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    Everything is cancelled

    My interest in writing MLP is gone, no thanks to school (Standardized tests suck) and a general inability to follow a decent update or writing schedule. Sorry to disappoint you :(

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  • 33 weeks
    Forgot to mention

    One more thing, I'll post one more fic.

    The Renaissance Contest I said? I'll be putting in a submission for that. My last sendoff to FiM I guess

    I'm sorry, I just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, and now I'm feeling sad because of that.

    If you need to see me after I threw everything on hold, try and check out the Overwatch fandom in AO3, I might poke in there sometime

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    So, I know I said I'd come around to update every day, but right now, I'm feeling moot.

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    End of year BS.

    I wish school can be over with

    Next Cheer Princess chap will be out tmrw or I'll del my youtube channel

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    Cheer Princess update

    Alright, so I gotta push the next Cheer Princess chap back till tomorrow. Why? Because I need to set up the next major event in the fanfic, and I am having a hard time debating on Halloween or the Fall Formal or Thanksgiving, as depending on what I choose, I could write the fic in an entirely new direction.

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*Sadness* · 3:45pm May 29th, 2021

So, I know I said I'd come around to update every day, but right now, I'm feeling moot.

I had a cup of coffee, and a notebook where I keep basic plot ideas in, all ready to go, and threw up FiMfiction to check what's been going on before I start writing, and then I saw the Renaissance Contest blog post, where we're supposed to write about a coming-of-age fic where we connect the time after FiM to the new Gen 5 coming in September.

And, I guess it finally sunk in, that FiM is practically dying.

People will say it's not, that as long as there is still time, people will still like the fandom and it'll never die, but c'mon, let's be real :fluttershysad:

Everyone is already migrating to newer, up-to-date fandoms of new shows, or they're prepping for Gen 5. There's barely anyone still around in the fandoms, and it feels like that every day more and more people are stopping work on FiM.

Now, I'd love to write more, I really do. I want to continue the multiverse adventure of Uncharted and The Group, I want to see Celestia and Sunset fight each other and compete for popularity in High School. I want to see Sunset stand defiantly as she rises against the oppressive rulers she once called friends, and as she smiles and cheerfully continues on her new, amnesiac life in Mountaintop.

But there's just no drive, no ambition to continue when every day, so fewer people are there to see it, to talk with you and interact with you about the fandom. I mean, it's the very reason why I took up The Empresses because CrossRedstone probably got a job now and had too little time to work on his fic.

I won't leave the fandom, that is set in stone. I love FiM with my heart, and the day I leave it is the day I have to suck up to a corporate boss, but until I see what Gen 5 has to offer, and I see where the fandom will go following the release of it, I probably might just throw everything on hold and will just...read instead of creating.

Well, less 'create' and more post, because I need to do something to pass time when I'm bored, and my school consular once suggested during one of our routine quarterly check-ups that I go ahead and write. If I ever get the time, I'll be sure to post them, but until then...

"That's the way it is..."

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Well fuck I love your writing alot shame to see ya stop writing for what appears to be a long time. But I still disagree with the Fandom dieing, if all those cartoon network shows and valve games still are alive fim will live on too

Thanks dude. If Gen 5 goes well, we could see a return to the Fandom and I may come back if I have the time

Really enjoy your stories. Hope you find some inspiration to continue soon. Was thinking about adapting some stories for editing. :fluttercry:

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