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To make a long backstory short, I died. Kinda. It's hard to describe. But at least my friend came along with me.

You know that dreadful feeling when you know you're dying, or are about to? ... Well, that happened for me. It was on a dark road at night during a snow-stormy school trip, when it happened. We were halfway through being hit by the front of a heavy goods truck after losing our footing in the snow.

Instead of dying, I'm blinded by a weird silvery yet rainbow coloured flash of light before appearing in another forest. I'm not sure where I am, but one thing's for sure; this isn't any forest I knew of, let alone the animals around me. That's when a strange, living pile of sticks and logs notices my unconscious friend nearby, something strange happens and I lose consciousness all in one go.

I feel trapped and tired, until I'm vaguely aware of an unusually very soft-spoken, female voice over the top of some other voices as my hearing returns.

" --irls? I think I found somthing you should look at."
"Sweet Celestia! Who... or what are they?!"
"Oh dear, they're not looking so go--"
And that's where our story begins, arriving in a foreign world, barely conscious to a group of girls who have saved us. And that's not the only surprise in stock either.

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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls - Lucky Chances

After the events that have been keeping Rhyan Sparks in the world of Equestria Girls, one event caused a change in Rhyan. Unfortunately, this event... Might bring some unexpected miracles and problems to his future. And the appearance of his 'dead' cousin from another universe is no exception.

But with his future at stake and the things he is having to understand, he has to make a choice that will save him and the worlds that hang in the balance due to the intense pain he is experiencing in his head. The return of his memories.

But the worst thing has yet to happen, and it scares him.

Leaving behind the girl he loves for their worlds to coexist...

...Without total annihilation of the Multi-Ponyverse.

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Sunset and her friends are delighted to finally see a concert rolling through Canterlot for local talents and famous singers.

The Rainbooms arrive after being the lucky band out of the local talents given a full-access backstage pass, but when they start to tour the aisles near the famous artists, staff members keep confusing Sunset for another singer who's on site. Even weirder, is that they keep asking why she's looking at them.

It turns out that on the exact same day that an Equestrian friend had come over to join them with some time off, not only is Starlight Glimmer's human counterpart there, as an assistant to a famous singer ...

Sunset's is also there as well.

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I wasn't minding my own business really. Truth be told, I was just a child when I saw the show. But, further on I started to think back on the new world introduced in that Equestria Girls film. I really liked their music video 'dance magic'.

All was well in my life, new friends, new adventures... until my accident on our first group camping trip. Unfortunately, I awoke with amnesia, so I had no recollection of how I'd even survived the accident. I had no idea where I was either, as I was extremely disoriented when I eventually woke up.

It wasn't until I noticed the sensation of where I am... to where I once was. I panicked harshly after seeing how the world was definitely three dimensional, but viewable in 2D. I found myself making friends with some local school girls.

They felt familiar, just like the world, but I had no idea who they were. All I could do was trust them, thinking that I'm a part of this world now.

But I get the sneaking suspicion that I'm not welcome here, or that I'm not supposed to have powers.

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