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This story is a sequel to World of Ponies: The Pony-Human War

After war, peace has returned to the lands of Equestria and to the lands of the newly formed Empire of Man. In those days of peace, even the smallest events can count for a story.

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Yay can't wait for more

Ok, I'm really happy that the side stories appeared so soon. It was nice to see that DT and Scootaloo have bonded enough that hey might consider making a practice herd with Valen. Still, it was funny to see Scoots' thoughts on Valen and how she tried to make him blush as well as her jealousy whenever DT flirted with him. Gotta say, I was also surprised that DT went around the block and had colt friends and filly friends on a near weekly basis prior to meeting Valen. Still, the funniest part of the chapter had to be when the girls (particularly DT) get flustered by Valen's modern look as well as their reaction to Valen's lack of knowledge on how to use a clock or the his lack of understanding about what herds are. Thanks for the entertaining chapter and for this new story.
P.S: Does herding imply that most mares are bisexual? Also, are Scootaloo's mother and aunt related by blood or were they simply two mares married to the same stallion?

Forgot to add, will there be a chapter where Cadance and Twilight would want to experience the Wind? Somehow I feel that Cadance getting horny as a side effect and tackling Shining while Twilight becomes flustered around Castus would be hilarious.
Or a chapter showing Castus and Fluttershy going on dates? Or maybe how Cadtus interacts with the girls after the events of the second fic.

Castus and Fluttershy get married!.....Don't judge me!

This is really the funniest thing I have ever heard about both Scootaloo and DT wanting a herd for Valen. :rainbowlaugh: He's going to have a lot of thinking to do cause things will be more complicated than he thought. Wonder if Castus will be having the same herd with the mane 6 cause he did at one point went in the first story of the hot tub or relaxing scene, except when Rainbow Dash didn't join in. :rainbowlaugh: He had to cover a nosebleed and looking down at the water when that plan failed as Pinkie Pie hugged his back between her breasts and that the girls were looking at him more closely since they don't know that he was intelligent, only Fluttershy did knew about it when he did talk to her thanks to Discord, always wanting to ruin a boring scene and to change it up a little.

I crave more

Or as the followers of phorchin say " Moar "

Another one this quickly? I'm impressed, many authors usually take a month or two to make another sequel, unless you're Banchoking who pumps ideas out of his mind like Soviet factories producing tanks in WW2.

I like it! Keep em coming. I have a few ideas for fan arts for this chapter

7032744 And now I've set my demonic hounds on you.

7032892 (Snaps fingers and all Goo disappears)

7033010 (Comes back to existence and punches you in the eye with the power of a trillion supernovae)

7033184 Wow, I actually felt that! Go to hell!

7033189 (Teleports you to an island in the middle of nowhere) And if you do anything to get off, you'll automatically be teleported back!

I don't know why, but I want to see some dramatic bureaucracy shit go down. Something like Castus' first time meeting with other world leaders, them thinking him and his human empire are inferior and then Castus quickly showing them that he and his people are not to be fudged with.

Just a thought. Glad to see a sequel so soon. Keep up the awesome work! :twilightsmile:

Marcus and Castus friendship is very sweet and I'm happy that you chose to honor FMAB with the automail surgery. Gotta say that Twilight being excited about the surgery and Castus puking after finishing the surgery were funny icing to the cake. Thanks for the quick update.

7035530 (Turns Island back the way it was) And if you change it again, it'll turn back to normal!

7035932 (reverses time so none of this ever happened... Because honestly this is getting tiring. Can we please stop now?)

7036177 I don't accept defeat! (Destroys reality) If nothing exists, then that means I win! Okay, I'm done now. Truce?


Glad to see your fight is over. But you both will sit in the corner for your dimension destruction. *Puts a Dunce hat on each of your heads*

7036717 But I put it back together!... Mostly. (Fluttershy and Castus get married)

Too short. Right when I was getting into it, over....:fluttershyouch:


Second part please :P

Was marcus the one that yelled no in the first story? Like, in the lab with the other humans were in. Or was he introduced in the human-pony war story?

"...that then can be stabilized by a Quantum Pulse, thus forming..."

"A singularity! That's fascinating Castus!"

"Well, it's great in theory, Twilight, the issue is...."


"...you...you hear something?"

"Hmm? Nope! Nothing. Go on!"


"How can you not hear that? You have better ears than me. What is that?"

"Castus, it's...it's nothing."


"Is it coming from the sky-Is that Rainbow Dash."

"-sigh-, brace yourself."



"Ahhh, well."

Nice to see Castus and Twilight bond over magic. Hope to see the second part soon.

Why didn't Castus tell Twilight he is a native from one of those parallel Earths, a world of humans?

If you put that needle in me I will destroy Equestria.

This chapter was very sweet. It's so adorable that Shy and Castus are finally a cohabitation couple without the problems from the previous fic and that they love each other so much. It's also nice to see Castus enjoy using his powers to build civilizations rather than for destruction. Also, happy that Shy and Castus finally got some nookie.

You call it "fluff" I call it "about damn time." No offense but the last few chapters were a little dry.

Like this one the best so far.

Castshy forever!!!

I liked this. It was cute.
But a collection of stories like this needs drama. Please?

I just read it again. More of this, less exposition. I know this is a fic that is meant to be exposition, but I enjoy it more when we have interactions with the characters. This waking up was sweeter than sweet, the mention of their more physical nights was SOOO tasteful and pure (for real, thank you.). But I want these guys to interact more.

Man, this chapter was awesome. I really like how you implemented Starlight into the story and the talk about the different Branches of the Wind was interesting. Lastly, Twilight and Starlight's reaction when experiencing the Wind was hilarious, especially how Twilight has possibly developed a crush on Castus and desire a three way with him and Starlight. I really hope to see how Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane 6 would react if they experienced the Wind. Oh, I have another idea. What if Valen shares the Wind with Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo (if possible, it'd be interesting if Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom joined in) because he's unaware of the side effects it has on mares.

Forgot to add, would Castus use the bedroom romance side effect of the Wind on Fluttershy if she asked?

Does Castus not realize what "else" it does to them?

God that would be hilarious.

"Wait..so your telling me..."


"I made you..."


"....and Starlight?"


"So last week when we were "experimenting" on how many times you could endure the Wind, you were...."

"Getting off, yes."

"....Well that does explain the nighty.


I have to admit if this isn't just a collection of side stories, I am a bit surprised that the ponies aren't more hostile even with how things ended. I mean unless your going for the ponies are pure beings of forgiveness which certain characters in the course of the story have shown the opposite. I figure there should be at least some protests over how things happened.

I mean given one slant, ignoring the aid the humans gave with the changeling attack, Celestia and Luna could be said to have capitulated to the terrorist actions of the humans and gave away sovereign territory to them and have had no official trial for Castus role in events. I mean at the end of the battle the human forces were likely more decimated than the pony one simply due to the difference in the forces size, many ponies could argue it would have been a simple task to simply finish off the human threat then and there.

True a war crimes trial would bring Bluebloods actions also under scrutiny, but that rat would probably figure he could either talk his way out of it, get off based on his position or lay the blame on any of the deceased soldiers or changelings with how things turned out. But I figure family of either his troops that perished, or the relatives of the town that was destroyed would be pushing for that. To say nothing of not taking actions like Scotalloo's Aunt, after all how well known is it that Castus is hanging his hat at Fluttershy's again.

The real nuts would probably argue the changeling attack would have either never happened or not have been so effective if not for the humans actions, and that they were allied until the humans turned on their changeling allies because they knew the Equestrian leaders would grant them a better deal for their aid.

On another side note I am wondering if Ponies and humans are genetically compatible in this universe, I mean could we be seeing children in any of the pony/ human couples in the future?


There is hostility no doubt. I will address that in a story or two. Mostly these are just little tidbits concerning the life of certain individuals and not the entire world at large. Thank you though for the input :), a war crimes trial might be an interesting chapter.

Really loved this chapter. It's nice to see Castus bond with RD and I find Valen's incident with the scarf, along with Castus and Shy getting licked by the Ursa, extremely amusing. Thanks for the quick update.

It must have been causing it no amount of pain.

. So what was the problem?

Do I here wedding bells? Hmmm, maybe I need to get my hearing checked.

but no causalities.

The word you tried to spell here was casualties, but given that you said no one was injured, that isn't right either because casualty includes injury.
I would change it to 'but nothing serious' or 'but no one died', depending on how significant you imagine the injuries to be.

So is the kid Button Mash?

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