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Windy Writer

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- Fully layout Starswirl's Wish before continuing writing
- Rewrite the first several chapters to align with changes in canon and focus
- Release the first six chapters (and prologue) before the end of 2019

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The Various Types of Windy

Titles That Make Men Squeal

Shameful Self-Promotions

FanFiction Home to my first Fanfiction, A Noise in the Closet
YouTube Some derp touting my name doing stupid shit...Oh wait, that is me.
Discord Server Where, should you so choose, I can occasionally be found to chat regarding various topics.
Twitter I announce updates and events in my life here. I'm also known to rant and complain sometimes.

WinWri Trivia

Story Trivia
- Obsolescence was written because of how my U.S. History teacher accidentally pronounced the word during my Freshman year of High School.
- The characters of Annie Baxter, Bentley Smith, and Kaitlyn Greene appeared in a short story, titled "Ninety Minute Lesson," written for an online class. The main event of the story is an extremely different and heavily shortened version of the ending of Starswirl's Wish.
(Windy) Writer's Origins
- My first personal work was a script for a TV show titled "What's Up, Dude?" that I was writing when I was ten years old.
- My first fanfiction was one for the anime Ranma 1/2. The fic itself is lost due to a dead hard-drive.
- 'Windy Writer' comes from a number of sources. I enjoy the feeling of the wind and imagined, as a unicorn, it'd be cool to know at least some exotic spell. Writer is because of my obvious love for writing and hope one day to become an author and Creative Writing teacher.
- Before 'Windy Writer' was my main pseudonym, I hosted the name Mist Game as I entered into the fandom. The character, before long, died in my mind due to writing becoming more important to me than gaming.
- Windy Writer is a name I go by globally. Search for me outside of Pony and you might just come across me.
- Besides writing, I also play games, both competitively and casually, sing, draw, and animate - though I'm really only good at writing, singing, and gaming.
- In August 2016, I found and read the web-comic TwoKinds by Tom Fischbach (Markiplier's brother). I subsequently fell in love with it, and because of it's amazing story and characters - now identify as a furry.
- Along that note, I have a fursona that goes by the name of 'Swift'. He is a short, lanky Fox Keidran (the anthromorphic animals from TwoKinds) that does ledger work for some human friends and occasionally entertains through singing and storytelling. Due to his race, it is likely easy to tell that he is more of a fan character than a 'fursona' but ehhhhhh...
Windy Writer's World All things canon to my OC
- Windy was born in Manehattan to Lil' Lasso (Mother) and Big Lit (Father).
- Windy has a brother that is seventeen years younger. His name is Phoenix Dance, who can transform into a Phoenix and back on command thanks to a medallion infused with Poison Joke. Despite this naturally-given title, Windy affectionately refers to him as 'Nix,' much to his chagrin.
- Windy was enrolled into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but asked to instead go to Public School a year later. His parents happily obliged and moved to Ponyville a few months later so that they wouldn't have income issues later on.
- He is a few years younger than the Mane Six. As a comparison, he was about two when the Sonic Rainboom occurred.
- Windy is a small-time author, a journalist, and a part of the Weather Team.
- His job in the Weather Team is for simple clean up tasks and to help move larger storm systems. He can blow around debris into centralized piles for easy clean up. As for quick storms, he can throw up the bar on the breeze while the pegasi roll through with the clouds making their job much easier.
- Windy learned basic wind spells during his time at CSGU. During his time at Ponyville's school house, he enhanced his abilities in an attempt to impress Lyra Heartstrings.
- He once accidentally spawned a small tornado on school grounds trying to literally sweep the aforementioned Lyra off her hooves. Unsurprisingly, Lyra didn't return the feelings for Windy, but did accept him as a friend.
- Windy has a trait uncommon to unicorns referred to as 'Diaural Chromization.' The trait usually means that the afflicted have a multi-colored aura or their aura will change colors depending on the situation. In Windy's case, his aura is Red when dealing with typical unicorn spells and Silver when performing more advanced or specialized spells.

Courtesy of Amodwithoutamark: My family

Windy Writer (Me)
Big Lit (Dad)
Lil' Lasso (Mom)
Phoenix Dance (Little Brother)

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Comment posted by Twilight is the BEST deleted Aug 7th, 2016
Comment posted by Twilight is the BEST deleted Aug 7th, 2016

Thanks for adding "New Neighbor" and "Shy Girl". Glad you liked them! :raritywink::yay:

"'Cause I Like You, Silly!" and "GOAL!", too! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Thank you very much, and all the same to you. :twilightsmile: I'm very glad that people are still expecting it despite its, eh, delay... :twilightblush:

Merry Hearths warming, I look forward to roundabout whatever it was, the remake of noise in the closet.

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