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Third main installment in the Tutelary Spirit universe. Recommended reading order: Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, and Friendship.

In an urban metropolis, many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a young unicorn finds the Element of Generosity. And as the living embodiment of her Element, Generosity, like the rest of her friends, is always willing to guide and teach a pony of Equestria.

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Wow. It was everything I had dreamed it would be and more.
Longma. I don't think I've ever seen that used before for a pony/dragon hybrid, and I don't know why. Its freaking perfect.
And then there was the rest of the world building. Celestia and Discord(I believe that was the implication) had a kid, and so did Luna and someone.

Love Princess and Sentinel

So Shining got some form of immortality? Good for him, I'd always felt that the hardest part of passing on for him would be knowing that he wouldn't be able to protect his wife and sister anymore.

Yay:yay: Really looking forward to the others.

I was blown away by the first one of these stories. I look forward to each new one as they come out because honestly? These are absolutely divine stories. Each one has its own distinct feel and they are so well written. Great job, I may not like Rarity much but this story was fantastic. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

Hmm.. 3 down, 3 to go! So far, perfect record of faves! :twilightsmile:

I do also like the quick insertions of world building into this episode. It is quite a curious thing indeed.

And Fluttershy's eyes are 'absorbing' huh? Makes me kinda itchy for the next one. :pinkiehappy:

Absolutely lovely writing! I honestly don't know how you manage to weave these almost mundane issues with concepts almost bigger than life over and over again. I always feel like I walk away having gleaned something new each time I read one of these. I also really love the inclusion of a pony graced by Loyalty; it really makes the whole world feel interconnected between all your stories. Just, fantastic work!

Yet another in a series I am very fond of. Jolly good.


As always, this was a wonderful story. If I have a complaint, though, I feel like Thrift sort of...went out of focus for a good chunk of the story.
I'm also curious as to who Rhea's father is. And I find it cute that Spike and Rarity still have a thing after all these years. Is the longma one of their kids, or...?

Great job. I love this universe you've created. I was wondering, is Familiar Opal based on the Maneki Neko legend?

Just... just going to ignore the Discolestia there. Right into the vault. Now I can love Kirins.

A few errors, but I am absolutely loving these stories. A lesson on -accepting- generosity, that's an entirely new one on me.


That was beautiful!!

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cough! Excuse me...
In all seriousness though, I'm glad that all of you loved my story and prior stories. I take great pride in weaving in the morals, world building, and fine characters into my stories, and I'm glad that you guys appreciate that kind of stuff. Thank you.


Thank you, and yes, I can see where you are coming from with Thrift. That's actually the major reason I put that mini-recap in there after Rarity started talking to him.


I took a few creative liberties, but yes.


I know that relationships are a volatile touchy subject in any fanon, and I just want to make it clear that their relationship is about as on-and-off as those of the Greek gods (except more of the actual on-and-off part and less of the cheating on, and flailing of actually-not-so-innocent mortals). Think of it as more of a long-standing, casual relationship of mutual compassion than that of anything you'd see in a Romeo & Juliet play.


Something about Discolestia brings a consistent shudder of revulsion with it in my case. It's fairly alarming! That aside, I suppose it is just easier to imagine them as Pantheon figures, and we all know how the Greeks partied it up. I am going to say it's a bit of a welcome and interesting culture shock that Grecian-styled deific figures give birth to a race derived from Chinese divine-beasts.


That aside, as far as the Thrift being out of focus bit, I actually enjoyed that. These stories don't feel like they're meant to focus around a 'main character' going to meet the goddesses. But rather we're observers sticking our faces into the scrying pool to view interesting and relatively minor personal events surrounding the Elements and people they've imparted their wisdom to. These wouldn't be as poignant if this story was -about- Thrift, the same with Bourbon and Jazz. More that it felt they were the vessel of our perspective, rather than the focal point of the tales.


I like to think of it as globalization.


Been sitting here for the last few minutes thinking on how to respond to that added edit of yours, and all can say is how spectacularly you've hit the nail on the head in such beautiful lingual form, and I applaud you, sir.

5654484 I thought so. The gold and silver bits, the link with good fortune, and the beckoning itself made me think that.

Enjoyable thank you much.

These stories are truly outstanding masterpieces.
I've read the one about RD and now the one about Rarity.
An incredible unusual yet refreshing take on the whole concept.

Your story telling is superb and the pictures you draw before my inner eye are those of beauty.
Although I have to admit, the pacing get's a little loose, a little slow towards the end it is a wonderful read nonetheless.

Thank you for this masterpiece :twilightsmile:

P.S.: Also a question and I hope the answer won't be a spoiler for a potential future story. But is Twilight, although an Alicorn, mortal just like her friends? It wouldn't be very fair to her if her friends got see their dead other friends again while she had to live on for eternity.

Can't remember if you already mentioned him elsewhere, but it sounds like Shining is still kicking around. Guess Cadence isn't quite willing to let him go, not that he's complaining.

Twilight and Discord?
Just.... ewwww.

And again, I'm somewhat repulsed by the implication that a bunch of mares, no matter how goodhearted, are now running about with godlike powers and passing judgement on other ponies as if from God's own throne...

5655996 I think that (in this universe, of course) they deserve it. Maybe from the basis of vanilla canon, no, but I think this writer does a good job of justifying it.

I think Canis is Celestia's daughter, not Twilight's...

I loved this story, as I have the other two before it. But I have comments, and I hope you won't take them too roughly.

As another has pointed out, the lesson of 'you should accept generosity when it's given' has almost never been done before. Plenty of stories have used Rarity to get a lesson of BEING generous across, but this is a rare gem, and for that, I appreciate it. At the same time I think the lesson itself diminished before the otherwise unrelated worldbuilding, and altogether fell short as a result.

You have created a -wonderful- world and I want to see more of it. But using this story as a vehicle for it seemed... to diminish the story itself. It's hard to describe.

But like I said, I want to see more. I look forward to the next one!

This episode suffers in comparison to the others. It drags on way too long, particularly during Rarity's conversation with the other characters while Thrift is in the room with them. In comparison, the first two stories had a few slightly slow spots, but they generally flowed along quite well.

Generosity problem or not, Thrift needs a smack upside the head for turning down dinner with a couple of friendly, thankful mares.

I have this feeling that Opal considers the entire city to be hers, she's just letting all these ponies live there in return for occasional assistance.

"Shush-shush-shush-shush!" shushed the old mare, placing her feather duster over Thrift's muzzle to thoroughly shush him more effectively, "I'm sure that whatever's going on with you will be resolved without me needing to answer all these questions," she informed him distractedly, "just keep following Opal here and you'll be fine."


Huh, looks like Spike eventually did get the girl (or maybe the girl got him, heh) and spawned a new subspecies in the process.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna flew high in the air, with the Princess of Love and the Princess of Friendship flying just below them. By some form of enchantment, each of the princesses's forms stayed in place as they magically floated in the air.
Thrift had to admit, whoever crafted those marble statues had to have been incredibly talented. On top of accurately crafting the princesses' facial features and flowing manes, the mason also crafted their poses in such a way so that each of their horns would always point to the center floating orb that continually dispensed water into the fountain pool below.

Now that is one impressive sounding statue.

Wow, familiar form Opalescence is scary.

Daughters of Celestia and Luna? Interesting.

Like curtains drawing back to reveal a glittering gem, the mare that was presented by the parted drapes was revealed to be even more beautiful than any gemstone yet found by civilized ponies now or ever. She was the epitome of cultured beauty; her features were elegant, her form was slim, and her natural poise seemed refined to a sophisticated degree. Her glamorous coat was a pure white, like that of a rare pearl shimmering brightly under fluorescent lighting; so brightly was her coat that she seemed to magically have this shining radiance that attracted the attention of all eyes to her.

Breathe, Thrift, breathe!

"Ah, yes," said Rarity fondly, a faraway look in her eyes, "The Official Test of Requirement for the Royal Governance of Equestrian Territories, written and enacted by Princess Twilight Sparkle," she stated naturally before allowing a hint of humor into her tone, "and approved by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna after extensive editing—or as Rainbow Dash and Applejack called it: dumbing down—of the original test by the Council of Harmony."

Hah! Oh, Twilight.

I suppose that in spite of losing a statue, being the site of one of the Element Bearers showing back up must be nothing but a good development for an art museum. All of a sudden you're your own best attraction.

Ooo, I like the idea that Spike's hibernation ties into when the girls leave and come back. Makes sense.

"Oh pshaw, Canis. Don't act so amazed," playfully waved off Rarity in a humble tone of only the most barest sense, "after all, all I did was just turn wine into crystal."

Hahaha! :duck:

The Love Princess and Sentinel? Is Shining Armor one of the immortals hanging around at this point?

Well now, Thrift has some surprises of his own in store.

Heh, sometimes you get a new suit whether you want one or not, as well as the necessary smack upside the head to go back and have dinner.

Fun story, just like the others.


Thank you, I'm glad I'm able to provide such a beautiful reading experience for you. And to answer your question, yes, Twilight does go through the same live & die process as the rest of her friends. In my perspective, she's much closer to what makes her an Element than what makes her an immortal alicorn like Celestia and Luna, and so she follows the same 'rules' as the rest of her friends.

5656286 5656276

Thanks for the praise and criticism. And to be fair, I do admit that the world-building conversations were a bit out of focus and did go a little too long for more than I liked.


I'm glad that you found my story as amusing as I found your comment.


First off, it's Celestia and Discord. And I already addressed this in an earlier comment:

I know that relationships are a volatile touchy subject in any fanon, and I just want to make it clear that their relationship is about as on-and-off as those of the Greek gods (except more of the actual on-and-off part and less of the cheating on, and flailing of actually-not-so-innocent mortals). Think of it as more of a long-standing, casual relationship of mutual compassion than that of anything you'd see in a Romeo & Juliet play.

In short, if you don't like it, don't worry. It's not paramount and they don't really treat it as such.
Second, "passing judgement?" They're not St. Peter in front of the pearly gates deciding who goes into Paradise and who doesn't. Their "judgement" is basically the equivalent of them determining how generous/honest/loyal a pony is and deciding if they deserve the bonus of being graced to go along with the lessons that they're going to get anyways. They're more like divine teachers than divine judges, really.

This was yet another fine piece of work.

Once again, your visuals are both stunning and easy to imagine, from the towering skyscrapers, to the dusty hallway of the apartments, there wasn't a moment in the story when I was lost as to what I should be seeing.
Your world building and characterization in the Tutelary Spirits verse are incredible! You make the Mares of Harmony seem as unattainable as a myth while retaining their character, without any of them (even Rarity) getting an inflated ego. The way you added Spike into the mix and the not-so-subtle hint about where Longma came from fit well into the story as well as the inclusion of the familiars and their purposes. Adding side characters like Iridescence and the ruby-furred mare really help to tie the stories together and make a semi-continuity between them, while also emphasizing on how important the Mares of Harmony are to equestrian society.
As others have said, this story was especially unique in that the lesson on generosity was of receiving it as opposed to giving.

Rarity rolled her eyes, "And I nearly crashed the economy once," she replied disparagingly.

I can't help but think this will be a story, despite it presenting itself as nothing more than a sarcastic response.
All in all, I enjoyed this story and it fits well into the world that you have created. Admittedly, in the canon show i'm not a fan of Rarity, but you have made her likeable to me without diminishing her normal character.
Again, great story, and can't wait for more!


let's near her.


I was crying there towards the end. Great chapter. I really enjoy the world you have created here.

"either of pride or because one does not feel that they deserve it"
That one scratched my front door door frame :eeyup:

Seriously, these linked shortstories are high quality goods on so many levels. :ajsmug:

I'm afraid I'll have to add my voice to the body of dissent I already see here. :fluttershyouch: In my eyes, and for what the story sets out to do, it's just too long.

Don't get me wrong: I still very much liked the story and every story in your series. The world-building is exquisite and beautiful. In that regard, this story is fantastic. Every story needs good world-building, and you've thoroughly concocted a world that's captured my attention. I'll be happy to read any and all the tales you spin in this universe.

This particular story, however, just seems too long. Considering what you intend to do, which is bring another character under the loving guidance of an Element, you really don't need 20,000 words to do that. For instance, the entire interaction with Canis and Rhea, while interesting, seemed rather unnecessary. I honestly couldn't think of any reason for those characters to exist in this story besides to provide an opportunity for Rarity to display her generosity. And considering what the story premise is, I really don't think you need to do that.

Note that I specified that these characters shouldn't exist in this story. There's no reason for them not to exist in another one where they are the focus, or at least more relevant to the plot.

Granted, I may be a little biased here. I come from a science background, where writing is incredibly dense and every single word counts. Eloquence actually can't exist in science; there's no room for it. It's replaced with precision and concision instead. From that stance, while filtering out the unnecessary bits and leaving only the parts essential for the core of the plot, I feel that this story could convey exactly the same theme in a third of the words. Yeah, cutting out so many words is never fun, but if it makes the story stronger . . .

Sorry if I seem overly critical of this story. Again, I really, truly enjoyed it. :raritywink: I was just a little disappointed that such a beautiful and exquisite world could be brought down by its beautiful, exquisite, but at time long-winded and superfluous world-building.

A story is like a trip. It's not where you're going but the scenery along the way that can make or fake it, well done.

I thought that AJ's would be hard to beat. But you did it anyway. Can't wait for the rest.

Well, I just read through all three of what you've got so far, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, honestly. Truth be told, when I first started in on Loyalty, I was kind of rolling my eyes at your, ah... grandiose word choices and descriptions. I didn't even notice when I got so drawn in that my initial scoffing was completely gone; well before the end of that first part, though. And I'm stubborn, so my first impressions are hard to overcome. Well done on that.

Let's see, next I was actually going to gripe about that little... detour in this part, with the duchesses, but that's been griped about quite a bit already... well, I still want to say something, but I'll try and be brief. The thing is, right up 'til then, you'd been so good at integrating the world building with everything else, the reader barely noticed it happening. It's hard to believe, after everything else you pulled out, you couldn't have found a more, I don't know, relevant way to get that same information out. People keep talking about it, I think, because it's so contrary to what you've been putting out in these, it kind of sticks out. It... definitely was a disappointing point.

Moving away now, the relationships, huh. Still trying to figure out how to feel about that. When the initial Sparity implications popped up... well, I was a bit worried, honestly. That's just me though, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with that ship, in that depending on how it's portrayed, I either love it or hate it with no middle ground, so... always disconcerting when it first starts cropping up, not knowing which it'll be. But then you went and through me for a loop by having a discussion held about Rarity's suitors, and I don't think I've quite found my feet yet. And this fairly open loving apparently extending out and about the cast... well, Rainbow's was openly demonstrated, wasn't it? And with Applejack's traveling lifestyle, I could honestly see her having... encounters, now that I look back at it. With honest people having honest expectations and whatnot. It's really just Rarity that's got me the most confused about how I feel on it, since she was always the True Romantic of the cast, dreams of finding her One True and all. Also, was that an implication of Shining and Cadance still being together in monogamous bliss? Well, if Shining did manage to stick around, I know full well where I'd land on the idea of them being so... noncommittal. As for the ones we haven't seen... I don't even know, I haven't seen their lifestyles yet. Just have to figure out how I feel about Rarity right now, I guess.

I sure am rambling. Well, suffice to say this world you've built quickly and decisively drew me in, and I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm in it for the long haul, now.

I have read all three chapters thus far, and I have to say that, while Rarity is my least favourite of the Mane Six, this chapter is by far my favorite. Thrift is a character that I can really relate to, as we share the same problems with generosity. However, he has a semi-immortal deity to help him through it. :yay: But I really loved how you've innovated the idea of their rebirths, not making them strictly mortal nor immortal. And, although I personally think that the chapter was elongated by the scene with the Duchesses (a scene that seemed to interrupt the main story line as far as Thrift goes), I loved how you portrayed Rarity's character. Truly generous and giving. A wonderful story, and one I will be returning to. And I will be waiting anxiously for the next chapters. :twilightsmile:


let's just say that deep dreams take dragons far

Is Spike temporarily dead during those "naps"?

Really awesome work ^^
You did an excessive amount of world building in this story and I quite like the world you build this far.
The humor is great, the characters all have their little quirks and would perfectly fit into a normal episode of MLP. Raritys discribed look is gorgeous and fit's her really well.
Overall, a very good story which feels like an episode of the series itself, I love it :raritystarry:

Love this! From the first sentence I knew it was going to be great. So descriptive and depicting, I can visualize every tiny thing going on. Very good! I would never be able to write something so intricately written. :raritystarry:

Meh, I'm not sure I understood the royal family. Someone care to explain?


Always glad to see another of your reviews, they always bring a smile to my face.

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Thank you, I'm glad that you all enjoy my work.


I wouldn't say that he's dead, per say. More like his soul is just... up and about during this time.

5659846 5659780 5659138

Thank you, I'm glad you guys really enjoy these stories of mine. I also want to thank you for the criticism, that kind of stuff is what improves my writing. Now, I can understand your gripes with the elongated scene with the duchesses, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that other than a massive rewrite, which I just can't do at this stage now. All I can do is take this lesson and remember it for the future.

As for any worries and confusion over the Mane casts' relationships, don't worry. I'll be going into more detail on why they're more open and have had multiple partners in a chapter that I'm working on for Tales of the Tutelary Spirits, which will hopefully alleviate any misconceptions about them.

5661883 It's incredibly refreshing from the alternatives.


Duchess Canis is the daughter of Celestia and Discord, and Duchess Rhea is the daughter of Luna. If you're wondering why they're duchesses, it's because dukes and duchesses were titles that were usually granted to children of the monarchy but weren't next in line for the throne. Considering that Celestia and Luna don't, well... you know, die, and they don't have any plans to relinquish their thrones, I thought that the dukedom title would be most appropriate for their children.

Darn it all!!!!! I was really looking forward to this, but the wonky grammar everywhere is ruining it!
The first paragraph is all over the place. It gets a little better, then goes downhill again.

To them, whom many have been born and lived most of their lives in such a setting,

Should be “many of whom” instead of “whom many”

A nod, "Shift's over, I'm heading home," Sous said curtly, before giving his employer an inquisitive eyebrow, "what about you?”

This SHOULD be

A nod. “Shift’s over; I’m heading home,” Sous said curtly, before giving his employer an inquisitive eyebrow. “What about you?"

I just got so frustrated that I couldn't ignore them. I read a little further--to the point where Thrift is going "Darn Buscolts," and then I gave up. It was just driving me absolutely crazy. I really wanted to love this! Please, PLEASE do some fixing!!!!!

But that was before he had made the mistake of stepping out his front door, or back alley exit as the case may more accurately be.

Its a dangerous business, Thrift, going out your door. You step on the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might be swept off to...

I've gotta say, this wasn't quite what I was expecting, but I still loved every second of it. Surprisingly, I think the background characters were my favorite part. The crazy old mare with the shampoo was hilarious, the couple at the top of the elevator was positively heartwarming, and Sunflower almost broke my adorableness meter! She kind of reminded me of Derpy too. Excellent job! This is at least on par with the other stories in this series, though it would definitely benefit from a little more editing to catch the unfortunately common grammar issues.

You know a series is good when you like and favourite before you start reading. Honestly though, I have not seen a better portrayal of the mane 6 than you have done with these stories. I actually read the story in the voice of the character speaking, and you always make your OCs relatable and fun to read. Now that I have said that, I do have a single problem with this fic; I love the building of a world you did here, introducing new characters and building on existing ones, but I don't expect those things from a one-shot. I recognize that this is a series, so I hope you revisit these characters, but I don't see quite how they contributed to the plot this time, and I kinda assumed that these are stand alone. Mind you despite this the side characters were amazing and I loved every moment that they were around, it was just a bit unexpected. That's all I can think of right now, but I eagerly await the next book in the series,keep up the amazing work.
Edit: TLDR.

This entire series is simply DIVINE!!!

Yeah yeah, sure you portrayed Rainbow's awesomeness spectacularly and Applejack's warmth amazingly and Rarity's charm stupendously but there's NO WAY you can describe Fluttershy properly.... Cause frankly I'm running out of adjectives....

Seriously can't wait for Best Pony Chapter!


Loving this series. Cant wait for more!

Just poped into my head.... I'm scared to find out what you have in mind for Pinkie Pie

Okay, so Loyalty-graced have a slight rainbow about them, and Generosity-graced subtly sparkle...what do Honesty-graced ponies do again?

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