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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls - Lucky Chances

After the events that have been keeping Rhyan Sparks in the world of Equestria Girls, one event caused a change in Rhyan. Unfortunately, this event... Might bring some unexpected miracles and problems to his future. And the appearance of his 'dead' cousin from another universe is no exception.

But with his future at stake and the things he is having to understand, he has to make a choice that will save him and the worlds that hang in the balance due to the intense pain he is experiencing in his head. The return of his memories.

But the worst thing has yet to happen, and it scares him.

Leaving behind the girl he loves for their worlds to coexist...

...Without total annihilation of the Multi-Ponyverse.

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The reason it's only 533 chapters in the previously bit, is because it's finished and it covers a bit I couldn't include in the final chapter of Lucky Chances.

I had to kinda sorta cheat the system a Tiiiiiny bit so that people can see that I am INDEED working on the sequel and will need user feedback on what ya'' think is coming next!

also, what arsehole keeps downvoting?! it's always my first rating feedback.

Beginnings of a great story great job

Thanks! I hope you enjoy coming up with what theories y'all have and I always enjoy great feedback like yours! 😁😁

How many crossovers will this story have?

Do you mean what types, what references or actual shows crossing over? If you want actual crossovers, keep an eye out for the future shorts I'm releasing as part of a future planned short story series.

Crossovers I'm planning:
>Original Worlds (LC's)
>EqG world
>A rnd TF world (reference only, for [SPOILER REDACTED])

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