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A character with good intentions is often the villain in their story. The difference between a visionary and a villain is society's perspective on them.


The Rainbooms were bored. It was summer, hot, and none of their friends had any idea as well what to do. To that end, Fluttershy and Pinkie begin scrolling through the internet for stuff to laugh at. However, in their quest to lose their boredom, they find a few interesting facts about Sci-Twi from her days before Crystal Prep...

Now, their friend is a drinker, a felon, and a girl who doesn't give two ****s about anything else, only egged on more by the introduction to some of Twilight old friends. What just happened?

Friendships will be tested, secrets will be spilled, and the school itself will be shaken. When the dust settles, the Rainbooms will have to ask themselves one question: "Do they really know who Twilight is?"

And you know, the Shadowbolts are also there, for the lol's

Loosely based off of The real Rarity. I liked the idea about Rarity having a secret about her true accent and put a spin on it for Twilight (It isn't about her accent though)

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.... This..... Has my interest.

Very interesting:rainbowwild:

Something tells me this is going to go POORLY.
I hope i have popcorn by the time we get to see.

Things are about to get really interesting:rainbowkiss:

Is it bad that i imagine Midnight to be a separate person that just happens to "coexist" with Twilight?
I honestly see Pinkamena and Pinkie as having a similar dynamic.

If you are referring to the Midnight from the Friendship Games, you would be correct in your assumption.

However, this 'Midnight' is not like that. She isn't her own being that co-exists with Twilight, but rather IS Twilight under a different personality matrix

I mean...sure?

Sure. Identical twin w/ a different personality. That works

I really don't understand it any other way.

Darn... I don't have popcorn.

In that case is it something like the different sides we show people.
Is more of right brain, left brain. Ego/id type deal?

That makes more sense than the whole identical twins with opposite personalities and interests i was thinking.

I like the new cover art.

Thanks. I was scrolling through DeviantArt. This looked like a good mix of Twilight and Midnight (Considering I don't want/can't commission a drawing).

Also, I'll have an update to this story by Wednesday, keep an eye out for that.

Actually, has to be pushed off to tomorrow or Friday. I got grounded and barred from using electronics for personal reasons (Sans homework). I haven't had time to finish the ending, so we have to push that off.

this series of events is going to get worse and a lot funnier before it gets better.
that much is obvious.

the question is how bad will it get?

Comment posted by TwinAttorney864 deleted February 27th

Worse, yes.

Funny? Ummm... Depends on what you find funny

Let the fun begin:pinkiecrazy:

let's see how far it goes before things improve.

Hah! iMPrOve?!?

My suggestion, DJWolfyK, is for you to sit down and pop some bags of popcorn, cause you'll be waiting awhile...


You know, that would be a cool way to showcase her alternate persona. Certainly better than having her dress like a hooker

How is pony Twilight going to feel about all of this?

Everyone that is waiting for an update on this fic: Read This

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