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Alicorns are immortal. Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi are not.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has no intention of going through life without her dearest friends...

Even if she has to do something extremely questionable to make that happen.

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I swear I've read this story before... :applejackconfused:

this story... I love it.

5372782 There are more than likely a few similar ones floating around, including one very sweet little story I found while I was waiting for this to pass moderation.

so exactly how are they in their. Can they affect the outside world or what?

Fwelin #6 · Dec 12th, 2014 · · 3 ·

Genius! Now that Twilight has her friends in her forever, she can use the full power of the Elements of Harmony/Rainbow Power whenever she wants, with no risk of compatibility problems like Celestia ran into.

Equestria is safe forever!

5372819 I'll leave that to the reader to speculate on.

Omg... i almost cried... this is so beautiful and sad XD you are so talented at writing with feels! lol

5372864 Well, the point of this isn't "how does the spell work", it's...well...does it? :pinkiecrazy:

5372893 Not asking how the spell works but how the mare exist in her. Does she throw parties, occasionaly tend wether or fashion shows?

So, wait...does that mean the other five now live as tulpas inside Twilight's mindscape?

5372917 Like I said, it's a thought exercise for the reader. Kind of like how you're supposed to wonder whether or not the entire plot of Total Recall was all just a dream. :twilightsmile:

That would work...

Except the bit where Applejack hears 'familiar voices from long ago' as she's absorbed makes it quite blatant that - if nothing else - an echo of everything they were is inside her and capable of interacting.

I'm having a hard time typing this because of the tears in my eyes.
Wonderful job, and it's nice to see her friends go willingly.

"Let the rainbow remind you, that together we will alwaaayyysss shiiiiiiiinneeee."

That was so sad....but also beautiful...I don't know whether I'm upset or glad I read it.... it almost takes away the pain I still feel of my brother's passing on.

You know, this has great potential for more writing. I mean, think about it- if the rest of the Mane Six are still alive, how does that work? Do they see through Twilight's eyes and hear through her ears? Can they speak to her in her head? Can Twilight temporarily cede control of her body to them? How does this affect Twilight's psych?

Also, what about Celestia and Luna? Did they ever attempt something like this?

So many questions, and so much potential!

Still, this was an excellent oneshot, I must say. Great work, as always.

Wow. This is... Wow. There's a lot to unpack here, many levels of relative right and wrong. The reactions of Twilight's friends nicely reflect my own. Knee-jerk disgust mellowing over time into acceptance, if not approval. At least, that's my forecast. I'm still mostly in the first stage.

A disquieting piece. Thank you for it, Moth. Anything that makes me feel this much is very good indeed.

A simple idea, yet still well done.

I'm not a big fan of these immortality sob stories, but this was certainly something, certainly raising questions about the ethics behind finding ways of omitting death. Can't say I agree with them. After all...

"End?....No, the journey doesn't end here. Death...is just another path.
One that we all must take."


See, this right here is the primary reason Twilight should NEVER have become an alicorn!

She's as mentally unstable and incapable of coping with death as the people who write these things!


5373923 I know this was meant in jest, but seeing as I've lost a mother, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother during my lfietime, and have only two living blood relatives left...actually kind of offended. :unsuresweetie:

5373933 And you think I haven't lost friends and family?

I'm simply over thewhole angst thing. It's pointless and counterproductive, so I shut those brain regions off.

Hope Twilight doesn't go nuts with five other voices in her head.

What was that old saying? Hell is an eternity trapped with your friends.


Sudden Dragon Ball abridged flashbacks....

I have a heart of jello, but nerves of steel. I do feel the emotions, but I just can't react.

Hold us secure behind the gates
Of saving flesh and bone
Lest we should dream what Dream awaits
The soul escaped alone

This idea actually seems rather much like a good one to me, the idea of using magic like this to allow all of them to live forever (kind of reminds me of ADAM-recycling in Bioshock 2).

Very nicely done. This would certainly be a way to escape death, provided everyone who was "merged together" was okay with it.

As far as I'm concerned, the premise of the story is sad, but this is probably the happiest ending it could have had. Well played.

PS: I'm actually for the idea of living forever. I study computer science and mind uploading in college and I plan on essentially doing this although I plan on taking the mind, turning it into computer code, and then putting that code into a robot which could be maintained, unlike flesh which can't be maintained, so stories like this where immortality actually can be seen as a saving grace of sorts sit well with me.

Six friends journeyed in a dark forest.
Six friends played in life together.
Cried together.
Fought together.

Then they died one by one.
One was blessed or cursed with eternal life.
And when she was forced to come to the realization that she would outlive her friends...
She sought a way to cheat death.

Six friends journeyed through life together.
Five died and one lived.
But that one lived for the six of them.
At the cost of herself.
But now, the six are one and the one are six.
Live, play, die, love, and frolic in life forevermore till the end of eternity and time.

I don't mean to be harsh, but, depending on what you mean by "angst", I feel that sort of response might be simply deferring pain for later. Not necessarily a good thing. You have to come to grips with some things or live life halfway in unreality.

All things are forgotten eventually.

It'd be humorous if they influenced her in subtle ways, like suddenly leaving right in the middle of things to go for a long flight to somewhere... or randomly scheduling parties at irregular interval. You know, that sort of stuff. The kinds of things where you wonder what on earth you were thinking afterwards. Make her a bit unstable, so to speak.

Part of me wants Twilight to die/kill herself/not live or something. Anything else that's less than properly moving on doesn't seem like a useful ending to a story.

Comment posted by StormyVenture deleted Dec 12th, 2014

5372804 Well I can see why. Twilight's plan was after all.... perfect.

Short, and very familiar, but still a great, emotion inducing story. Two thumbs way up :twilightsmile:

It's kind of ambiguous whether she's actually saving them or just absorbing their power under the context of saving them, since the reader gets no confirmation either way except Twilight's word who may or may not be going insane.

it may have been just a quickie, but its well writen and on par with some of ur more well known works, plus, this is a popular question to ask. "Twi is immortal, but her friends arnt...whats she going to do?"


She's probably more mentally stable than Luna, what with the whole eternal night thing over jealousy. If we take the comics into account, then she's also probably right on par with Celestia's whole, "endangering two worlds against the wishes of her old friend because she couldn't stand a 1000 years without her sister". Then there's Discord's whole shtick which is pretty much instability personified. Then dragons in general who live a long time and seem to be massively unstable creatures that can be possessed by greed.

Out of all the current canon long lived characters, emotional instability seems to be pretty common, Twilight fits right in with the emotional outbursts of the other immortal (or quasi-immortal depending on how you interpret it) characters. Besides, an emotionally stable immortal is a boring immortal, nobody wants to watch a character live a 1000 years without at least some personality quirks.

This was REALLY dark. Like, It hit the flashback and it got really really dark. I thought in the end she would re-incarnate them or something...

I didn't find this story dark at all. Sad, yes, but it was also beautiful.
Twilight is the Princess of Friendship, and what kind of Princess of Friendship would she be without her friends?

One in all, all in one. That is the key.

So did Twilight's friends become ONE with her, or did she just devour them?


But that wouldn't be you. It would be your CLONE that lives for a MUCH LONGER time than you. Sure, it'll have all your memories and thoughts, but it won't BE you. It'll be your offspring that's immortal (not really, machines and data wear down eventually too, you're just giving your clone a long life to experience and learn more of the world with your memories and thoughts as a starting point).

celestia's what now?

Seems pretty clear to me - all explained shortly after she does her thing on RD.

The story could probably be a little more demonstrative about how this actually pans out between Twilight's ears to clear some of the uncertainty about what actually happens.


In the official comics from IDW, there was a series where celestia uses a magic mirror to go to an alternate Equestria with Starswirl the bearded. It had everyone's moralities sort of reversed, so King Sombra was the ruler and a good guy while Celestia and Luna were the villains, when Luna became Nightmare Moon the alternate dimension Luna never did but Starswirl warned against her going to the alternate dimension anymore as it would potentially damage both worlds. Celestia ignores the warning because she couldn't stand being alone without at least some version of Luna to visit, and she was kind of enamoured with the good king Sombra.

The whole thing ends with the pathway being destroyed and celestia being sort of melancholy that she basically caused the whole situation out of youthful foolishness, there was a lot of other stuff, but the whole dilemma boils down to being caused because Celestia wouldn't listen to Starswirl and continued visiting the other world, she eventually wised up, but the damage was done, and eventually caught up to her by the time the events of the comic happen, which gets the mane 6 involved and ends in a fairly bittersweet fashion.

So yeah, Twilight has got a ways to go before she catches up to the magnitude of the mistakes that Celestia and Luna have committed, Lesson Zero is small potatoes compared to Luna pulling a nightmare moon and Celestia almost merging two worlds together because she wanted to hang out with an alternate universe Luna and Sombra.

At what point does Twilight become manic because she has five other personalities raging inside of her?

Interesting one. You could have gone further into the implications of that personality fusion, though.
Maybe an idea for a potential second chapter.

This was a great read and.. i don't know. This made me really happy for some reason, knowing Twilight wouldn't only have Celestia and Luna as she outlived everyone she knows.

Thanks for leaving alot of it to our imagination!


This is me purely (and crappily :facehoof: ) guessing here, but it could be interpreted as Dark since it isn't exactly specified as to what Twilights state of mind is. She could be insane during this story, for all we know.

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