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"Simply put, you're scum."


Twilight Sparkle had climbed to her peak. She had ascended to godhood, seized reign of Equestria.

And she had never felt so alone.

Desperate to escape her isolation, Twilight unsealed her vault and pressed a certain book back into its slot in a well-guarded mirror.

She hadn't stopped to think that after she left, the human world kept crawling on...

Updates Wednesday and Friday

EDIT: HOLY **** GUYS FEATURED 04Sep2019! First time, baby!

Proofreading: leeroy_gIBZ

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Well, you’ve captured my attention. Please wright more.

Intriguing! <3

Updates Sunday and Wednesday :)

Yeah, I’m in. Let’s see what happens!

Wonder if Sunset is aging in human years. Or if she might be the principal.

This looks really interesting. Can't wait to see Canterlot City 20 years on.

Glad to have you aboard!

Hmm... Interesting start. Let's see where it goes.

Interesting, but only if for some reason Sunset shimmer hasn't aged either. I'll check back to see if that happens.

Comment posted by C_F_G deleted Aug 28th, 2019

Hmmm. Updates Wed and Sun

Well, the story's certainly caught my attention. I'm kind of the opposite actually when it comes to dialogue. Dialogue is my bread and butter, but I feel I'm pretty mediocre when it comes to some other aspects of writing, like descriptions and pacing, (I like to drag things out a bit too much).

Next update sunday

So, you are going with a time dilation route.
Interested to see your take on it.

Really curious as to what happened to Sunset. Seems a bit odd that she left nothing for Twilight, in the event she ever showed up... or did she?

Anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

I just graduated this past spring, and I’ve already seen the friend groups dissolving.

That's the sad part about graduating, whether it's highschool, college, whatever. It's especially so when you have friends who move away.

It was high school, and i was the friend that moved away. Glad to have you reading, next chapter is sunday

The Earth Ponies were the first to go?Huh, not what I would have guessed.

Pinky, Pinky, Pinky... really? That's sad, believable, but sad. As for Sunset, well either she fell apart without her friends, or she is hiding because she hasn't aged at the correct rate.

Same. I and another friend moved. They moved to the other end of the country (Canada) and I left the country altogether (US). A third friend stayed.

That was over 10 years ago. We still stay connected through social media and catch each other on chats, but that's few and far between.


she is hiding because she hasn't aged at the correct rate.

You think she may have aged faster? That would be interesting. And would also beg the question as to how it happened.

Could be faster, probably slower, and could be she just stopped at one point if she did gain her wings at some point.

Did Sunset...fall apart without her friends being together?

That’s what I was thinking!

This is so concerning. In a good way. Hopefully Twi can find a way to her somehow. If Sunset’s alone, who knows how she’s feeling right now. Twilight could really help brighten her mood.

Ouch. Ok Twi, you need to either get her band back together somehow, or take her home were she can, try to, start again... again.

Man, Sunset's life this story seems so tragic: despite being intelligent in both science and magic, her golden years are instead spent in isolation.

A lot of Sunset's situation is pulled from the whole idea of the kid who peaks in high school- it's not the point of the story, but I guess you could consider it my own worse nightmare. That someone so academically gifted (i.e. me) will somehow screw up so royally that the worst years of my life wind up having been the best.


Despite being in graduate school, I also dread that my life might become so miserable, I'll be forced to look back on my not-so-great high school years with fondness.

Sunset's problem doesn't seem to be an inability to find success, but an inability to move on after the people who gave her hope went their separate ways.

I hope Sunset returns to Equestria where she belongs


You and me BOTH, she shouldn't stay in Human Equestria any longer, plus maybe if she DOES go back through the portal she might end up with a pair of wings on her back too so she can be along side Twilight and then Twilight won't lose another friend.

Final update sunday

I was expecting an angst-storm from Sunset about her friends leaving her behind.

I was not expecting a Sunset ascending story. Nor it being done in a dramatic way, with Sunset being isolated from others due to immortality.

I really can't wait to see how this ends.

And fuck you too story. You had right up until Twilight's last line. EVERYTHING is better without a Sunset ascension. There's a reason Hasbro refused to do it.

Five alicorns is enough. We don't need another. Neither does Equestria.

Not that it's relevant to this story, but the original idea was formulated well before I knew about Flurry.

I think meant to say "everything is better when Sunset ascends". Which is true.

Also, great story, sad to see it end so quickly, but I enjoy it nevertheless. Can't wait for the final chapter.

Woo, called it! Though, damn poor Sunset. Knew she would take it hard but didn't think she would take it that hard. Gods, even going home it's going to take sometime before she recovers from this.

I think it rather fits that Alicorns would come in pairs and Sunset would be Twilights counterpart.

Yeah you did! I hope it lived up to your guess

Part of the idea was actually this. Flurry doesn't exist and Cadence doesn't matter, so...

Normally, I'm of the head champion that human-sunset is dead. Because if not, then one way or another equestrian-sunset needs to return. So, this I liked, and to see sunset so torn up about this was also interesting. Gave this story a chance and it was definitely worth sticking around. One question, does this take place in a time where the events of "Forgotten Friendship," never happened. Cause I'm wondering, how Celestia is going to react to seeing Sunset so sick. Well, can't wait for the next update.

Yes. In general, unless referenced in the story, the special's don't exist. Should actually put in an 'alt-history' or whatever tag just since it's now relevant.

No. I mean what I said. Anyone who says otherwise is dead to me.

oof I guess I'm in the grave then

tearing holes in the fabric of the Warp.

The Warp?
Well, that's not worrying at all.

I wouldn't go so far as to say everything is better, but does make most things better.

I'm cautious about Sunset ascending because if the implications it may have for the universe as a whole, and particularly Equestria.

One problem I see in this story (if Sunset is truely meant to have ascended) is how to address the issue that in Sunset's later trips to Equestria, she's still a unicorn.

Of course, this is always a possibility that Sunset didn't ascend, but transcend. We see in "Rainbow Rocks", when she first ponies-up, she adds a new color to the harmony rainbow. Suppose, at this moment, a new element was created. But, it needed to grow and develop--a process that was completed in "Friendship Games". In which case, Sunset doesnt embody the element, she is the element. Thus, no longer a mortal being, but a supernatural one.

This is why she can't age or die. She is pure magic.

I know a lot of people think that Alicorns are immortal, and therefore, can't die. I disagree. I subscribe to the theory that they can't die from natural causes, but can be killed. Furthermore, we have been shown that Alicorns do age some. In which case, if an Alicorn, Sunset would probably look like someone in their twenties.

Just some food for thought.

Really enjoying this story. Sad to see it so short. Could really do a lot with it.

We can be grave buddies, the afterlife could always use more friends.

I’m surprised Twi felt the need to check. I would think immortality would be enough of a clue.

I am moderately impressed you feel this strongly about that.

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