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Equestria, a land of peace and prosperity, ruled by the wise Princess Celestia and Luna. Or, that's what it use to be. Now its hardly peaceful, and its hardly prosperous. Well, unless you have a horn or live on the top; or in some cases the clouds.

And as for Celestia and Luna? Well no one knows where they went. They weren't dead, the sun and the moon still rose and set, but they certainly weren't around to lead. So who was in charge? Why Blueblood of course, and his council of friends. So no worries.

And as for peace, well, we won't get into all the politics. Lets just say that, ambitions and insults go a long way towards peace and war. Especially when one doesn't need to worry anymore about keeping the sun and moon on their daily schedule; or the magical cure all known as the Elements of Harmony.

Yes Equestria was in a sorry state, or better off depending on who you asked. It needed a hero, or maybe....

...maybe it needs.....an Overlord.

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So the dystopian equestria... is like our world now? Sounds interesting :D

Looks interesting. I'm gonna guess somewhere in this story, Twilight will somehow become Damien's apprentice or accomplice.

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Looks like a good read hope to see more

Why I can not give More Likes Of This History.

Damien's X :twilightblush: :heart:

Interesting... Wonder when he'll summon the yellow minions though. :trollestia:

I really hope this isn't a bashing Blueblood fic.

7291617 I Couldn't help but chuckle at that.

Ah good, very good. Another Overlord fic. Hopefully this one will be finished.

For the Overlord!

7292062 Because next to nothing has implied that.

7292678 True but with this fandom I've learned to be cautious.

7291310 yellow? There are yellow minions?

7295503 ohh yeah....I forgot about those ones........ILL GET THE "DART" GUN

Okay, I really like this story and I hope for an update. I want to see how Damien will use his Overlord status now that he knows that the Minions work for him. I also want that douche named Mystic to get what's coming to him after what he did to Twilight.

Okay,Mathis chapter was awesome. It's nice to see that Damion became a badass by accepting the power, but man did he had bad luck when first meeting the ponies. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

Yay! Update!

Huh. I would have thought TImberwolves gave green life force...

Gnarl paced back and forth, rubbing his bread with a scowl.

I'm going to assume you meant "beard?"

Good to see him setting gnarl in place I always felt gnarl was really the true evil playing meek to collect the rewards while avoiding the universal reset via evil towers collapsing on there owners plot

Yay, he is the best Overlord, so far he's only been knocked out once!:pinkiesmile:

Just popping in to say you have a grammar error in your short description. I'd help rectify it, but I'm not sure exactly what you were trying to say

This is good, please continue. :pinkiehappy:

Identify where so I can see please then I can fix it :) thank you.


I also want that douche named Mystic to get what's coming to him after what he did to Twilight.

Well... Damien is the Overload and we all know what the overload does to corrupt officials and nobles of the world~


What happens when the land of Equestria needs not a hero but a villian? Why chaos to make Discord himself feel proud. Now what if he was from another world?

I can't quite explain it, but my inner nazi seethes at the underlined sentence.

Damion screamed as he felt the rocks assail his body. Fear of death rearing into his mind. But within that anger, he felt another emotion.


Small mistake here.

So far this story is not bad. Hopefully this will be the first finished Overlord crossover.

Just curious if you have any clues when you will be able to update this, I understand that your most likely busy just thought might as well check. Since it would be nice to know when to expect the next chapter.

This is pretty good, I really like how you branched out with an alternative storyline. I'm getting tired of those who just insert their character into the exact storyline of the show. Keep up the good work!

I can't wait for more, part of that being the want to see a unicorn slowly killed by minions. we all know which. or something worse if you can think it. (all my hopes) till next time, ta~:scootangel:

7290562 Maybe his Dark Mistress...? I kinda get stuck around that part of the game; either can't summon the Reds properly, or can't get them to do what I want them to...

7381234 perhaps he felt anger in his anger so he could be double angry at what was transpiring.:trollestia:

Nice to see this story again. Hope the next chaoter comes soon so that we can see Daimon kick corrupt pony politicians' asses.

Good premise, but this needs a lot of editing.

INteresting veeeeeery interesting!

8183389 yo dawg, I put some anger in your anger so you can rage while you rage :pinkiehappy:

Overlord/MLP crossover?

Random guy getting pulled into the Overlords role?
Eh... done before, but I'll give it a shot.

Hey, lets force Twilight Sparkle into sex to show how Dark this story is going to be. While it's also labeled comedy. For 'teh lulz', 'cause nothing says dark humor like deep emotional trauma.
Yeah... nope.


No one said that was the humor. Dark and humor are just tags to say what's gonna be in the fic. No one said it was dark humor just that it will have dark moments and humorous moments.

The thing with twilight was not meant to be humorous but give an idea of the way this mlp universe works.

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