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The power of Harmony, the power of Love, the power of Friendship. So many great forces had been at play in Equestria for eons. But now, a new power has emerged. It is unknowable, mysterious, and awe-inspiring. And it is wielded by a band of maverick changelings.

It can heal the sick, free the downtrodden and, if wielded right, change the world. It can create, it can destroy. it's soothing, it's invigorating, it's free, and it cannot be tamed.

It was a mysterious new power, wielded by mysterious individuals. What would be the fate of Equestria with this new power unleashed? For it was not good, it was not evil. It did not concern itself with such fleeting concepts. It was something else. It was something new.

And they called it: Rock'n'Roll

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Alright, alright, alright.


Me when reading your stuff.

Satisfaction, as in, with the length of the story and number of chapters, not with the story

You mean I write cliffhangers? I thought I kinda didn't :eeyup:

Glad the stories are satisfying though :yay:

A cross between relieved and wild? Welieved? No, rild? Ah, he's riled up? :trollestia:

Nononononononono. Just that I like your writing so much I always want more and am sad when there's not another chapter to enjoy

“I think it looks like mountains,” Nine said.

“A… a sea of tiny flames,” was Teeto’s contribution.

The first line: Country Roads/Rocky Mountain High by John Denver
The second line: Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce

Dunno why I pointed this out. It just popped in my head.:derpytongue2:

Aaw, thanks :twilightsmile:

Gonna take my time writing though. Quality over quantity :eeyup:

Reasonable :eeyup:

I am really excited for the next chapter. Something in the back of my head actually tells me that most of the drama between the band wont go too far to disband them. Perhaps most of the problems will come from outside sources, but its too early to tell. The concept is very intriguing, I can't wait to see what they play (or feature one of the real songs).

In real life, there was often a lot of friction in rock'n'roll bands, showbiz leading to strange lifestyles and often being enough that just one person has an overblown ego for tensions to slowly grow. But then there are also stories about bands where all the members are/were super tight and as far as anyone could tell it was all very harmonious.

I think I'd lean more towards the latter option. If the threats come from the outside, well, that's more in line with rock'n'roll's entire philosophy of freedom, defiance, and rebellion.

Glad you're looking forward to it though. It's going to take some planning, but I want this story written as well :twilightsmile:

The umlaut abuse... I'll allow it, because it's mostly supposed to be a nod to how often the genre at large does so.

It also ends up being grammatically correct in one of the three languages that actually puts umlauts over "o"s. "Över" meaning over :scootangel:

holy mother of wow, this is gonna be a spicy fic.

I should hope so, I've been wanting to write it for over five years :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks, I'm very glad to hear that. And this is a story that will require a lot of thought from my part, so it will take some time, but I've wanted this story written for years now :pinkiehappy:

It feels like a cross with Brütal Legend and it is beautiful.

Brütal Legend, Blues Brothers, Soul Music, and This Is Spinal Tap. Perhaps a little less Spinal Tap or Still Crazy, since it's about bands reuniting rather than just uniting, and a bunch of smashing egos and drama in the band. I'd like to focus on outside threats rather than internal threats for our band.

Thanks for the compliment though :twilightsmile:

From how you phrased it, I can tell that that's a coincidence, and it's entirely possible you didn't even look that up until after I mentioned it.

Actually, no. Hint: English is my second language. Edit: Or fourth language if you wanna split hairs.

Fair enough. In that case, here's a tip: "ends up" is the bit that made it sound like a happy accident.

"Sonic" is a trigger word for some people. You may lose a large part of potential auditory by placing something similar to certain blue hedgehog in a fic name. For a long time, Sonic fics have been the terribliest part of fanfiction everywhere, and that includes Sonic/MLP crossovers. So people see "Sonic" in the name - they turn and leave without even opening first chapter. You may want to think about changing this fic's name a bit, if you want to broaden it's auditory.

Yeah, I guess it's a good thing that tags for all the different franchises the story is about is mandatory these days. The lack of a Sonic The Hedgehog tag might be a good thing, I guess if you're turned of by Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic Överload" might be a nightmarish title, yeah.

I was never a fan of Sonic though, so I've never associated the title with the hedgehog as I was coming up with this concept... about five years ago.

I'm going to follow this.

God is real, and rock 'n roll is His Scripture.

"Sonic Overlord" … sonic.... Sonic...

I can't make it stop... the mental image... the mental scars


Never whole again... never whole again... :pinkiecrazy:

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