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I am a fan of MLP:EG. Not as much towards the MLP:FIM TV series, which was decently fun in its own way, but I just love the Equestria Girls timeline.


Looking For Peeps! · 12:37pm March 30th

Heyo everypony! I'm back and with some good news! 😄

It's definitely been a hell of a year, but Lucky Chances is so close to being finished that I couldn't help but wonder if anybody here who reads fanfictions out on YouTube would be interested in turning it into an audio series? 🤔

All credit goes to the user (or users if multiple people do a chapter of their choosing) who are able to turn my work into an audio series for YouTube, SoundCloud or any other source! 😄😁

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New Chapter! · 11:56pm Nov 2nd, 2018


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Looking for Commenters! · 6:16pm Sep 24th, 2018

Why hello there everypony and everybody!

Currently, I have updated TWO of my chapters to Equestria Girls: Lucky Chances within 24 hours once again and would like to ask for people who would be willing to try and review my work before it finishes within the next four chapters. Within the comments or by DM arte two of the options you can do to review my work. Making a blog about it also works, but it will need to be sent to me directly to knowe who it was written by. :raritywink:

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Recent Updates to Lucky Chances! · 1:46pm May 12th, 2018

Welcome back everypony! :pinkiehappy:

Recently, I had just realised that I still had my fanfiction, Lucky Chances, on this very FIMFiction account, so therefore I decided to release the chapters that I'd already completed over on Wattpad so that any users on this website are able to keep up with my work without having to wait for the chapter to be released as a new one appears over on Wattpad! :raritywink:

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I'm A New User On Here!!! · 10:31pm Apr 24th, 2017

Heyo peeps!!!

Freak of Shadows here, to tell you amazing people that I've recently noticed that I'm now a brony!! :rainbowlaugh: (call me Shadow or Kaz if that's too long for you :raritywink: )

To express this new interest, I've decided to write a fanfiction from my one on Wattpad (same book, same update time, ish) and copy it over to here! :pinkiehappy:

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