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A character with good intentions is often the villain in their story. The difference between a visionary and a villain is society's perspective on them.


Yeah Yeah Yeah, you already heard this. I found a fic that wasn't finished and decided to continue it. Some of you may be angry at me, some of you may be pissed at me. But in all honesty, do I really care what some people on the internet say if they cap lock an angry message?


So, yeah. This is a continuation of The Empresses by CrossRedstone. As per my morals, the original chapters will not be posted here, nor will I remake them here. Do you want to figure out what's going on? Read the original fic first (I linked it above)

The one who made the pictures.


Around four years ago a couple of mugs tried to rob Sunset Shimmer, severely injuring her in the process. In the hospital, she stayed in a coma, until four years later she wakes. However the world has changed drastically in those four years, namely magic is now her thing and her friends rule the world.

(Depending on how wacked I am in the head, I may amend this to a M-rated fic and add some death and gore and torture scenes in this. But, until you see that big red M, this will be a teen fic)

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Thank the gods for you bro. I honestly hope you do more continuation fics from authors that decided to leave the site/disappeared thanks bro alot

Very happy to see a continuation of this.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted April 30th
Comment posted by Pete100 deleted April 30th

Well, at least we get a few explanations on things.

Well, this is just my explaination. What CrossRedstone had actually planned for I don't know, but this is my take on what would happen

Although it wasn’t explained much, at least it’s better than nothing.

"We've had some major corporations move in since you slipped into a coma," Fluttershy said softly, not wanting Sunset to hear the betrayal in her voice. While Sunset was able to see clear skies and a beautiful city skyline for miles, Fluttershy wished she could say the same thing. To Sunset, this was a viewing deck, with other patients around her that were just chatting or playing with each other. To her left, she could see some nurses chatting with each other as their patients conversed, while to her right she could see a decently-sized field where some patients were going for a small walk-a-round. Behind her, nurses would come in and out of the elevators moving things like medicine and other medical equipment around.


"Good." She said with a tone of finality in her voice. The tone signaled only one thing to the rest of the people present. Celestia and Twilight only gave the servant a look of pity, before turning away. They had seen Midnight do this before, and weren't willing to watch it twice. Despite not knowing what's going to happen, Luna realized the signal her sister was giving her, and turned away as well. The rest of the Empresses, meanwhile, began to back away from Twilight, and knowing what she was about to do, Fluttershy signaled for the guards to throw up their shields, which they did in haste.

Wow. That’s f*cked up.

The servant began trembling in fear, and litirally pissed himself on the spot as Midnight brought out he personal weapon. A ornate amathyst scythe emblazoned with Midnight's personal cutie mark. She slowly brought the tip of the balde to the servants nose, before giving him a sickingly sweet smile. "Did you know, I personally learned where all 206 bones are in a persons body for this very reason?"

It...was not quick for the servant.

You know what? I’m not going to regret seeing sunset hate them.

Betrayal in that she's intentionally lying to Sunset about what's truly going on w/ the rest of the world

The rest of what you said is pretty self-explanatory

Ohh. I thought she felt betrayed at first.

I hoped so.

What did I just read?

Really? That’s what Morse code looks like?

Yeah, just dots and dashes. You usually listen to them on a radio as short and long blips of sound, though in this case I wrote it out for you so you can throw it in a Morse code translator

How do I do that?

Find a Morse code translator This is the one I used) and copy all of the dots and dashes into it to translate it into words.

Than, because I made it to as authentic as you can write Morse code, ignore the start and end of each sentence, the ones that are just nonsense. Those are used as deterrents to any one listening in and serve no purpose to the actual message.

Lastly, use the Wikipedia article I linked to understand the prosigns. Those are the single letters that are thrown in there, and are used to shorten down a longer sentence.

Example: K = Copy


I found this helpful. Still not sure of much else though.

You solved it?

Not entirely, but I sort of know what's going on.

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Communications between different places and "Our Town", which I assume is related to Starlight's resistance, about something important being moved.

Is that the entire message?

Not sure, but at least most of it.

Because, I tried to translate it myself, but it didn’t go so well.

I think that this chapter might've been a bust. What did you get as your translation?

I may have did it wrong but it basically just showed me a copy of the code.

This is correct. To clarify, Omega is an inside agent that the resistance planted at Midnight's castle for a completely different reason, but was slated to remain after the existence of Sunset (Target DD or Daybreakers Daughter) was revealed and Starlight's command found it worthwhile to keep watch over her.

Who’s omega?

The Morse code. But, I probably did it wrong.

Remind me in the future that Morse Code won't work as a decent chapter writer.

But anyway, had the morse code worked properly, you would have gotten a conversation between an operator only going by Omega, and their commanding officer about the state of their mission and target DD, which is Sunset

And you said it involves daybreaker?

Heres hoping Comrade Starlight made based Communist Guerilla utopia in the mountains.

So Sunny is Daybreaker/Celestia's daughter? POG I love that trope so damn much

Not really. The reason why I (And by extension, the people conversing) use DD as a code for Sunset was that, in most instances, Celestia was portrayed as a mother figure to Sunset, so it would be a good way to refer to Sunset without explicitly saying her name. Daybreaker (More on her in later chapters) as a person is not relevant to the conversation

I mean, that would be a good trope, but horribly overused and I could think of 7 separate ways I could mentally break Sunset by having her mother as a evil villain so I dunno

Ok. Also, I’ll be sure to remind you.

Let's not get into Starlight's political ideology just yet. Depending on if she was a communist or a socialist, I could write her as a Totalitarian Dictator or a Democratic President so I don't want to dig down that rabbit hole yet

I wonder who this omega is?

Is it a character we’ve seen?

Yeah. I've never been one for OC's.

And they’re undercover?

Ok. I think I know who it is now.

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