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Due to an editing/publishing error, all of Twilight's friends have now 'officially' died of old age. This leaves an immortal Twilight to grieve over the tragedy of how she outlived all of her friends and will continue to do so for the rest of her eternal life.

Seeing the obvious pain that this news is having on Twilight, Princess Celestia moves to console her with the help of her supposedly-but-actually-not-really-deceased friends.

Cover image belongs to Shawnyall.

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I liked this. I would have added a few things or made it longer, but this was good

I think that they all live forever, and am glad to see one fic that doesn't go with that 5 dead best friends path. Seeing as they were infused with their respective elements, all elements need to be present to activate the rainbow power, and because it would be too sad for a kids show. It's like "let's focus on dark depressing things in a fanfiction that make bronies cry because... Um... reasons..."

An excellent choice to read for my last story of the night! Imma go check out your other stuff now....

I enjoyed this. The comedy and whole temperament of the piece really hit the mark, and it was very well written. Time to go read the rest now.

Excellently done! I agree with the concept entirely (in fact, irritation at the time of the prevalence of sad immortality fics made me write the one and only pony fic I've managed myself).

Superb work.

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Thank you, I hope you guys enjoy my other works as much as you enjoyed this one.

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Thank you, and yes, I am very much aware of the prevalence of sad, immortal Twilight stories on this site. Their prevalence is one of the major reasons why I not only wrote this fic, but also why I created the Tutelary Spirit universe in the first place; I wanted to give us bronies a happier alternative to this immortal fan theory of ours.


Thank you, but I kept this story short to attract more readers to my Tutelary Spirit universe, as the two fics that I'd written for the universe (both over 10,000 words), while rated high, had been rather low in popularity. Of course, I've mostly just written this story because it was fun.

Great story!

This *is* part of the Tutelary Spirit universe right?


Yes, but don't expect it to ever get mentioned in any further installments. This was mostly just for fun.

Wait... :rainbowhuh: Tutelary Spirit universe... :pinkiegasp: There's more stories involved here? :yay:
I'm following you.


Links are in the author's notes.

Incredible. Simply incredible. XD

Brilliant! Keep up the good work!

Twilight is not Immortal.

Comment posted by Purgamentum deleted Nov 15th, 2014

"Twilight" Rarity asked "Where's Spikey Wikey?":raritywink:
"He's writing a romance novel ":twilightsheepish:
"OH DEAR":raritydespair:

Hey, Twilight, I can think of another believable way for you to turn evil for an alternative history story. It involves Spike becoming a victim of massive fear and hate as he starts to grow into an adult, and all of your friends joining with you in a crusade against the 'social injustice' by conquering Equestria and compelling all citizens to bow before the seven of you...and a lot of racy scenes between Spike and various conquered 'slave mares'...and the six of you.

That aside, fun story.

5273500 The only hint by the writers on Twilight's mortality/immortality was that she would not outlive her friends so if they are all immortal then that statement is still true. One explanation is that since now they are all magically connected to the Tree of Harmony they are all immortal through its power which is what I assume is the source of their immortality in this fic as well.

And you know this HOW?

Well, since I haven't had the opportunity yet to read your other stories, I'm pretty sure I'm missing some of the comedy here (like how the heck the other Main Six are still alive if they AREN'T alicorns)

Asides from that, I liked it, if only because it subverts the whole "Sad Immortal Twilight" thing that seems to skank around FIMFic so much.

The prose was way too purple for its own good. Even if you were being silly at the beginning, sentences like "Currently though, the lavender alicorn's monarchal status did not presently occupy her mind as instead her attention was focused on the specific stained glass window that was before her" are far too overblown for their own good.

Furthermore, this is fan fiction. We know the characters. You don't have to use pronouns and descriptions before they name one another. We'll know who you're talking about.

Finally and most importantly, you spoiled the joke in the story description, thus robbing the story of a critical "Wait, what?" moment at the beginning.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the metacommentary on tropes in alicorn stories. This needs some polish, but it was still a fairly entertaining read.


Thank you, I mean it, really. While I don't entirely agree with your assessment, I would still like to show my appreciation for you giving my story some constructive criticism. I'm of the Ben 'Yahtzee,' of Zero Punctuation fame, way of thinking (my constant watching of his show has caused my inner critic to sound and act like him, much to my everlasting torment), in that no matter how good or well-received a story is, it shouldn't be excused from criticism. I'm a firm believer in that anything and everything can be improved.

So, to show my appreciation, I shall up vote your comment.

5273929 You have to use purple prose when talking of purple unicorns.

Thank you for writing this. It really made my day.


Your welcome. All of these positive comments and up-votes are making my week.

Great little piece. And Twilight (and friends) will probably get a bunch of awkward questions after this.

As far as we know. We haven't seen her die onscreen yet, though.

5274150 I certainly hope we never do. Though, it sounds like an amazing finale, it certainly is not something I expect.

Speaking from experience, living for centuries at a time... is better when you can share such a long life with people and events, both good and bad, happy and unpleasant. Is it better to live forever and surround yourself with friends, lovers and acquaintances and many adventures, a life of memorable moments or to live that same life and hide in the shadows, no one even knowing of your existence?

In my personal experience, the life with friends and deeds is far superior in every way.

You'd think the Princess of Friendship could, you know, make more friends if her old ones died? I mean, seriously, why live on alone when you can make memories with a new generation?


Even when such friends tease you relentlessly.

Thing is, this may be cannon (hear me out). The first evidence is the writers original tweet about how Twilight will not outlive her friends, while this was most likely to mean that the show will never address the issue, if we take it to have narrative value then it implies that either Twilight is not immortal or Twilights Friends will be made immortal with her, I personally think it is the latter.

In the journal of the two sisters I believe it was mentioned that when Celestia first raised the sun, instead of being drained like the unicorns she was revitalized with the implication being that when Alicorns preform their special talent they draw power from it, extending their life. What this means for Cadence and Twilight is that so long as they spread and maintain love and friendship respectively the will stay immortal (also giving them an out, should they want to stop living for some angsty reason). The thing is as bookplayer points out the magic of love and friendship cannot be mastered alone and needs others as a vital component. For Cadence this is Shinning Armor and for Twilight it is her Friends, if the magic of friendship enough to make her immortal then it would make sense that her friends would likewise be bound to her.

The events of season 4 really seem to confirm this form me. The rainbow power is shared between and twilights castle has the six (and a half) thrones which if you watched the season 5 animatic's then you know they need all the element bearers to activate. It would make no sense for the tree of harmony to set things up like that only to have it all become worthless within a century.

Excellent read. The punchline was spoiled from the description, but I gather that it was needed to establish that it wasn't another Immortality Blues sadfic. I found that it worked pretty well anyway.

And it is pretty plausible - given how closely they are tied to Twilight, why shouldn't her friends get their share of power and a greater destiny? I'm also intrigued that you're exploring their paths individually, and will definitely read the other stories.

On the subject of whether the immortality of Twilight or her friends will ever be canon or not, though: it's unlikely that the show will ever reach a point where Twilight will be old enough to test the claim. Unless they do some timeskip or something, she'll probably be a young adult for the story's run, because there's no need for anything else. As such, the writers' stance on the question "Is Twilight immortal?" is likely "It's not relevant, so it could go either way."

Of course, fanfiction will always try to answer the questions, so...

Friends are like pets: they die and you go buy more!

Money buys the best friends! :trixieshiftright:


Thank you, and yes, the description was basically a shout-out to everyone who read it that this was not going to be a sad fic.

why shouldn't her friends get their share of power and a greater destiny?

Sharing is caring, after all. And I hope that you enjoy my other stories as much as you enjoyed this one.


What about magically induced immortality? I'm pretty sure that'd get a good line-up.

I thought this was bloody hilarious! XD I haven't personally read any stories about 'twilight's friends all die so she be sad and might turn evil or stuff like that'... the closest was 'Princess Twilight's 500th/505th birthday', and those were nowhere near sad... plus, discord was the hero of one of them XD

but yeah... honestly, If I was part of some eternal cycle of reincarnation, and knew it, I'd probably joke about being dead too >3>

For the last time, it's been confirmed that Twilight isn't immortal. Either that, or the other 5 elements are ALSO immortal, but it's a fact that "Twilight will not die before her friends".

Nice. :twilightsmile:

An interesting and, I'll be totally truthful here, well needed change to the whole "Immortality of Twilight Sparkle" shindig. The whole "My friends are all gone, but I'm immortal! Woe is me!" thing?

It's, in my honest opinion, a bit overdone. We need more happy/comedic stories, goshdarnit! :facehoof:

(That isn't to say that bittersweet immortality stories are bad... :twilightsheepish: )

All in all, I liked it. 5/5, liked and a brohoof for ya.

I applaud you good sir. There is so much meta in this story I don't even know where to start.


You're not the only one who thinks the trope is a bit overdone in this fandom, just take a stroll down these comments and you shall see.

And a brohoof to you too.

Well that was delightful. I laughed, I cried, I made a sandwich, I did my laundry, I... am getting a little off topic. Seriously though this was a very fun read. I loved how each of the characters acted as each of them remained beautifully in character. I especially loved Rarity's drama queen moment.

So this gets a silver star, an upward facing thumb, and a hope on this end to see you at the next chapter.


Thank you, that was beautiful... and slightly hilarious.
Don't forget to check out the other installments before you meet me at the next chapter.


Either that, or the other 5 elements are ALSO immortal, but it's a fact that "Twilight will not die before her friends".

Are you responding to someone else or did you not read the story?

5274663 Well, you can use that to get the money to buy the friends... When you're immortal you can get all sorts of paid contracts as a mercenary. :trixieshiftright:

Twilight killed her friends on paper. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: Good thing it was caught before somepony killed her friends on even more official documents, after all it was a history book written by Princess Twilight herself.

This definitely brought a smile to my face. And it has turned me towards reading the stories set in the universe you've created.

9/10 would read again !


"Twilight will not die before her friends".

Since Twilight is immortal, she obviously will not die before her friends :twilightsheepish:
Alright, bad hairsplitting joke. But seriously, isn't it the beauty of fanfics to allow people to write what they think would be a great story set in their favourite (alternate) universe?
Don't like the premise? Don't read.

5275498 Well I figured those would be the most likely chapters for me to see you next at. After work...

Good fic.

Some typos:

And then Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and the Element of Magic, closed her eyes, slowly raised her hoof before her, and proceeded to plant her face into it's sole,

its sole,

"Well, shucks, at least you're bein' thorough, Sugarcube," commented a southern twang accent.


"but your book was 'official' and I've learned that it's best not to argue with 'official' things, especially if their books,

they are books

Pinkie giggled, "brain-food! OM NOM NOM NOM!" the party pony then proceeded to playfully pretend that she was biting into Twilight's skull,

....OM NOM NOM NOM!" The party pony....

Since I've been around for quite awhile this attitude has caused quite a lot of early history to go ...undocumented.

for (...) a while


"Well, shucks, at least you're bein' thorough, Sugarcube," commented a southern twang accent.


It's 'a southern twanged accent commented.' if I do so remember correctly.:trixieshiftright:

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