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Sunset and her friends are delighted to finally see a concert rolling through Canterlot for local talents and famous singers.

The Rainbooms arrive after being the lucky band out of the local talents given a full-access backstage pass, but when they start to tour the aisles near the famous artists, staff members keep confusing Sunset for another singer who's on site. Even weirder, is that they keep asking why she's looking at them.

It turns out that on the exact same day that an Equestrian friend had come over to join them with some time off, not only is Starlight Glimmer's human counterpart there, as an assistant to a famous singer ...

Sunset's is also there as well.

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Sometime around when I finish the sequel so that this spin-off actually makes a LOT more sense in terms of the time it's been since Rhyan got his memories back and can run between dimensions.

First book: lucky Chances
Sequel: Meddling Memories
Sequel Spin-off: This book

Hope this helps 😂

Why did I read the "Rainbooms" as the "Rickroll"? 🤣


Haha :rainbowlaugh:
And fyi, when I finally get to the right point in the Meddling Memories arc, when I skip this story event over the following spring break/or towards the end of the summer break mentioned at the start of MM, I'm going to return to working on this as well! :raritywink:

I would LOVE for any of my works to get featured! I'm glad you're enjoying them to the extent that they need to be featured! 😁

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