world.

Castus took it upon himself to devour every single inch of the apple that he could, till the core was a bare husk with but a few seeds all the remaining bit of the apple's once proud and honorable whole. Castus went to get him two more, and proceeded to eat his second, placing the third in his lap as he sat behind the tree; incase anyone came up by the dirt road.

As he ate Castus thought on how he was going to proceed after his snack. He could go to the town he had seen, or maybe even the owner of this orchard. Of course he wasn't sure if they could speak sign language, so he would have to write out his messages...that or to avoid any possibly hostile natives he could always find shelter in the woods and try to go Suvivorman.

'Yeah....probably gonna forget that idea. Who would be crazy enough to live there?' Castus thought, looking at the forest of monsters. Not him. Nope, no.

As he thought, Castus suddenly remembered his cell I his pocket. he pulled it out and check the time and the cellular range. No bars, of course. As for the time, if the time of his world and this were similar, it was 2:45 and thankfully still a full bar.

'Better save this. This will probably be my only entertainment for a time.' He thought and turned the cell off to save battery power and placed it back in his pocket.

'So. Cellphone, wallet. Headphones. Not a lot to work with.' Castus thought with a smirk. He tossed aside his second applecore and picked up the third as he stood up and started eating it.

'Guess its time to-'

"Hold it right there you thieving varmint!"

'Varmint?' Castus thought confused, 'Oh crap it must be the owner!'

Castus turned slowly, arms raised as he looked to the owner of the orchard, and felt his brain melt at what he saw.

There, stood a creature he could only call a pony. But it was a pony in the terms that he knew it. First, she, and he was sure it was a she by the voice, had orange colored fur, with a blond colored mane and tail. But instead of standing on all fours, this stood on two with the other two legs acting as a sort of arms...if arms ending with hooves were useful, though by the way she was spinning the rope she had, Castus felt sure they were.

Also she wore clothes, hers were a pair of short cut jeans, with a three apple mark just peeking out from under the cloth. What was that? As well she wore a white short shirt that left her belly exposed under a red light jacket, with a Stenson hat on her head. That was about all he could get, because Castus was immediately jumping to the side to avoid the lasso from getting around his neck!

"Hold still ya darn thief!" The pony anthropoid said, charging at him as she spun and tossed her lasso again.

Castus was already running. He didn't know where, but anywhere was better then here with a crazy pony person!

'I knew it! I knew it! My luck can get worse!' He thought as he leaped over the fence and ran down the road. Adrenaline pumping and giving him a much thankful boost of speed and endurance, though he was taking deep breathes as he ran.

"Get back here!" The pony yelled, still giving chase.

Castus swore in his mind as he ran, heading for the town as he saw it come into view. He ran as hard as he could, hoping to maybe use the buildings and closer spaces to loss his pursuer, but as he got closer he felt his entire mind get shocked as he saw more and more of the anthropod creatures walking the streets of the town.

'Oh great!' He thought as he ran onto the streets of the town, the pony people around him all gasped, and moved out of his way.

"The horror, the horror!" One of the pony people called, and others ran out of the way when Castus ran past them.

"Wild human!"

"Someone get the guards!"

If he could have, Castus would have sworn every curse word he could as he found his presence sending the entire area around him into a frenzy as he turned a corner and ducked down an alley.

"Where did he go?"

Castus froze and ducked behind a trash bin as he spotted the orange pony from before, looking around near his location, looking for him. That cursed lasso still in her....hooves?

Castus held his breath as he tried to slowly move down the other end of the alley, until he felt a rope wrapping around his neck and pulling him off his feet. Castus brought his hands up and pulled on the rope at his neck to keep it from strangling him as best he could as he felt himself being dragged out of the alley way.

"There ya are ya trouble making critter." The ornage pony said, pulling him towards her and pouncing on him, rope in her hooves.

'Damn it!' Castus thought as he struggled against his assulter, but his endless running and his poor endurance had left him too exhausted to give much of a fight, and the pony herself was quiet strong, pinning him down with a hoof as she tied his arms and legs together with the rest of the rope.

"Ha! You gave a chase, but nopony or human can outrun me." The pony said, placing a her foot on his chest and looking down at him with a smirk.

Castus struggled, but finally sighed in defeat and just lay still. Now what would happen to him?

As if answering him, Castus saw several ponies approach, only these were white in their coat color, and wore a golden colored set of armor. They also looked a bit larger then the orange pony and more masculine, but what confused Castus the most was what was on their foreheads.

A horn. In fact Castus could swear one could consider these creatures unicorns.

"Howdy there fellas. Don't worry, I got this little rascal well and good now." The orange pony said, removing her foot from his chest.

The guards looked down at him, then gave a nod to the pony.

"Thank you Miss Applejack. We'll take things from here. I trust you are not hurt?" One of the guards asked.

The pony, Applejack, laughed, "Aww shucks, no need ta worry about me, I'm as fine as I can be. This guy didn't give much of a fight once I had my rope around him."

The guard nodded, "Very well then. We'll take him then. This isn't your human is it?"

Applejack shook her head, "Nope. Not one of ours, I caught him eating some of our apples. A little thief he is."

"Hmm. Very well." The guard said, and its horn glowed a bright green aura.

Castus felt his eyes widen as he was surrounded by a similar aura and was lifted off the ground and levitated over to what looked like an old version of a dog catches truck, only this was a car and designed to hold him, iron bars on the sides. He silently grunted as he was tossed into the barred cart roughly and shut in.

Castus was still bound by the rope, so all he could do was lay there as the cart began moving. Wherever he was going, he felt sure it wasn't going to be good.

Far away, looking into a pool of water, stirred by a eagle talon, Discord looked down as the images faded away. The spirit of chaos laughed, holding his sides as he moved away from the water pool and sat down on a chair, on the ceiling.

"Ohohohohohoho, oh that was hilarious!" He said, remembering the events that he witnessed.

"Oh the screaming and the running. Oh the sheer panic! When I brought that creature here, I didn't think he would be so funny!" Discord said, taking a moment to catch his breath.

"Ahaha, I think I will be watching with great interest....or at least until I get bored." He said, a newspaper appearing his hands as he turned a page, a smile on his face.