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Fourth main installment in the Tutelary Spirit universe. Recommended reading order: Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, and Friendship.

Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a young soldier tells his story of when he met the Element of Kindness. And this story, like many of the stories about the Elements of Harmony, entails Kindness herself imparting a lesson of friendship to the one who needs it most.

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I am quite happy to see this fic posted; I have awaited Fluttershy's installment for a while. So far, it looks awesome. :yay:

Okay, little bit of a tangent her but,

Loyalty's blessed get a rainbow aura, Honesty's glowing eyes, and Generosity's a sparkly coat, what physical attributes are granted to those blessed by Kindness, Laughter, and Friendship? If you don't mind saying of course.

Good story so far by the way, are you sure that llama's not a troll?

6659463 maybe they get to understand animals? or the environment?

Based on what the soldier guy was messing with in his hair... Laurels?

Not sure about Fluttershy or Twilight, but I have a guess for Pinkie's blessing, based on her appearance in Living Forever. In that, Pinkie was described as having a mane made of literal cotton candy, so I think anyone she deems worthy would get something for their mane. Probably not an edible mane, but perhaps an expressive one that is beyond standard control.

6659482 Um, I meant physical modifications, not abilities.

6659551 Please, if anything they gain a hammer space accessed via their mane.

6659594 wait, Honesty’s blessed have glowing eyes??? how could I misunderstood that? I only read about being able to see the true heart of ponies!!!

That's why I couldn't understand loyalty and Generosity... I have to reread everything again!!!

jeez, i havent read your last one yet! :derpyderp2:
I'll get to it soon though

6659611 Well, they don't glow that brightly, more like their irises are really colorful.

And why are you talking like rereading these is a bad thing?

6659784 I love to reread stories, I just hate to miss the little details, but mostly depend on how tired my eyes are, usually in long fics my eyes are to tire to pay attention to details by the end of the chapter, so I read them fast and lightly and then when I feel better I read them again, which I can't do right now. But there are in my favourites and read them as soon as I can.

Excellent start!
I cackled when I read that he sent them on a quest for the undiscovered Scrolls of Experience. I knew a snipe hunt when I read it. And they will discover the Scrolls of Experience when they realize what he did. :rainbowlaugh:

Kindness: Voice
Laughter: An invisible aura of Happy
Magic: A 2 foot horn



Kindness would be ...

Sighing, the young stallion removed his helmet and set it on the floor next to him, revealing his white mane that contrasted sharply with his dark coat. Rubbing a hoof through his mane, he made contact with the growth of green vines and bright buds that grew out from between his strands of hair.

6660084 Missed that, Laughter and Friendship are still up for debate though

That is a really well done bit of description to set the scene!

Already the like is earned for having a nice opening. Tracking so I can await the others!:pinkiesmile:

6660084 It's one of those things that sounds cool but seems kind of like a pain to deal with after a while. Are the plants shampoo tolerant? Do buds get ripped out every time he brushes his mane? Does sap get everywhere when he gets a hair cut? When the buds open up to flower in Spring do they attract bees? The bees will probably recognize him as a chosen of Kindness and never sting but the constant buzzing would get grating eventually.

I wonder what all the blessings on a single pony at once would look like? It's unlikely to happen. They'd be unlikely to dump all that power (and the responsibilities and stress that go with it) on just one individual. If a situation came up that a mortal champions would be better suited to handle than themselves they would probably prefer to put together a team of friends rather than supercharge a single individual.

But in a hypothetical scenario where that is in fact the best thing to do and they find somepony who has a strong enough connection to all six elements, what would happen?

I have a strange question, that for all the good these elements do for the equestrians. (And it seems like quite a bit.) This seems to be the first real one that is seeking to focus heavily on another close equinoid and non-equestrian in the story. But, in doing so, have they turned their home to something the world itself despises? How much have they sought to do for the world at large to give to the same? (I read generosity, and the draconians are equestrian at heart.)

You had the war of honesty, and it seemed that such prosperity had a price. As it does in spikes choice of story here too.


...I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Are you asking whether or not the other races in the setting have become jealous of the ponies because of all of the divine beings belonging to their race? Because if so...

Equestria is a big place, but the rest of the world is much, much bigger. And to think that Equestria is the only place with spirits of power and divine beings casually walking around like it's nothing but a Sunday morning is a very naive thought.

Also, an aside to a little, fun lore fact that I've just now decided to torture my readers with: Hey, you guys remember that Zebrican-Equestrian War that was hinted at in Honesty's story?

The Equestrians didn't win that war.

...Have fun with that.


But in a hypothetical scenario where that is in fact the best thing to do and they find somepony who has a strong enough connection to all six elements, what would happen?



—Okay, okay, okay. Serious question, serious answer: considering the fact that the Mares of Harmony are essentially the Elements of Harmony reborn as ponies, a pony to be graced by all six—which, considering that how a pony becomes Graced is by learning to overcome a serious flaw in their character that would allow them to truly be loyal, generous or what have you, would mean that this pony would have some serious social deficiencies that would require all six of the Mares to help him/her overcome (which is the best reason as to why this isn't going to happen in this universe)—a pony to be able to be graced by all six would, as far as I could tell, probably have to be the actual incarnation of the Tree of Harmony; i.e. Harmony itself.



...Either that or Voltron.

So if you're a well adjusted pony who already possesses one or more of the virtues if full, No Superpowers For You :raritydespair:

6660751 I was asking if the nature of turmoil that is plaguing equestria via war was out of a perceived richness that it had. We only have an equestrian viewpoint to each of these stories. Each action for the most part of these problems set relatively far into the past.

I thank you for the lovely assumption there. When I simply asked on what we have as a perspective on seeing from, and can interpret from what we have from these angles. Nothing more, nothing less.

the shining gold statuettes of long-gone llamas of the past, and of the multitude number of candles along the walls that the stallion

Sorry, but shouldn't that just be multitude of candles? It was bugging me.

Despite this constant and violent struggle against the forces of nature, the old temple exuded nothing but serenity from out of its woodwork. Its isolation from the rest of the world allowing it to be a place of conjuring of thought and introspection for the soul.

Might wanna merge this somehow.. I think the second one isn't a real sentence?

Just finished reading through your collection of wonderful stories. By the time I was half done with Loyalty I had already decided to fave them all. You seem to have a real gift with the written word, and I hope you'll keep putting it to good use! Looking forward to Laughter's installment.

I don't say this often, but this story set and it's beautifuly crafted world, needs it's own group. I've read all upto this story and I wanna read more about this world you've managed to flesh out. Really looking forward to the rest of them! :yay:

The link of the pic is mismatched - the souerc shows something completely different.

btw gonna read it immediately after previous inste;lmenst

6677641 6667747


Don't worry, guys, I'll keep writing in this beautiful world of mine so long as I have great readers like you guys for me to entertain. :twilightblush:

Some constructive criticism: you try too hard with your descriptive language. It's so long and flowery that it distracts from the story rather than enhances it. The best descriptive prose is short and to the point. I like to use Zora Neale Hurston's novel Their Eyes Were Watching God as an example of great descriptive imagery. It's very sparing but still flows perfectly with the rest of the story, always enhancing the scene rather than covering it up.

Very good work, loved the Llama's quest of seeking the 'Scrolls of Experience'. :pinkiecrazy:
Looking forward to future updates.

I'd like to apologize for this taking a month to make. I had to stop half-way through it to write a story for my grandmother for Christmas. Then once Christmas came about, I got a new computer that was actually capable of handling games, and so for the last few weeks I was like: Space simulators! Elite: Dangerous! Free-to-play games! Smite! Smite! Smite!


*cough* ...But anyways, I'm just glad I got this done before Febuary and I'll start finishing up on the next Chapter of The Guardian of the Elements real soon.

Angel is Bugs, cannot and do not want to unsee.

Yay Update. More interesting Mythos

kirin daughter of Discord and the Mare of Laughter


Founded by the kirin daughter of Discord and the Mare of Laughter,

Mother of God!

I'm scared... really scared.

I love this series, but you dropped "irregardless" in there ;)

Over steep hills and rocky steps did the rabbit hop over, and so did too the pony.

I think people get the point the first time :raritywink:

That said, I really enjoyed this chapter! Good job!:pinkiehappy:

I assume that the stories about Jinx are exaggerated. No way Pinkie Pie would a allow a daughter of hers to traumatize innocent ponies.

So Discord had a child with both Celestia and Pinkie?

Each familiar does what the animals are known to do. Winona plays fetch, Tank has a portion of the world on his back (well, just Dash's abode), Opal was... crafty and aloof?
Angel apparently got as busy as bunnies tend to do.

So... now we know that Discord's been with Pinkie and Celestia over the centuries. Have the Spirits never taken an interest in each other?

A small rabbit jumped out of the bush.
Said little critter stared back up at the pony with its beady, little eyes, its white coat shining brightly with a luminous glow from the moonlight as it twitched its nose curiously at the pony.

Oh boy... Angel 'looks' normal... that can't be good. :pinkiecrazy:

The rabbit showed off a smirk, it was a smirk that was accompanied with that same gleeful expression that the young pony had seen on the rabbit back in the clearing; smugness and dark intelligence in all.

:eeyup: not good at all.

And that was when the rabbit ceased to be a rabbit.

Hmmm, magical moon rabbit made of light... good enough. :ajsmug:
Tank is still the best reborn pet. :rainbowkiss:

You know rereading this chapter again.

About Discord having children from two people?

I do wonder whose the mother of Screwball then? Fluttershy? That would definately would be a funny reference to Bride of Discord.

6849347 6849240

Write a chapter that contains the emotional turmoil of a young character grieving over the loss of a loved one: no one makes a comment.

Write a snippet about the child of Discord and a certain pink pony:




Jinx, I'd imagine, is basically a G-rated Sheogorath that rules over the Equestrian equivalent of Wonderland (minus the huge quantities of cheese*). It's not her fault that she likes to drive ponies just a little bit loony, it's just that... well, okay, it actually is her fault, but she's mad, so what can you do? As for her mother... well, she is sad to see one of her children fall so far down the rabbit hole (pun intended), but sympathy doesn't give you "insanity-curing" skills; and so long as Jinx doesn't wander out of her Woods too much and keeps herself contained there, there's not really much the Mare of Laughter can do.

*There are still some quantities of cheese.


Eeyup, but that's pantheons for yeh.


Have the Spirits never taken an interest in each other?

What? You mean like Mare of Harmony with Mare of Harmony?


If they did, either way, it's not like those unions would produce any offspring for us to hear about, and were probably more-or-less just dalliances born of their deep feelings of kinship that they already had with each other.

Like adding a romantic cherry on top of the huge cake of friendship...



Yeah, that's what I was working at. If they've got the whole Grecian pantheon thing going on with their immortality, if they'd yet have tried seeing how far their feelings for each other could take them.

I have never been more excited to see Angel bunny than I was during this story!

"Oh my goodness! Um, excuse me, but are you alright?"
But just before the darkness in his eyes dragged him into his welcoming slumber did the softest of voices he had ever heard in his entire life exclaim out for his well being, with the warmest pair of blue eyes he had ever seen looking down on him and piercing through the blurriness of his own violets.
It was at that moment that he then slipped into unconsciousness.
"Oh dear..."

ERMAHGAWD! I'm so ready for the next chapter! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::trollestia::yay::yay:

6853538 Well it is the lore of this story that keeps readers reading it. I guess the mane character ends up as second thoughts. But that's probably because its still in chapter 2

you know what i want to see... someone be graced by all of the elements. and then i want to see what happens when someone goes back on the element that they were graced with.

OK, I stopped reading about halfway through this chapter; the writing is far, far too clever for itself ("the ceiling of colorful leaves that glimmered huefully in the late evening shine", the sequence with the "intelligent/stupid expression" , and so forth), and there are too many malapropisms for me to take it seriously ("sick, humorous delight" only works if the sick delight is itself funny; "bushel of bushes" is both too clever and is inappropriate to describe bushes under almost any circumstances — bushels aren't very large, and they're a measure of volume, not a description of a group).

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