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Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here and working on stories with a religious fervor.


Part of the Tutelary Spirit universe.
Main installments: Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, and Friendship.
Minor installments: Living Forever, Tales of the Tutelary Spirits, The Guardian of the Elements.

Tales of the Tutelary Spirits is a growing collection of short stories centered around the actions, deeds, and exploits of the Mares of Harmony throughout their many lifetimes.

Warning: some stories may contain embellishment of events.

Cover image belongs to flamevulture17.

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This story was actually supposed to be released on Wednesday, but there had been some issues with passing moderation. Luckily, after a few strongly worded (and politely worded, mind you) e-mails and the fact that Fimfiction has such a reasonable and hardworking staff that all bronies should take the time to appreciate, this story was able to be here today.

*cackles* That was pure Rainbow Dash. And a brilliant use of her abilities. :rainbowlaugh:
That was an interesting and amusing read. Definitely worth my time.

Heh, love that ending.

:rainbowlaugh: Ha, even after lifetimes of experience Rainbow Dash helping and her pranking are almost indistinguishable.

A couple of typos hanged off this, but this story thread as a whole is well hung.

For high in the sky, on one small cumulus that was surrounded by the thick noises of snoring, a rainbow hanged(hung) limply from its side,

But the way that it was written plainly comes from some-where good, and it's effect does not wear off anytime soon.

"And if you want my advice, I suggest you learn to shut up and buck up, 'cause that ain't gonna where(wear) off anytime soon."

But let's see... that's two stories of yours with favorites from me (Loyalty and Honesty, of course), added one more fave added just now from your Living Forever... tale and adding the fave on this one... So far, every tale in your Tutelary Spirits -verse has earned a fave from me! :twilightsmile:

...:pinkiegasp: You deserve some sort of prize for this rare feat.
:pinkiesad2: Unfortunately, I still do not possess the funds to build whatever ultimate dream thing you may desire.
:pinkiehappy: So here's a consolation prize! I will now stalk you! You are indeed an excellent writer, and I look forward to reading more of your tales in this -verse. You have my attention.

My... undivided... attention... :pinkiecrazy:

Unrelated sidenote: The whole 'Hammer banging the anvil' shtick... that was awesome. :rainbowlaugh:


Good... good... I'll need your undivided attention when the... device is ready.

Enjoy your free will while it lasts.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA-Oh! And thanks for informing me about those typos, I went in and fixed those.


Oh, Rainbow.
So...they were never magnetically charged at all? Then how come they didn't pull each other apart before?

Ah yes, the Tutelary Spirits verse, a wonderful set of stories have been in it thus far and this is no exception! This is a perfect story to pass the waiting time (as well as a short, enjoyable read) in between the main installments.

She made them believe that's what she did to them and thus, it actually felt like they were stuck together?
Like a, hypnotic suggestion, but without the hypnosis part.


No, no, no, she did magnetically charge them, it's just that by the end of the story Anvil and Hammer no longer viewed their predicament as a negative thing, so it could no longer be classified as a curse. Basically, being magnetically charged to each other became a blessing rather than a curse.


Did she ever un-charge them?


As months passed, the magnetic attraction between them weakened,

Eventually the effects will dissipate by themselves.


Ah. And naturally they never noticed

I want to make a mr and ms smith joke (we are moving apart) but i can't make it fit so have my compalint about it instead!

yay more tutelary spirit :D good read short and simple.

You know what I love most about this?

You capturing Dashie's personality pretty much spot on. :raritywink:

I had a feeling that's where the Hammer and Anvil banging joke was going and it was fun getting there. Great take on Dash once again.

I'm very glad to hear that both more long stories and shorter tales are in the works, this universe is really quite awesome.

I feel the influence of Pratchet here yes no?
For some reason I would love to see a crossover of the tutelary spirits and The last airbender/legend of Kora with the elements familiars being the greater spirits like Owlawishicous is the library guardian spirit.


So, we ever gonna learn why those trees turned blue?
And I still think giant flying sky turtle Tank is awesome.
Why does Winona have four eyes again?


Probably not, the blue trees were just a plot tool more than anything. And I base the design of the familiars off of the folklore, mythology, and religion surrounding the respective animals. One of the most common for the dog is their tendency to have four eyes and guard some aspect of the afterlife, like the two guard dogs of the Chinvat Bridge in Persian mythology, or Yama's two watch dogs that guard the gates of Naraka in Hindu mythology.

Or my personal favorite, Garmr, the guard dog of Hel in Norse mythology.


Had to google who Pratchet was, so no. Sorry, but the only exposure I have to his Discworld series is through the countless entrees that series has on tvtropes.
I really need to go back and watch that show, I haven't seen it in ages.

Well, this was a nice short story. Good detail, as usual, and good consistency for the characters' attitudes. As for the blue trees, you said that they were just a plot tool, so I suppose that means you have nothing in mind for them? I'd like to see what that was all about personally.


Oh fine, but only because you're one of my most consistent commentators.

Dear Rainbow Dash,

With extensive assistance from Applejack, we have discovered through detailed scientific analysis and experimentation that the reason why the palm trees growing from Tank's shell had had their pigment turn blue was due through exposure to the mystical pool that surrounded them. It turns out that the magic from the pool seeped into the palm trees, giving them an extended long life (How did you not notice this? Most palm trees only live some one-hundred years. Did you not get that guidebook of arecaceae I sent you?). When the trees eventually did start dying it seems that they tried to absorb as much magic as they could from the pool, which caused some side-effects (their pigment turning blue, and overgrowth of mold) on top of just not being able to prevent their expiration.

Your princess,
Your friend,
Twilight Sparkle

p.s. The next time this happens don't burn, bite, or consume the branches in any way when they turn blue. Consumption has a high chance of causing hallucinogenic episodes of events that may or may not have happened yet.
p.p.s. Seriously? A devastating virus or an evil wizard? You and Applejack need to be a bit more optimistic. I mean come on, those two things have only happened four times overall in the half-millennium that we've been doing this.

Lol, and thanks a lot for this! :twilightsmile:
I could definitely see Twilight responding in such a way.
For real though, thanks.

Welp, glad I decided to finally read your Tutelary universe stories, they're pretty darn good! :pinkiehappy:

Heh, now I just can't help but wonder what Rarity gets up to.

"Of—ha ha!—course they did fine without us, they're—hey now!—military! They don't need—ew!—us to hold their hooves with something as simple as—CAN YOU GET HER OFF OF ME NOW!?" shouted Loyalty as she tried vainly to get the massive, four-eyed beast that was Honesty's familiar off of her, and subsequently to stop the great beast from licking and slobbering all over her face in its enthusiasm.

I love it.


The next time this happens don't burn, bite, or consume the branches in any way when they turn blue. Consumption has a high chance of causing hallucinogenic episodes of events that may or may not have happened yet.

And thus Rainbow Dash makes a note to do exactly that with the next batch of palm trees.

Wow, good job! I was shipping them like fedex as soon as you said that they specifically went out of their way to disagree with each other. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

5548769 Extensive scientific research huh? I wonder how Twilight really found out that smoking the leaves sends people on acid trips?:rainbowlaugh:

:twilightsmile:Whoever said science can't be fun?

"Yeah, I've got a cooking pot in my wagon that basically does the same thing when yeh pour enough water into it," informed Honesty casually, before grunting discontentedly, "which can make supper pretty awkward when I've got ponies with me and the brew starts spewin' out past calamities and such in front of everypony."

I love that Applejack doesn't just have a scrying artifact powerful enough to breach the flow of time, and that it's not just in the innocuous form of a cookpot -- but that she actually uses it as a cookpot. That's just such a very Applejack thing to do, even for a weird semi-immortal Applejack with phenomenal cosmic powers.

Golden. Perfect slice of life and therefore put in the respective list. 'Golden Slice'

Thank you :twilightsmile:

You are now one of my favourite authors here.

by Faust i love your these stories!

5546017 Because four eyes are better than two, duh.

She should totally have six or eight legs too.


5659238 Then she'd be a spider dog! Do you want to make her a spider dog?!


So I have a VERY bad habit of skimming when I read a story. Usually I end up skipping details to get to the juicy bits. Unfortunately, this time the paragraph that I happened to overlook was THIS one:

One voice belonged to a pegasus stallion, who had been nicknamed Hammer by the local villagers due to being coated brown like the wooden handle of said tool, and for his tenacity to hammer in his opinions into any conversation. The other belonged to an earth pony mare, nicknamed Anvil for her iron-like coat and large build, along with her stubbornness against accepting any opinions that were not her own.

Needless to say, for most of the story I assumed they were both dudes. This made the ending doubly hilarious.

So... how long till Dash makes palm tree brownies? :facehoof:


So basically, Dash has discovered a wacky new magical halucinagen growing right in her front yard. I can easily imagine some of that stuff getting slipped to Twilight or Rarity at an opportune moment. :rainbowlaugh:
I love these little stories. This gives a shorter, easier format for the story to grow compared to the main stories.

The only problem with these stories is that they are all listed together, preventing me from giving each entry a well deserved up-vote. Otherwise, amazing.

A wonderful retelling of an old tale. I love it. I'm glad to hear that you've shaken off the shadows, and hope to see more of this universe.

Fear not, for this compendium is but one of four separate but linked stories (so far) for you to upvote.

A very nice tale indeed! Fantastically done. :pinkiehappy:

Wow, you now how to make a legends vibe, it's gives it a mythology type of feel.

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