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    Twenty-five years ago, Amber Lily was left at the Ponyville Orphanage by her father, Herb. After two and a half decades of mourning his wife's death, he returns to Ponyville to find his daughter.
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Amber Lily is a mare currently doing nurse work around the country and caring for her best friends, Hot Head and Lucky Star. She was in an orphanage with them for the longest time, however one thing has always managed to barely slip under the radar; why she's there at all.

Isis Quartz, Amber's mother, was one of the Crystal Empire's many great wonders. An entertainer of hundreds, if not thousands, with her jousting matches, she was a high-tier citizen below only royalty itself.
Unfortunately, she is dead. She died of a disease not well known to the populace, leaving behind her husband and their daughter to figure out what to do next.

All of the characters in this story belong to the talented kilala97

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Is this truly complete? This seems more like an interesting first chapter to a longer story.

There were a few word choices that I didn't think made sense, but overall this left me wanting more. :yay:

I decided to read this from the front page, and while there were a few things about the plot and style, overall it was an interesting story. I'm actually curious about the story behind Isis and her husband's love and why despite that he still decides to place in the orphanage. So good job, my interest is piqued.

*grabs chest and falls to ground*

THE FEELS!!! (have a follow by the way)

So emotional! I tried so hard not to cry.:fluttercry:
Great job!:twilightsmile:
You have earned yourself a follow and a fave for this story:raritywink:



There will be a sequel, as this was just meant to be a quickie for an Creative Writing assignment and, originally, was going to be part of a writing contest I missed. Sequel is going to be 20+ years later.

Anything I could give you is pure speculation. If you wish to know more about the characters, I'd recommend heading over to the creator's Deviantart (Link in the Story Description)

Thanks for the critique on my story flow. I always enjoy a good critic. Herb's way of dealing with the adoption process was set up as I'm sure it would happen for his character; explaining Amber must stay elsewhere, but not quite letting her in on the fact that she could end up in another family's care.

5989344 Well then, I will have to follow you so I know about this sequel when it happens. :scootangel:

Instant amazing classic story.
Have a like, favorite, and a follow.

Loved this :D Can't wait for the sequel!

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