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This story is a sequel to Never The Final Word (Vol. 1)

As with its predecessor, this is an open anthology of minifics which continue or revisit other authors' fanfics—embracing and extending, and reflecting on questions raised by the work. Due to the nature of the collection, this contains spoilers for other authors' stories, though each chapter contains a link to let you read the source first (and a spoilered summary, if you want to jump right in.)
Note that spoilers in author's notes do not currently work. As such, using the Light color scheme is strongly recommended to keep the source spoilers unseen by those who wish to avoid them.

And remember, if you find a comment fic somewhere on the site, submissions via DM are always open!

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Oh boy, this looks fun. I'll definitely read Volume 1 first and all the other stories. Here's to hoping that they're not too long, I've already got libraries stuffed to bursting...

I don't know what's more disturbing: the truth that I have no memory of ever having written a story which could go onto this collection -- or the concept that I got a story in at two hundred and thirty-nine words.

@#$% you, somewhat-less-evil twin! @#$% YOU!

Some ponies don't deal with with changes in history.

This was a really solid take on such a goofy premise. Bravo.

*Snickers* That wasn't so complicated. Rat really isn't as low class as others claim, I'd think.

Now cat on the other hand would taste awful, she must've been very desperate.

8470095 But they do such exceptional work..

And here's to Dotted meteing out proper justice

I'm pretty sure that Comma Chameleon is a monster in Kingdom of Loathing...

Indeed, and an excellent rationalization of how and why Pinkie is so stretchy!

This is Starlight Glimmer. This is Starlight Glimmer on hard drugs.

(They're crystals, they're bound to be pretty hard.)

Sometimes, "It was all a dream!" actually makes sense and works for the story. Especially when you have Princess Moonbutt around!

It's not really the wiping her muzzle with the tattered remains of the hayburger which spook the serving mares, it's the sheer enthusiasm which she dives into the order which has made several of the servers consider bringing a long stick from which they can suspend her meal and deliver it to her from a safer range.

"Princess, if you could at least open the catsup packages before applying them to the burger..."

Oh man, I'd forgotten I did the second part of this. :twilightblush:

This is a really poignant twist on the original. I love how it wraps entirely around the far side of the punchline and peels the humor back to show us the concept's beating heart.

I still have a fond spot in my heart for the straight-faced goofiness of this one. :heart:

(Mostly, though, I'm commenting because if anyone wants to address a comment to this chapter's author, they can tag me here, and FOME won't have to pass the message along.)

Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon,

Desu! DESU! DESU! *beats the author repeatedly over the head with a kawaii tsundere waifu-chan*

From the fact that Twilight believes her current lack of male genitalia to be a problem, I can only infer that she reads FIMFiction with "View Mature" turned off. :rainbowwild:

Ah, how this one makes me miss Soufriere. Hopefully we'll see him return soon...

Now my head is full of visions of Alicorn Catgirl Limestone-chan. :rainbowlaugh: (Er, I mean, like, more than usual...) :rainbowderp:

If this is a continuation of a story which used National Princess Week as a mashup source ... I really have to wonder about the nature of those Yakyakistan "negotiations".

:trollestia: :duck: 🍖

Rarity was silent for some time.

"That does complicate matters," she finally said. "But I believe I may have a solution in everyone's best interest."

"Look, I really promise I won't eat your next pet," Twilight said. "I'll Pinkie Pie swear."

"That won't be necessary," Rarity said, a smile slowly spreading. "Just help me find a legal way to adopt Prince Blueblood."

Five minutes later everyone realized to their horror that commas had been once again banned.

Sometimes I’m sad and then I remember someone wrote ridiculous fanfiction of my ridiculous fanfiction and I’m not sad. Thank you again for writing this.

It's turtles all the way down.

At least until Twilight gets hungry.

Where are you finding these? I didn't even remember I'd written this! :derpyderp2:

It was on the "To Post" list you sent me, though even there, you noted it was an old one.

… Oh, right. :facehoof: I remembered glancing through the list long enough to note I had two there, and assumed the first two chapters were it.

Yeah, I can believe the Mayor would do that.

After all, this is a world where princesses raise the moon and the sun. There are exceptions for the laws of physics; similarly, while equine nature closely resembles human nature, there are clearly exemplars which transcend that in Equestria, and this is less about human nature and more about our better angels.

"Luna chewed her coffee thoughtfully" is one of those sentences that just fits so much in five words. :rainbowlaugh:

And it's always a pleasure to see Dotted Line channelling Vimes.

Aww, it's so great to see this up! Though, I should probably point out that I'm 'Ice Star' and just using a spoopy name for the season, so it would be best to list me under that name.

I'm tempted to suggest that the sisters talk to Cadance about trading off babysitting duties. However, given what we've seen of Flurry Heart in the show, I think Cadance would be getting the better deal out of that one. :derpytongue2:

My new headcanon is that that honeymoon is how Twilight and Shining's parents came to the attention of Celestia in the first place. And that Celestia's personal involvement in that insanity was so much fun that she decided on the spot to put all their future children on the path to royalty.

How this ties in to Sunset Shimmer's exile is left as an exercise for the reader.

I was going to say that this is the first commentfic I've ever seen by an author for their own work, but there's precedent.

And I love that this picks up the original fic's best running gag and runs with it in an entirely different direction. :eeyup:

The main story occurs in continuity without Flurry Heart, but there is a sequel where the egg hatches! :pinkiehappy:

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