• Published 7th Aug 2014
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World of Ponies: The Rise of Change. - ShadowWalking18

When a human is brought from his world to Equestria, he must survive a world where humans are kept either in zoos or pets. All while the world around him begins to change, with him at the center of it all.

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The next week felt more like a year to Castus. Naked. Alone. In a cage surrounded by anthropomorphic ponies who saw him as an animal. Or well, more like the way humans saw cats and dogs, or exotic pets. He was usually left alone, save when a pony came to clean his cage, in which he was moved to a small field and closed off area outside to walk around. Castus took notice that while he used the corner, his other human companion seemed to not fully grasp this idea. It only made him more curious of the humans of this world. They looked so similar to the ones that had lived on his world, yet showed not the same intelligence that was hypothesized they possessed.

Of course he did not have much time with this wild human counterpart, as he was taken not three days later. He never saw him again, though Castus felt he never would based on what he had heard about gassing him. It actually was a sad thing, losing the only thing that was at least familiar to his world.

After that, he was pretty much left alone. Apparently, the search for his owner was proving fruitless. As it should, since he didn't have one. So it was that Castus spent the next week alone, save for momentary sightings of the pound employees when they came to feed him, wash him and clean out his cage.

'I can see why cats get so fat. Despite it all this is actually pretty funny.' Castus thought one day after being taken for a bath. Still, the food could be more then apples and veggies and a single pill of something. Though all and all he kind of liked having everything brought for him.

His bite wound had even been properly bandaged during his initial examination and now the bite was completely gone, one of the employees, a unicorn, had simply used that strange aura thing on her horn and the wound had sealed up with only a minor trace of scaring. And he hadn't turned into a vampire bunny. Win-win.

Still, Castus could feel himself growing more and more board by the second. Without t.v., laptop access or even music, he had found the day went by a lot slower without something to occupy him. It was almost capable of driving someone insane.

'Someone! Anyone! Just get me out of here!' Castus thought as he dragged his hands down his face.

Luckily, on the final day of the week, his desperate pleadings had been answered. When Fluttershy returned.

"Hello again Fluttershy. We don't have any new animals, but our human friend is still here." Platinum said, as he lead the Pegasus mare down the hall and stopped at the cage in question.

"He is? You never found an owner?" Fluttershy asked, shock in her voice as she turned to Castus and offered a smile and a wave.

Platinum nodded, "Yeah. Apparently there hasn't been any reported missing humans, especially from Canterlot. We'll keep an ear out for awhile long, but since you showed and interest in him, you can take him now if you still want. Frankly I think he might like getting out of this place."

Fluttershy seemed absolutely excited, "Oh yes, yes. I will."

Platinum smiled, "Well I'll go get the needed papers, and we will just run a few tests to be sure that he is safe for living with ponies. Though so far he hasn't shown any hostile behavior and he goes along with the employees easily without fuss."

Castus thanked whatever god or gods were watching him. If he had to spend anymore time in this cage, he felt sure he was going to start talking to an imaginary friend name Wilson; sadly he had no coconuts to carve.

Platinum unlocked the cage and slowly ushred Castus out. Castus allowed himself to be lead along, walking next to Fluttershy, who smiled at him and patted his head every so often gently. Leaving the hall of cages, Castus was taken away from Fluttershy, who waved bye to him, and taken into a separate room with another vet.

Castus watched in great confusion as he was given an apple, and had it snatched from him several times. Sometimes when he was in the middle of eating it. And then others poking him in the head and sides, sometimes rather roughly. If they were trying to get a reaction from him, the only one he gave was a jump when they poked his sides. He was ticklish there. This got a giggle from the vet, as she continued her work, check his teeth and his heart beat.

After that she filled out some papers and placed a collar around his neck, along with a leash, and lead him out of the room and into the main hall, where Fluttershy was busy signing a few papers.

"Here he is. He is in perfect health as far as I can see. His teeth are very health, not yellow or rotten at all, and his pulse seems normal. Though he isn't in the best physical condition, but some exercise can fix that. All in all he has a clean bill of health." The vet said, passing the leash to Fluttershy once she finished signing some papers.

"Oh good. Is there anything else I should know?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nothing important at the moment. He had a few strange items with him that we assume was either an collar tag with the name Castus Evans and a strange black box that we will be sending to the academy in Canterlot to study." Platinum said.

Fluttershy blinked, "That's odd. And is Castus his name?"

Platinum nodded, "We think so. He seems to respond to it when he call him. Right Castus?"

Castus looked to Platinum, who looked to Fluttershy, "See."

"Castus....that's a nice name." She said, petting his head, "Yes it is."

Castus fought the urge to roll his eyes. The petting and baby talk...might start getting old really fast. Now he knew how dogs felt.

Taking the leash and gently giving it a tug, Castus followed Fluttershy out. It was as he walked out, among the clothed anthropoid ponies, that he realized that he himself was unclothed.

'Damn, I guess after spending a week with nothing on I forgot about it.' He thought, feeling selfconcious now. Luckily, Fluttershy took him down a different path that lead away from the town and eventually toward a comfy looking cabin, surrounded by trees and a small stream of water flowing gently by. A wire fence and a chicken coop was noticeable as well as thousands of bird houses.

'Looks like something out of Snow White.' Castus thought, taking notice of the army of animals ranging from cats, a few dogs and hundreds of birds and that two headed dog, which thankfully sat panting with a smile in a fenced off area of the property with a few other dogs.

"Hello everyone. I have a new friend for us, so give him a warm welcome." Fluttershy said, leading Castus up to see the other animals.

'This girl really does like animals.' Castus thought, looking at the wide range of animals that meowed or barked at him. Some birds even landing on his shoulder and chirping. Frankly he wasn't use to this, or the fact that the animals seemed to understand Fluttershy.

A white bunny appeared, opening the door of the cabin and thumped one of its feet, arms cross as it pulled a pocket watch out and pointed at the time.

Fluttershy gasped, "Oh. I'm sorry Angel bunny. I'll get right on your tail fluffing, I just wanted to make Castus here was taken care of. I'm sorry."

Castus looked as the bunny gave him a cold glare before hopping back inside. Fluttershy followed in, leading Castus gently along.

'Something tells me the rabbit is the boss monkey of this place.' Castus thought as he entered the cabin.

It was filled with small mice and birds and pet houses as far as he could see. It was especially homey and comfy looking, with a staircase leading upward and a kitchen and small dinning room adjacent to a living room with a small couch.

"This will be your new home Castus. I know new surroundings can be scary, but you'll find that everyone here will make it as comfortable for you as they can. Isn't that right?" Fluttershy asked, looking to the animals around her.

Birds and mice chirped and squeaked in answer, and Fluttershy gave a smile before leading Castus to the couch and taking the leash off.

"Why don't you get acquainted with things here while I take care of Angel. Then after I'll make everyone dinner and get you a bed made." Fluttershy said, placing the leash on a table and picking up Angel bunny and taking him into a different room that Castus saw was the bathroom when he followed slightly to see where they were going.

Castus walked back to the living room and looked at the animals around him, who all looked at him. This place got stranger and stranger. Even the animals that were so similar to the ones on his world were strange here.

Castus lifted a hand in greeting to the animals before walking off, a few mice following him but the rest returning to whatever business animals did here. Mostly sleeping or eating or sleeping. As for him, he wanted to see what this place had to offer.

Castus first started with the kitchen, and went for the fridge when he saw it. He examined its contents for a moment, but couldn't see anything familiar to him other then various veggies and fruits and some other stuff that seemed like pet food. Though he saw some small fish and even some eggs, finally something different then vegetarian food.

After that he checked the other rooms, ignoring the bathroom, though he caught a glimpse of Fluttershy brushing and fluffing the rabbits tail. Ignoring it, he walked up the stairs into a single bedroom. Fluttershy's room. Finding nothing else of interest there he went back down and returned to the living room and slowly sat down on the couch. He crossed his legs to cover his manhood and leaned forward for good measure.

Even if it was natural for humans to be naked here, he wasn't use to it and frankly didn't intend on getting use to it anymore then he had. He had to draw a line somewhere, this was one of them.

Eventually Fluttershy returned, with a smiling Angel bunny who swished and patted his tail once proudly before looking at Castus and lifting his nose at him and hopping off into the other room.

"Oh, sorry about Angel bunny. He isn't mean, he just doesn't warm up to new arrivals easily. But I'm sure the two of you will be best friends soon." Fluttershy said, "Now stay there and while I get everyone's food ready."

With a final pat on his head, Fluttershy left Castus to head to the kitchen and started gathering bowls and bags of food, as well as fishes which she set on a plate. She filled the bowls of bird seed, dog food, cat food, a small salad with a carrot on top, as well a bowl of apples and cucumber slices and another one of those pills he had eaten at the pound.

After that she carried the bowls and set them down for the critters inside, then took several trays of food outside, along with the fish. Castus was impressed by the dedication she put into feeding every animal. Finally, she brought his food, setting it on the floor for him. Castus slide himself down from the couch and looked at the food.

"I know it's probably not much, but I'll go to the store tomorrow and pick up a few things for humans. You're the first human I've been able to take care of." Fluttershy said, frowning slightly as if worrying Castus was not pleased with the meal.

Castus looked at Fluttershy, then to the food and reached over and picked the appleslices and started eating them, sometimes throwing in a cucumber slice along with the pill. He would have liked a fork, but he could eat with his hands if he had to.

'That's odd.' Fluttershy thought, watching Castus eat. The way Castus ate was so methodical, not like how most humanns ate without a care and usually vigorously. It reminded her of a way a pony ate almost.

She shook her head and stroked Castus' head. He was a rather odd human, but she would take good care of him.

"I'm glad you like it. Now eat up while I get you a blanket and a pillow, and tomorrow I'll also get you a proper bed." Fluttershy said, going over to a closet and pulling out a large blanket and a small pillow and setting it down beside Castus after he had finished eating. She took the bowl, along with the other animals after she made sure they had all finished eating, and set to work cleaning them for tomorrow. By the time she was done, it was late and time for bed. All the other animals were already settled in, save for Castus who held his pillow and blanket in his hands as he looked around.

"I know the first night in a new place is always stressful. You can sleep upstairs with me if it makes you feel better." Fluttershy said to him. She didn't expect a response. Despite her abilities to communicate with animals on a level most ponies couldn't, she found it didn't always work with humans who either ignored her or looked at her curiously.

Castus looked at her, and merely shrugged and sat on the couch, setting the pillow down and wrapping the blanket around him. Fluttershy was surprised by this, but smiled and patted his head.

"Well if you like it there okay. Good night Castus." She then leaned over and kissed his forehead before turning and heading upstairs.

As for Castus he felt his face heat up when Fluttershy kissed him, and was surprised by how soft her lips were. They felt almost like humans lips, but soft due to the thin coat of fur on them. Then again, she wasn't an ordinary pony.

'Actually the face and body structure is different on a lot of scales. And I still wonder how they manipulate and hold things with hooves.' He thought as he turned over and stared up at the ceiling.

At least he was out of that cage. This ceiling was far more interesting then the one in the pound, and he had a lot more roommates now. But now what did he do? Fluttershy seemed comfortable enough to give him free roaming ability...though she didn't seem the type to kennel or leash her animals anywhere. Save for maybe a collar around the cats or dogs she had, most of the animals seemed free to roam. Though he was sure that was within reason.

As he lay there in the now dark room, Castus turned to look out the window and saw the moon shining brightly in the sky. He turned to get its light away from his eyes and stared at the window at the far end of the other room, and blinked when he saw the shadowy sight of a figure moving swiftly by.

Confused, and worried. Castus slowly slid himself onto the floor and crawled over to the window. He slowly lifted himself up and peeked out, but saw nobody. He looked to the window that peered out to the path leading toward the cabin, and saw nobody.

'Okay...official had a horror movie moment. When does the axe killer or bigfoot break down the door and eat me?' He wondered as he moved to check the door was locked. Assured it was, he went back to the couch got snugged as best he could.

'Tomorrow, I'll see about getting myself properly covered. Then make a decision on how I proceed from here.' Castus thought. His mind assaulted with all sorts of ideas and thoughts of what to do next, and a slight worry of a shadowy figure that simply vanished without a trace. It was going to be a long night.

Discord sighed, "Ahh that is just like Fluttershy. I suppose I will have to reschedule our tea time. I can't introduce myself to him yet, I want to see what he does next before I give a grand appearance."

Discord stretched and reached down towards the floor, his bed stuck to the ceiling, and turned off his discord lamp.

Things had gotten a bit boring, but now that the human was out of that pound, maybe he could get something entertaining again.

As he dozed off, he remembered a funny fact about his dear friend Fluttershy, or at least how she slept at night. He chuckled to himself, already imagining the humans reaction. That would be funny indeed.

With that, the spirit of chaos closed his eyes and fell asleep. All the while a number of toys acted out the Nutcracker in the middle of his room, orchestra included.