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Sudden Appearances [on hiatus] - TheOneAndOnlyRhyanSparks

When a concert rolls through, you just have to see it and The Rainbooms got lucky - they get a full backstage pass! But this time? Well, Starlight Glimmer's doppelganger turns up. And that's not the only surprise. Sunset's doppelganger does as well.

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1: Jumping Junipers!

Author's Note:

Well, as you can see, this is a pre-finale Meddling Memories spin-off volume. This story occurs just before the final arc of Meddling Memories, but not in Meddling Memories itself.

At the time I wrote this, I had spoken with some friends in a local creative writing group and have thus decided to remove it from the main book and at least have it referenced a few times, but not exactly focused on throughout the second half of the book.

Main notes:
The dash pun was completely unintentional until I noticed it about half-way through when I was rereading for typos, then decided to keep it in! 😂

If you're looking forward to what happens next, feel free to follow or comment on my work! 😉

If you want more spinoffs, or crossovers, in the future feel free to let me know in the comments! 😄

The bell rang and within seconds, Rainbow Dash immediately appears as one of the first students out of the school as it breaks up for half-term. The rest of the girls follow in tow through the doors shortly after, equally as excited.

"Sweet! School's out and summer is rolling in!". She yells excitedly as the other girls start to walk past her, while she dreams of the gaming and music events she wanted to go and see.

The girls meet up around the statue, discussing classwork, homework and everyday plans. The girls were discussing random things as Dash eventually dashed over. They even get as far as planning out their summer while Twilight was finishing off some last minute optional homework she'd asked for.

"..So ah was just doin' my thing, punchin' the trees with ma super-strength, then as I was workin' on this one tree, I didn't realise Apple Bloom had come out an' was reading her favourite book, on the other side of the tree. An' as ah hit the tree with ma fist, a few apples fell on her head!" Blabbered Applejack. "Her yelps of surprise shocked me so much, ah kicked a raised tree root on accident, makin' more of the apples fall on her!" The girls laughed after she confirmed she was okay.

About a minute after Sunset got a buzz in her special notebook, they slowly but surely stopped talking as the non-existent statue's magical portal shimmers briefly, revealing Starlight Glimmer in a brief flash of silver-ish light. Her look of surprise changes to an excited nervousness as she makes her appearance.

"Uh, hey guys!" She stutters, a hand behind her back as she waves. "I requested for some time with you guys and I was surprised when Princess Twilight agreed, so here I am!" They all group hug, then begin to go over their summer plans as they walk over to the bus stop.

It was a good thing they finished during the lunch period, as they were planning to head into town to visit a place Twilight had suggested. It was one of her own little areas of privacy and wonder. The eight of them were waiting for the bus, when two of the girls realised they didn't have enough to travel with them.

"I'm very sorry girls. I can walk home and go with you some other time." Fluttershy murmurs behind a bit of her hair that had fallen in front of her face as she backs away by a step or two. "I was really looking forward to seeing the surprise too."

"I don't have anything that would count as money for the bus, as either." Starlight added, giving an honest response that earns her a few looks of curiosity. Mainly from Twilight.

"Aww! Bummer! I was hoping to see how loudly quiet I could be!" Pinkie replies, getting a group of quizzical looks towards her, except for Twilight, who wanted to facepalm so hard. "whaaaat? ... OHHhhh... I was talking about chinese whispers on the bus!" She added innocently, pulling out a small tub of marshmallow paste from her hair then starts eating it.

"Don't worry you two, I'll pay for both tickets." Sunset butts in, after everyone just broke out giggling, reaching into her backpack.

"Ah still don't get it." Applejack blurted, looking down at her feet as the bus could be heard approaching.

"What don't you get?" Sunset asks, turning to look at her as she pulls out a few notes and handing them out to the two girls.

"I know it's a touchy subject, but I still can't work out how ya were able to afford your own place, your entry into CHS, AND still have enough left over to the point you'd be worried of splurging it on one of us."

"Oh, it's nothing really. But if I'm willing to talk about it, all you need to do is ask. It's a bit of a touchy subject." Reaching behind her head, feeling awkward and a bit shielded at the thought.

"Will do. Uh, for rememberin', that is! And sorry for bringin' it up Sunset. Ah just couldn't help ma-self."

"It's fine. No, really, it's fine!" As a few worried looks from Fluttershy and Applejack looked her way.

"Well, it's not like ah'm expectin' t'see our friend Rhyan anytime soon. Haven't exactly heard from him for a while. Hope he's doing alright."

Right as Applejack mentions his name, Rarity's book vibrates from within her bag with a message from him. Applejack just facepalms as the rest of the girls just laugh while Rarity fumbles with the book as she races to get it out. The book itself looked similar to Sunset's with three diamonds embroidered on the front with two red lightning bolts behind it, all but looking a bit thicker and a lot more modern in appearance with the lack of thick leather covers. Sunset was glad that Princess Twilight could come up with a book that closely matched a notebook from this world and imbue it with connection magic.

The girls all crowded onto the bus, sitting near the back of the bus as it took off slowly for the nearby city of Canterlot. Ignoring the start of the message, she started to read out his message for the friends that couldn't see it. Good thing the bus was mostly filled with other students at CHS, so they weren't at all worried about talking openly.

Hey RayRay x

"I'll be finishing my school year someday soon hopefully and wanted to give you and the girls a heads up! 😉 (School in my world sucks without you! 🖤)

"Everything here is boring and sometimes I look back through the photos of all of us and either wish you were here, or that I was with you! it's not fa My cousin has met her actual parents now. Neither of us can explain why we still have our abilities, but besides that, I hope you're all having a good time!

"I hope I timed this right, as I hope you have a brilliant summer! Say hi to everyone for me, I'll be back soon!"

love Rhyan x💜x

Rarity smiled softly at the badly drawn but very sentimental purple-coloured heart, and lightly giggled at the rest of the message when she reread it to herself.

"Well, talk about timing!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "He couldn't have timed that any better! This summer is going to be awesome!"

"Yeah, ah can't wait to see what this place is we're going to. I just hope it's good enough for all of us."

They continued to blabber about the number of things they usually discussed, with Sunset's stories from Twilight in Equestria and teasing Rarity with her bond to Rhyan, until the bus arrived in the city a few minutes later. Surprisingly, Sunset spotted a new friend leaving the bus ahead of them, it was recently revealed that a friend of Starlight's from this world lived in the popular apartment complex nearby.

"I'll catch you guys in a bit!" Yelled Sunset, as she skittered off into the building after her, dragging Starlight along with her.

The girls all displayed confusion at her impromptu disappearance, before Twilight decided to take them with her by guiding them to the book store, not letting on that Crystal Prep was nearby either.

"What are we doing here, Sunset?" Questioned Starlight, rubbing off some unusual layer of dust from her jeans as she followed her through the lobby.

"I just wondered if you'd like to bring along an old friend to our new meetup place. That's all." Was the quickest response she'd got all day while Sunset frantically searched almost the entire lobby floor until she spotted Juniper heading for the staircase.

Catching up to her, Sunset calls out her name excitedly and Starlight immediately knows who else is coming on their little trip.

"Wait, Sunset?" A surprised but excited, slightly nasally voice calls out from just up the stairs.

"Oh My God! Starlight! Sunset!" Came the voice of none other than Juniper Montage as she bounds down the steps to hug them.

Only to trip on the last step and tumble into both of the girls, leaving the three of them in a not so quiet scene of them sprawled over the floor in a flurry of giggle fits.

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When's the next chapter???

Sometime around when I finish the sequel so that this spin-off actually makes a LOT more sense in terms of the time it's been since Rhyan got his memories back and can run between dimensions.

First book: lucky Chances
Sequel: Meddling Memories
Sequel Spin-off: This book

Hope this helps 😂

Why did I read the "Rainbooms" as the "Rickroll"? 🤣


Haha :rainbowlaugh:
And fyi, when I finally get to the right point in the Meddling Memories arc, when I skip this story event over the following spring break/or towards the end of the summer break mentioned at the start of MM, I'm going to return to working on this as well! :raritywink:

I would LOVE for any of my works to get featured! I'm glad you're enjoying them to the extent that they need to be featured! 😁

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